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Three Months Stay With Mr. Popular. Episode 6

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????Three Month Stay
With Mr Popular ????
{He is Hot }…

Episode 06

By: Blessing Arubuola

Riele’s Pov

I got home tired and exhausted from the stress I went through today. But I can’t still hold in the happiness about Amber’s successful surgery.

Finally, she is free from cancer, Amber will be back to her normal self while I Will be back to my normal life.

I helped myself with a bottle of chill water from the fridge, I gulped everything like a hungry lion.


I feel great and better now! I plonked myself to the chair and a sigh escaped my mouth.

Now that Amber is better, we will be able to watch Kayden’s concert together. I can’t wait to watch his musical concert.

But wait a sec! I’ve thank the woman that helped me with the money. Oh no! I’ll look like an ungrateful soul.

I scattered my bag on the floor, yes! I’ve seen it.
I quickly copied her number to my phone and dialed it immediately.

“Hello! ” I said immediately the call was picked.

“Who is this? ” I heard a masculine voice.

That might be her bodyguard

“My name is riele and I would like to speak with Your boss. ” I said on the phone.

Well I don’t know her name.

“Wait a min. ” he said, for a minute I didn’t hear anything from him.

“OK let me give it to her. ” He said again before he handed the phone to her.

“Hello dear! ” I heard her voice.

“Good evening ma, how are you doing? I’m sorry that I was just calling now. “I apologized on the phone.

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“It’s OK my dear. How was your sister’s surgery, hope it went well. ” she asked with concern.

“Yes ma, it went well. Thank you for the help I really appreciated it. ” I appreciated her.

“Don’t mention. So have you think about my job offer. ” she asked and my heart thumped.

I’ve not think about that, and I really need a job since I quitted from my recent working place.

“Y… Yes ma” I stuttered on the phone.

“What’s your answer. ” she asked in a weird way.

“Oh! My answer? ” I repeated it again.

“Yes. ”

What should say? I think I’ll just accept it!.

“My answer is yes Ma. When should I start the work. ” I asked with a little eagerness in my voice.

” I think you’re already eager for the job. You can start tomorrow. ” She replied me with a radiant voice.

“Thank you Ma , But your address? ” I remembered that I didn’t know her house.

“Check the card. ” She answered me before she ended the call.

OK! I dropped my phone on the couch, I turned the card around and my eyes almost burged outta the socket.

The address? She’s living in KAI’s estate! That’s kayden’s Mom estate. I heard that only the billionaires of the country can afford to live in there.

No wonder she looks really classic, she must be a billionaire.

Well I know everything about Kay, am one of his active followers.

“it time to start afresh kara. ” I said to myself before I stood up from the couch.

“Let’s go have a cool shower! “.



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I swept off the sweat on my forehead and I let out a sigh of relief. I’m already through with her meal.

I’ve started work but I won’t say work because it’s more like a fun. She is surrounded with males, I’m the only female among them.

The only thing I do is to cook for her. The rest of the house chores has been shared even before I came here.

This is the kind of job I love. I knocked on her door gently.

“Come in. ” I heard her sweet voice.

I opened the door and it makes a little crack. she was sitting on the bed with a novel. She loves reading a lot.

Her house is a paradise on earth, even her room is just like a heaven, everything in her room was made up silver except her bed.

“Your food is here MA ” I announced and I dropped the food on her laps.

“Thank you so much dear. I can’t wait to taste your delicious meal. ” She said and she dropped her novel beside her.

She cleaned the fork with the napkin on the tray before she dig into the food. She cut small outta the jambalaya and she put it in her mouth.

I watched her as she chewed with enthusiasm.

“Hmm, this is nice. ” she complimented and I felt a little bit bashful.

“You’re flattering me Ma ” I said with a smile.

“Why won’t I do that, your food are always nice. ” she added and I chuckled.

I stretched my hand to picked up the novel she was reading.

“Kiss Me Tenderly By Authoress Min” I called out the novel tittle and she nodded her head.

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“I love that novel, I also had another novel from the authoress ‘Play boy in love ‘ I love her novels with passion. She also have another novel that has been yet to be publish but I always follow her online. ” she enthused

“Oh! ” I muttered.

“You should try and read her novels, don’t worry, I’ve give you ‘Kara( crazy But Sweet) ‘ when I buy it. That story is also mind blowing. ” she added.

I don’t like novels. I couldn’t find interest in what she was saying.

“Did you need anything from You MA? ” I quickly concealed with she was saying.

She dropped her tray beside her and she sat upright on the bed.

“Riele, I need a help from you. ” she said.

“Say it ma, am willing to do anything for you. ” I beamed.

“Ever since you started working here, I’ve studied you to be a jovial, sweet and nice girl. I really picked interest on you since the first day I set my eyes on you.

“Riele, have you ever be in a relationship before. ” she asked me and my heart beat fast.

Not a relationship matter!

“Yes ma ” I muttered with a pale voice.

“Very good! That means you are fit for the position….”

“What position. ” I chipped in with a question.

“Can you make a guy to fall in love with you within three months? ” she broke down the bomb and my mouth fell.