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Three Months Stay With Mr Popular. Episode 51 and 52

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????Three Month Stay
With Mr Popular ????
{He is Hot}…

Episode 51

By : Blessing Arubuola

Riele’s Pov
My eyes glittered in shock ,the lady was kylan ,Dylan’s friend . She was all dressed in black .

“Hope you are enjoying the new environment ? ” she asked me with a smirk .

“please what have i done for you?” i asked with tears already streaming down my eyes .

“Oh no… You should save that tears for now ,you will need more of those tears ” she said with a taunt

“Please where is my sister ?” i asked with bitterness in my voice .

“Why don’t you see the surprise i’ve for you ..” She said and the man stepped into the light .

What the hell !
It was Mateo !

“Mateo ?” i stuttered .

“surprise to see me ? “He said with an evil smile on his face .

“Why are you doing this to me ? What have i done to deserve this huh ? ” i yelled at him with tears streaming down my eyes .

“Did you just asked me that question ? Really ?”

“You wanna know your offence? You spoiled my career Riele ! You made me to lost my dream ! You’re a curse to my life ” He said to me with anger in his eyes .

“No…Mateo” i shakes with fear and sadness

“Well ,that isn’t the only reason you’re here . You’re serving your punishment,you stole kayden from me and you deserve to be punish ,you this wench !” she yelled and slapped me across the face .

The pain was unbearable for me , i felt blood coming out of my mouth .

Someone should save me !

“By the time we’re done with you ,you’re gonna regret the day you knew us ” she added as she gave me a deadly gaze .

“Please ,forgive me” i pleaded but it all fell on deaf ear .

“Mateo , start with your plan ” she said to mateo and i saw the evil stare that mateo gave me .

oh gawd,what’s he thinking now ?

“Enjoy yourself honey ” Kylan cooed and she left mateo and i in the room .

Please ,tell me it isn’t what am thinking .

“Mateo,please save me . I promise to talk to kayden on your behalf , please save me ” i cried .

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“really ? You don’t need to do that ,by the time am done with you , he will dance to my tune …You know that you’re so beautiful but i don’t know why you denied me to have access to your …” he paused and he ran his eyes on my body .

Oh no !

“I know kayden would have tasted it but i also want to know how you tasted , let me have a taste …” He whispered into my ear as he caress my body and face .

His touch is really irritating ! it was different from kayden’s touch .

“Mateo please …” i whimpered .

Suddenly,he started loosing the rope …oh my gawd! i’m not feeling any energy to fight back .

When he was done with the rope , I tried to stand up but his hand sat me back .

“Do you think i unloose you so as free you ?No !”he yelled and it made me to quiver the more .

“Mateo ,please don’t do this to me ” i pleaded but it wasn’t working

With force, he carried me and threw me on the bed . I’m doomed now , he came on top of me and tried to kiss me but i didn’t give him a chance and he slapped me .


Kayden’s Pov
i drove the car like a crazy man , nolan was shouting on top of his voice as i drove like a mad man .

I hope Dylan information was right .

“Kayden,please calm down ” He screamed but i didn’t listen to him .

My riele is in danger ,she needs me now . Within ten minutes , i arrived in front of Kylan’s house .

I didn’t know if i jumped outta the car but i found myself scampering into the house.

When i got inside, i was attacked by amber who was carrying a chair in her hand .

“Where is my sister ,you monster ” she screamed but i was fast to held the chair .

“It’s me ,kayden ! ” i said to her and she quickly dropped the chair .

“Where’s riele ? And how did you got here ? ” i asked her .

“It’s a long st….”

Suddenly ,we heard a scream ….it sounds like riele .
“Riele ? ” we both screamed and we ran towards the scream .

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????Three Month Stay
With Mr Popular ????
{He is Hot}…

Episode 52

By : Blessing Arubuola

Kayden’s Pov
I rushed upstairs and i traced the scream to a room,without waiting for any thing , i pushed the door opened and i was angry at what i saw .

Mateo was trying to rape Riele !

“What the heck did you think you’re doing ?” i yelled angrily and i rushed him .

“Lay…” he tried to called but i answered him with a punch that sent him flying .

“You son of a bitch! How dare you ? ” i rasped as i rushed at him again .

I pulled up by his collar and i started punching his face hard not minding if he will die at my beating .
How dare him ?

“Kayden ! Please stop ! ” Riele screamed behind me but i ain’t stopping .

He has made me really furious and i couldn’t control it again .

“Kayden !” Nolan rushed at me and he pulled me away from the weak Mateo .

He was looking like he will die anytime from now .

“Is that all you can do ? ” He asked with a scorn .

“What the hell ? He still has the energy to talk ,i’m killing you today ! ” i escaped from Nolan’s grip and i gave him another beating of his wretched life .

“Kay ,please … Stop “Riele whimpered as she hugged me tightly from behind.

I don’t know why but the anger i was feeling that moment began to subsided . I held my hand, i couldn’t continue with the punch anymore .

I dropped him on the floor and i turned around to hugged her .

“It’s ok ” i patted her gently .

“The cops are on their way ” Nolan announced and we both disentangled from the emotional hug . ..

“Where is his partner ? ” i asked Amber .

“She’s the other room ,lying lifelessly after i hits her with a wooden chair . ” she replied and i let out a light smirk .

“Dylan was right ” Nolan said and i nodded my head.

“But how did she know about this without telling you ? ” i asked him and he heaved a sigh .

“That will a topic for another day ” He replied .

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“This isn’t over Riele , no matter how kayden protect or love you . You will still continue to put him in danger ” I heard mateo scoffed behind , we turned to looked at him but he has already fainted .

Bastard !!!


Riele’s Pov
“Thank you so much officer ” He thanked the cops as they tool kylan and Mateo to their van .

I felt happy and tired , he saved me again . He is such an angel to me . .

“Ok pals,i think i gotta go , Dylan will be waitin’ for me ” Nolan announced as he walked closer to us .

“So soon , or did you have appointment with another whore ? ” Kayden teased him

“C’mon ,am a changed person ” Nolan replied him with a wink and i chuckled .

“Says the S*x god ” He added and i hit him on the chest .

“Kay…i gotta go ” He said and he left us .

We both remained silent until amber broke the silence with her scream .

“So…let’s go home ”

“Sure ” I replied him and he started walking towards the car while we trailed behind him.

“Riele ,did you know that dad’s was also behind my kidnap ” She said and opened my mouth in surprise
“What did you mean ? Why don’t you inform me since all this days ? ” i chided at her .

“I was afraid you might get furious ”

“Do you think am happy now huh ? ” i scorned at her .


I know that man has some dirty things under his sleeves . I’m gonna take his game to an over level . In as much ,my dad is out there , he will still plan something more dangerous than this .

We all got inside the car and Kayden started driving .

Throughout the ride, i was thinking about mateo last word . It kept ringing in my ear making feel really scared .

Thunking about his words,i think he’s right . My stay with kayden has been putting him in trouble .

I guess ,i will have to leave

I know i love him him bit i think my stay with mr popular is over …


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