February 4, 2023

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Celebrity Boyfriend. Episode 14

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{My Love coach }



Katie is getting nervous and its so not cool. I thought she was the bosslady turns out she’s nothing but a scaredy cat.

I mistakenly touched her thigh and I felt his spark, what the heck was that?

The car came to halt in front of ‘club 69’. I came outta the car first and went over to help her outta the car.

“This is it katie are you ready to face all the glaring faces and be my fake girlfriend?” I smirked at my thoughts.


“Yeah sure I’m ready let’s do this.” She said confidently. What changed?

I shrugged and together we walked towards the security holding hands as folks had began to scream and take pictures of us.

Katie Is gonna be famous. They made way for us and we walk ed pass a crowd thanks to securities who help cleared a path.

I looked around the place and my eyes landed on Hailey who was attending to some party folks.

“I see her .” I muttered.

“The VIP spot is gonna be a nice view.” She said and dragged me along to the vip lounge.

Katie was right she could see everything from over there.

“Be right back.” Katie says and stood up.

Soon she was back smiling.

“That was fast.” I raised my eyebrow.

“Yeah had to make some arrangements get ready you gonna sing to the everyone tonight.” She winked and I huff .

“Attention please!! Thank you! As you all know we have in our midst one of new yorks’s famous singer in our club today. Kindly give it up for the band leader of MAX ‘ give it up for Jayden!!!!” The spokes man says and everyone has began to cheer.

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I noticed Hailey was stylishly searching for me.

“This is your call man go show them what you made of .”katie encouraged me and I smiled , she sure no what to say at difficult or trying times.

I stood up and the crowd had gone crazy , I almost got blind due to camera clicking ..

I took the mic ready to address the crowd who had gone crazy over me.