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Dream High. Chapter 51

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???????????? T.H.I.E.F (Dream High) ???????? ????

???? Where it all Begin (Part 1) ????

An India love action story….

Chapter 5️⃣1️⃣

Written by
©️ Ifeoma Isabella Silver Okeke Ozoemene.

???????? ….People, some will fly beyond the stars. People, some will fall…. ????????

Continuation From the last Episode;

????️ Writer Pov ????️

Ashwini saw an empty table for three not too far away from them and drew Rohan’s attention to it.

Tapping doctor Amol on the shoulder, breaking up the staring competition, they walked to the empty table and Amol couldn’t help but ask once they were seated.

“Who is she?” Doctor Amol asked, gesturing with his head towards Mehek who was still staring at him.

“My mother, why are you asking?” Ashwini demanded.

“Nothing, she just felt familiar to me.” Amol reply locking eyes with Mehek who refused to look away and when he looked at Ashwini. “And you too, you look like someone I had help when you were little. I just need to speak to your mother to confirm something.” He added after a while of staring at her and he returned his gaze to Mehek.

“Why don’t you go and ask her then.” Ashwini suggested as she noticed how they were staring at each other.

“She is with her husband, I can’t go and ask her In front of him.”

“True, but I can excuse her from that table to talk privately with you, if you want.”

Returning his gaze on Ashwini. “You would really do that for me?” He asked genuinely surprised.

“Yes, you are friends to hotshot and I can see the chemistry between you both. It seems my mother knows you from somewhere because if she didn’t, she wouldn’t have stared at you this long. So you guys need to talk it out and not stare.” Ashwini replied to him with a little smile then turned her gaze to Rohan. “I will be right back, the tension between them is dangerous.” She added and left to meet Mehek, leaning closer to her, see whisper. “Can I talk to you for a minute outside.”

“Sure.” Mehek said standing up to her feet and turning to face her husband. “Ashwini wants to talk to me, excuse me.” She left with Ashwini and they went outside, they passed Meera who was in a hurry to enter the palace and didn’t notice Mehek and Ashwini.

Amol excused himself and went outside.

“What do you want to discuss with me dear?” Mehek asked once they were outside.

“I didn’t come here to discuss with you mum, he is.” Ashwini said as Doctor Amol approached her.

Mehek’s heart beats fast when she saw Amol.

“What is the meaning of that Taru?” Bobby asked his daughter not so loud. He had been trying to have a private conversation with his daughter and luckily for him, they were seated alone.

“What was what dad?”

“Ashwini telling you to stay away from him, even the eyes you were giving that young man didn’t go unnoticed, you know I want you and Khan to end up together.”

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“Dad, I thought so but it seems my heart want him, anyway, I haven’t seen the prince yet and when I do, I will tell you if I like him or not.” Taru told her father.

“Oh you are going to like him definitely, he is handsome than Ashwini man and when you marry him, you will become the Queen of India on his coronation. Just imagine the perfect picture with him.” Bobby said.

“Dad I am after my happiness but I won’t say anything until I see him.”

King Sanjay then announced the arrival of his son as Prince Khan came out of the palace dressed in a white Sherwani jacket, tight fitting churidars trouser and a red dupatta scarf on his head.

Lady Meera was standing next to King Sanjay.

The chattering amongst the guests once Khan made his appearance.

“Hello everyone, thanks for coming to my party which happens to be my engagement party.” Prince Khan said, grabbing the attention of everyone. His three guards stood behind Khan as he spoke. “You shall soon see my bride to be, just relax and enjoy yourselves.” He added with a charming smile.

Servants heap out of the palace as they carry a tray of food, wine and glass cups, which they keep on the tables.


Seeing Amol Mehek couldn’t help herself but stared shamelessly at him. He has changed a lot, well, so has she. Is he married?

The thought of him married kinda unsettled her.

“Hi, I am Amol.” He introduced himself. “I am sorry for involving your daughter to kidnap you so that I can have a few minutes of your time.”

“It’s okay.” Mehek said and their staring contest continued.

“Now that you are talking to each other, I have to go back and meet Rohan so that he won’t feel lonely.” Ashwini said bringing their attention to her and she left them.

“I know you are Mehek.” Amol said and moved closer to her, raising up one of his hands to her face. “I just need to confirm that I am not dreaming.” He added and removed Mehek veil and smiled when he saw her familiar face. “Mehek, I can’t believe my eyes.”

“Neither do I Amol, I am so glad to see you here.”

“I have always been thinking about you and what you might be going through. It never crossed my mind that you are married.” Amol said sadly but shrugs his shoulders. “Anyways, that’s in the past now and you have moved on. How is she?” He asked.

“She’s fine, you know she is the one who brought us here.”

“I know, why would I forget the fact that I changed her face myself.” Amol said. “Does she know who she is?”

“A bit, when she woke up she couldn’t remember anything so i named her Ashwini.”

“That’s good.”

“So are you married?” Mehek asked out or blue

“No, I was hoping and waiting for someone who I have a huge crush on but now she is married and she’s out of my reach now. Maybe I should stop hoping and settle down.” Amol said with a sad smile.

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Mehek was quiet and couldn’t look at him, she wished she was Amol’s crush.

“Can I hug you?” Amol asked and when Mehek nodded her head he didn’t waste time to pull her into his body, Mehek wrapped her hands around his waist as she did the same. “You know, my crush which I just said, is you Mehek.” He said, moving back to look at her, she seemed shocked. “I should have told you years ago that I love you but I thought you might not like me which proves right, you are married now and I am happy. It’s time for me to stop chasing fairytale and face reality.” He heaved out a sigh. “We should head back inside before your husband get suspicious.”

He turned to go but was held back by Mehek and when he turned to face her, he felt warm lips on his. Mehek was almost his height and she didn’t have a problem kissing him.

It was brief which shocked Amol. “Mehek….”

Interrupting him gently. “I love you too Amol, everyday, I just thought maybe I was out of your league and you won’t like me back. Bobby forced me to get married to him, I don’t love him.”

Amol smiled. “We really need to see and talk more privately.”


“Since Rohit knows Ashwini then he might know your house, I will come visiting.” Mehek nods her head. “You head inside first and I will follow.”

Mehek covers her face as she return back to her seat and two minutes later, Amol was sitting next to Rohan and Ashwini.

“So how did it go?” Ashwini asked.

“Good, she is the one.”

Rohan half listens to their conversation as he focuses around his surroundings.

He saw the three guards with Khan and was wondering how to get one alone so lost in thoughts that he didn’t notice King Sanjay approaching his table.

“Doctor Rohit and doctor Amol, I am so glad the both of you could make it tonight.” King Sanjay said, bringing Rohan out of his thoughts.

“It’s an honor to be here, my King.” Amol said.

“Please enjoy yourselves.” King Sanjay said and left their table going over to meet Bobby.

“This is my daughter and she is a lawyer.”

“She is beautiful, so what’s your name pretty?”

“Taru your majesty.”

“Nice name, please enjoy the party.” King Sanjay said and left their table.

“That’s his son.” Bobby pointed at Khan who was talking to his father.

Looking all over him, Taru dismissed him. “He’s not type father, I have my type and my type of man is sitting with Ashwini.”

Mehek holds back the snort that was about to come out from her when she heard Taru’s statement.

“You have to make Khan your type daughter.”

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“Sorry to burst your bubbles dad, but I am not interested in the Prince.” Taru said and gestured with her head. “Besides I don’t think he is interested in me, he is heading Ashwini way.” She added and true to her words Prince Khan went over to Ashwini table.

“Good evening guys.” Prince Khan greeted and gave Ashwini his complete attention. “You look beautiful tonight Ashwini, I did not know you could dress this beautiful just for me.”

“In your dreams.”

Prince Khan laughed and cleared his throat loudly before saying. “May I have you attention everyone.”

That drew the attention of every guest to him. “This is my bride, my woman I had spoken about a few minutes ago.” He said pointing at Ashwini.

“What are you doing Khan? Are you insane?” Ashwini demanded hotly.

“Yes I am insane, madly insane for you.” Prince Khan responded and went down on one knees forcefully holding onto Ashwini’s hand in his.

When Ashwini wanted to withdraw her hand, Khan brought out his engagement ring and that halted Ashwini’s movement.

The diamond and silver gleam brought a familiar sensation to her.

She knows the ring. Somehow she knows it belongs to her, it was her property.

She was brought down to earth by the clapping of hands around her.

At that moment she saw the ring in her finger and Khan’s smile.

“Congrats.” Filled the air around her.

She turned to face Rohan and noticed he was gone, his seat was empty. Where has he gone too?

As if reading her mind, Amol said sadly. “He left after you accepted the ring.”

With anger she didn’t know she possessed she stood up and slapped Khan’s ear very hard, so hard was the slap that Khan flew and landed on some tables, breaking it.

Going to meet him as everyone watches in silence. She removes the ring and fling it to his face. “I don’t like you and I will never marry you, get that through your thick stupid empty skull.”

She left the party leaving everyone speechless. Taru smirked.

She collided with someone at the entrance of the gate but caught herself before she fell. She stared angrily at the person and noticed it was a young man, almost Rohan’s height, dark in complexion with short dark hair and his eyes were blue, and they seemed to glow.

She has to admit that he was handsome but not as handsome as the one she was running to meet.

“I am so sorry beautiful lady.” The young man apologized.

“It’s okay, can you move out of my way, I have someone I need to meet.”

“Not until you tell me your name, beautiful.” The dark handsome man said and stretched out his hand for a handshake. “I am Amar and you are?”

Amar expected her to reach for his hand for a handshake, a handshake that would determine if she’s truly the princess or not.

But he got the opposite.