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Royal High. Episode 15

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Royal High️

️️(He was a rogue but she changed him forever)️️

️️Episode 15

This wasn’t clear to him!!..

This wasn’t clear!!..

This was utterly confusing!!..

His mother didn’t finish college??.

She worked as a waiter and that’s where she met his father who left him after he was born!!..

How come he’s seeing his mother clad in Royal high’s uniform??..

Maybe it’s just a resemblance and nothing more but how is the man standing next to her looks like him so much??..

He needed answers quick..

He plugged in a file cord and hacked his way into the school’s server leaving an untraceable trail so he won’t be caught and within ten seconds he downloaded the archaic files into his drive..

There were over 6000 information on that file and he would need enough time and a good computer to create an algorithm…

He heard a knock on his door and when he opened it Anabelle was standing there with a cake in her hands…

‘What are you doing here??’..He asked in a gruffy tone..

‘I..I..I came here with a piece offering’…she stuttered in reply raising the cake to his nose playfully but Curt didn’t smile even though there was frosting on his nose…

‘What do you want Anabelle and to hell with your peace offering’..He retorted and and she sighed…

‘Okay look Curt I’m just here to apologize about the whole thing that has been going on since,I’m terribly sorry for everything and the words I said—You are not a rogue Curt I’m really sorry’…She said with her head sunken low…

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Curt stared at the hazelnut cake and stared back at her and after a moment of hesitation he took the cake from her..

‘Come In’..he murmured and she happily went into the house with a smile on her face and when she saw the mess on the floor her nose twitched…

‘Sheesh you couldn’t even clean??’..She muttered grabbing a broom sweeping the remnants of his cigars and what they call ‘Arizona’..

Some how she wanted him to stop smoking but since she was still in his probation list she didn’t want to annoy him further…

‘Can i ask you a question??’..She asked and Curt turned around..

‘Okay I’m all ears’..

‘Why do you smoke?? All this I mean’..She asked nervously nipping at her bottom lip..

‘Here you go again with the question Anabelle?? Why do you care if I smoke??’..Curt retorted and she shrugged..

‘You know I just want to ask,everyone has a reason for smoking weed and all of that’..She said..

‘Smoking weed gives me happiness Anabelle,happiness that I thought I would never have’..He replied..

‘But isn’t it a stimulant?? You do know that the happiness is fake right??’..

‘Yeah but as long as it keeps me happy and away from this terrible world I can live with that..You wouldn’t understand cause you don’t know what it means to suffer’..He said clenching his fist and Anabelle sighed..

‘i know what it means to suffer Curt,you and me are alike’..

‘No we aren’t Anabelle please leave’..