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Royal High. Episode 25

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Royal High️

️️(He was a rogue but she changed him forever)️️

️️Episode 25️️

Police officer Malcolm glared at Anabelle in his investigation room with his pen and pad…

‘So you’re telling me you had no hand in his attempted murder??’..He asked..

‘Curt is like my best friend and you know that officer Malcolm,I could never even think of hurting him’..Anabelle replied already irritated by his questions..

She literally donated her own blood for him!!!..

‘Hmmm well reports came in that you were the last to…’..Officer Malcolm’s voice trailed off as soon as a call came in..

‘Uh uh..Hmm..uh uh..okay.okay I understand’..He murmured over the phone and sighed deeply…

‘You are free to leave Princess Anabelle and if you have any suspect or something related to Curt’s case don’t hesitate to call me okay??’..He muttered and she nodded leaving..

There was only one person who she thinks might have shot Curt and it’s none other than her betrothed,Prince Justin..

She knew fully well that Justin was capable of being responsible for what happened to Curt but still prayed silently that it wasn’t true..


Curt coughed as he slipped on his jacket and as he began wearing his Jordans Anabelle walked in..

‘Whoa whoa whoa what are you doing??’..she asked as she found him fully dressed…

‘What do you think I’m doing?? I’m going home’..He replied and she frowned..

‘Curt you can’t go home you’re not fully recovered!!’..

‘I’m okay Anabelle’..he replied..

‘No you’re not Curt!!’..

‘Yes I am!!’..

‘No you’re not!!’..

‘Yes i am Anabelle i mean it’s just a bullet wound?? It’s not like I was a survivor in the world war two or something??’..Curt protested and she sighed deeply..

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‘Fine if you want to leave then just let’s go’..She said..

‘Anabelle shouldn’t you be in class?? please go to class’..He asked in reply..

‘Class can wait and besides it’s just a class nothing else’..She murmured and he shook his head..

‘Curt I…

‘Anabelle I can manage on my own please go to class okay??’..He cut in and kissed her on the cheeks leaving her dumbfounded…


Justin frowned deeply as Annabelle walked into class extremely late and the more annoying part was that she wasn’t even paying attention…

He was sure she was thinking about that Curt guy who is alive..

‘Hey beautiful’..He said as he sat next to her..

‘Where is the key Justin??’..Anabelle asked instead and he almost gasped..

‘What..what are you talking about??’..

‘I know you took the Key after emotionally blackmailing me Justin and I know you shot Curt!!’..She said aloud and he dragged her outside before anyone heard..

‘You can’t prove anything Anabelle!! And what if I shot him?? Would you tell??’..He Asked and Anabelle almost cried…

This is the monster her parents want her to marry??..