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Royal High. Episode 30

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Royal High️

️️(He was a rogue but she changed him forever)️️

️️Episode 30️️

‘Are you sure about this information Alec??’..Justin asked and his foolish minion replied…

‘Yes,she goes into his room almost every time and sometimes from what I heard she stays till the next mornings’..

‘Ohh that’s just a rumor Alec that rogue is her best friend and even though I’ve been against their friendship she’s just too stubborn’..Justin muttered not convinced…

Anabelle wouldn’t dare..

Anabelle wouldn’t even dare be in a relationship with someone else..

Fine he was in a relationship with someone else in campus..

Two actually but he’s the superior?? He’s the alpha male and she doesn’t have that right to date someone else…

Most especially that rogue who calls himself Curt Anderson..


Curt stared on with fright as Anabelle brought out a casserole from the kitchen with an oven mitten in her hands…

‘Dinner is ready baby’..she muttered as she placed a piece of Casserole on his plate..

She made one of his most dreaded meals..

She made TUNA casserole.

‘Uhmm Anabelle I’ve got a confession to make’..He muttered as he just couldn’t bear it anymore…

‘Okay I’m listening’..She replied..

‘You’re you’re not really a great cook’..He said..

‘Huh?? What are you talking about Curt you always love my cooking’..

‘No I don’t Anabelle and as a matter of fact I actually hate your cooking!! I detest it!! It’s like I’m living in just—

‘Okay fine i got it!!’..Anabelle said aloud but instead with a smile on her face..

‘You know I was actually waiting for you to say that’..

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‘Yeah I know you hate my cooking I was just waiting for you to say it to my face,even I hate my cooking’…She said and Curt scoffed..

He just couldn’t believe it!!!..

‘So you knew that I hated your cooking and you have been serving me junk?!!’..He screamed..

‘Well then that’s a punishment for keeping your thoughts all to yourself!! You think i haven’t seen the take out trash?!’..She fired back..

‘Well that’s how the soap operas work Anabelle!!The guy in love never tells the girl that she’s a bad chef??’..He yelled and Anabelle flipped her hair..

‘Just great smokey boy!! You’re now dating me based on a soap opera’…She said and walked towards the bathroom and slammed the door on his face..