July 10, 2024

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Royal High. Episode 24

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️Royal High️

️️(He was a rogue but she changed him forever)️️

️️Episode 24️️

Curt didn’t know why he kissed her.He just felt like it..

She makes him feel what no girl has made him feel before..

Sincerely he’s never dated anyone before only had flings that lasted for weeks..

At 22 he’s never thought himself as date worthy but somehow he wanted to date Anabelle more than anything in the world but whatever anyway..it’s impossible..

‘That was..that was something worth remembering’..She muttered nervously as she tried stepping back a little but Curt held her hands..

‘Yeah it’s a friendly kiss right??’..He asked also feeling the tension between them brew..

‘Yeah a friendly kiss..it’s..it’s a kiss to seal our friendship’..She replied and after a moment they both bursted into laughter..

A friendly kiss?? What was even wrong with him?!!,He thought..

God knows he wanted to do more than just kiss her..

He wanted more than you just be her friend..

God help him he likes likes her!!..

He was in love with her!!..

‘Are you doing okay Curt??’…The doctor asked as he walked in with a nurse and Curt nodded feeling weak all of a sudden..

‘Good we’re going to take you in for some tests and then you can rest…is that okay with you??’..The doctor asked and he nodded again with his eyes still on Anabelle whose cheeks turned color…

What was he even thinking??..

She was a princess and he was a lowlife from a lowlife neighborhood…

She lived in luxury and taste while he lived off his mother’s income..

She has an accent while he just talks dirty..

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She was no match for him??..

She wasn’t even his class or anything and she was already engaged to a fancy violent prince..

He was just no match for her,he thought and shut the door to the feelings he was brewing for her..

Anabelle watched as Curt was taken away for some tests and felt a tear slip off her eye..

He was no match for her..

He’s fun and energetic and playful and doesn’t care about what the world thinks of him..

But he was also a rogue..

He smokes..

He drinks..

He takes mild drugs..

He thinks the world is fully of shitty and snotty people..

But at the same time he was outspoken..

He cares for her..

And what is she??..

She’s just a boring princess with family duties and was already engaged..

She sighed deeply as she quickly shut the door to her own feelings..