February 3, 2023

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Royal High. Episode 17

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Royal High️

️️(He was a rogue but she changed him forever)️️

️️Episode 17

Curt smiled as he finally created an algorithm for the countless files into their own order..

ROSETTE ANDERSON,he typed into his system and checked the timer for when the system would be able to find his mother’s file..

Two Days..

In Two days he would confirm if his mother attended Royal High..

He swatted off a spot of mud which was as a result of his playful fight with Anabelle..

Just remembering the whole event put a smile on his face as he freshened up for his 12pm class….


‘Tomorrow by 12am i want you all to go into Curt Anderson’s room and shoot him.Got it??’..Justin placed instruction to two of his Minions ;Alec and Damian..

They were both princes but from little kingdoms and even though they were princes they were dumb enough to believe Justin would make their families more powerful..

‘But how do we get into his room Justin??’..Alec asked and that’s when the thought crossed his mind..

‘Yeah for once you said something smart Alec I never even thought of that but I have an idea’..He murmured…

A Royal High student could get into his room in three ways..

1.With the pass card..

2.When the pass card isn’t functional like normal you could get in by punching a personalized code..

3.When the code isn’t also functional one could use a key and in case of any emergency a spare key could be given to a close relation or friend…

A key was what he needed..

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A key was what he needed to get rid of Curt for good and have Annabelle to himself and what better way to get the key if not Anabelle instead…

She was surely close to the Curt guy so surely she should have a key..


Anabelle whistled loudly happy and satisfied with herself as she aced another test,.

In the Macademia family there was no room for failure..

‘Hey there Princess’..Curt muttered casually as he slung an arm over her shoulder and Anabelle frowned at the stench oozing into her nose..

‘Did you drink Curt??’..she asked and Curt frowned..

‘what?? Now you’re against drinking too?? For heavens sake I’m 22 years so I think I’m qualified for that position’..He said and Anabelle shook her head..

‘You are such a…’..Her voice trailed off as Justin walked over with his entourage..

‘Curt hmm please go now’..she winced..

‘Go?? Wait Anabelle I ain’t no chicken if he wants to talk then fine!! I’m not letting anyone abuse my girl!!’..Curt replied clinching hands..

If Justin wanted his nose broken for the third time then he should walk over…