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Three Month Stay With Mr. Popular. Episode 9

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????Three Month Stay
With Mr Popular ????
{He is Hot}…

Episode 09

By : Blessing Arubuola

Riele’s Pov

I watched amber as she drafted to sleep, she looks so cute in her sleep but who knows that this beauty is also a trouble maker.

Everything she said kept ringing in my ear. Should I say yes to Mrs Lia or I should listen to my heart. I can’t even think straight.

My head was bombed up with thoughts, I think I need a good refreshing shower to cool down my head.

I made sure that amber was in a deep sleep before I left her in the hospital . I stopped a taxi and he drove me home.

I was in the taxi when one of kayden’s song was played. “Love me again ”

I listened to the song not only for refreshments but to think properly, it just seems like the taxi man deliberately played the music for me to think straight, just as if he knows my troubles.

I rested my head on the car glass and I let the song to take the best part of me. I made the song to take me far away from planet Earth.

????Things are not meant to be like this

????I don’t know your past

????But I want you to make me your fresh memory.

????Even though it is hard for you to do, just know that I need you

????I want you to make me the man of your dream

????I want to love me again! Love me again!

I didn’t even realized that I was already crying not until the taxi man stopped the car. I sniffed my nose and I paid him before I got down from his car.
His song! it gave me something I can’t describe.

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I don’t even know what to do.

I twirled in front of the mirror. I think am ready to go to Mrs Lia house. I’m ready to tell her my answer.

I need her to know my answer as soon as possible.
I picked my mom’s picture that was on the table, I kissed it before I went out.


” Hey riele, how’re you? ” she asked me as she walked closer to where I sat down.

“I’m fine MA and am sorry for yesterday. ” I apologized.

“You don’t have to be. I’m not angry, I know how it felt like. ” she said to me tenderly.

“About yesterday discussion. I’ve made up my mind. ” I said to her and she adjusted on the couch.
“What’s your answer dear ” she asked me with anticipation

“I’ll do it Ma” I said to her and she hugged me immediately.

“Wow! riele, I can’t believe your answer but what you said right now has made up my day. ” she said to me with a sweet dashing smile.

“When will the three month start. ” I asked her.

“Next week, it will starts immediately kayden comes from his trip but they are some rules that will need to be follow. ” she said and my heart skip a beat.


am still gonna follow rules?


Kayden’s Pov

I let the last drop of wine fell inside my mouth. I grabbed the bottle and I tried to decant some of it inside the glass cup when Nolan stopped me.

“You will get yourself drunk. ” he carped and he seized the glass cup from me.

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I scoffed before I stretched my hand to take the wine bottle but he was faster than me. He quickly seized the bottle too.

“What is your problem Nolan. ” I snarled.

“My problem is you! stop the f**k that you’re doing right now. ” he half yelled at me.

“Since the day I started taking wine, have you ever see me drunk huh? ” I asked in a repugnant manner.

“I’ve never see you get drunk before but all the same, Stop this, it is getting too much. Did you want to damage your liver. ” he asked me and I busted into conniption.

“When did you turned into a doctor. ” I asked him grumpily.

“Whatever. ” He muttered

“I heard that Dylan came to your hotel room, did you f**k her too ” I asked him with a scorn.

” Stop it! What did you think of me. Why she came to my room is non of your business for now. ” he replied me and I scoffed.

Suddenly my phone buzzed .

It was mom!

“Hello mom ” I said immediately I picked it up.

“How are you doing son? ” she asked me

“I’m fine mom, why did you called me? ” I asked without even waiting for her to digest my answer.

“is that how to say a proper hello to your mom ” she groused on the phone.

“Well I want you back here in the next three days, I’ve a surprise and a job that I wants you to do. ” she said to me and she ended the call immediately

Surprise and a job?

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What does mean by that?