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Three Months Stay With Mr. Popupar. Episode 8

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????Three Month Stay
With Mr Popular ????
{He is Hot}…

Episode 08

By : Blessing Arubuola

Riele’s Pov

I walked inside Amber’s ward and I saw her listening to music. Finally! She’s back to her normal self.

“Hey.. ” I tapped her gently and she removed the headphone from her head.

“Riele, how are you? When did you came in? ” she asked me as she dropped the headphone beside her.

“Not quite long. ” I replied her as I sat down beside her on the bed.

“Have you had your lunch. ” I asked her as I scan the ward.

“Yea, sandwich with some meats. ” she replied me.

“Woah, who bought it for you ” I asked her

“C’mon, Mrs Lia of course. She sent one of her guards to gave me food. Look over there…. ” she pointed to a basket that was filled with fruits, biscuits and lots for goodies.

“She sent that to me through her bodyguards ” she beamed with smiles.

“Really… ” I muttered as I remembered what Mrs Lia discussed with me.

“We are indebted to that woman. She saves us, I wish we can pay her back but she is too rich for money. ” Amber said with concern.

Can I really pay her back?

Is this what I can use to pay her back?
She needs my help right now! But the task is hard and it seems impossible for me to achieve.

“Amber… ” I called her languidly .

“What’s the problem ” she asked and she adjusted herself on her bed.

“What if she only needs our help with something impossible can we still do it for her. ” I asked her and I raised up my head.

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“Yes, why won’t we? a woman who saves our lives! ” she replied me with sincerity.

“What if the help is to live with her son for three month, can we still do it. ” I further asked.

“Yes… ” she replied me with a glance.

“What if her son is our Mr Popular and she asked us to make his son falls in love with us. ” I asked, this time around with seriousness and a little bitterness.

“Yes… ” she answered with her food wavering.

“Riele, what’s wrong? I don’t understand you? What did you mean by everything you just said. Have you found a way that we can repay her back. ” she asked me with curiosity that needs answer.

“Yes. she want me to live with her son for three month, she also want me to make her son to fall in love with me. ” I broke the news to her.

“That’s great, what’s bad in it? It will even make us free from poverty. This is an opportunity for us to get rich. You can do this riele…”

“Her son his kayden. ” I said with a little crack in my voice.

“You can still do….. wait! what do you mean that her son is kayden? You must the popular kayden. ” she asked me and I nodded my head.

“Oh my God! she’s kayden’s mother? What do we notice this before. Both of them has a striking resemblance. ” she emphasised.

“That’s not the problem right now? living with kayden for three month is the problem. How can I copy? Three month with Mr popular? He wasn’t just anyhow Mr popular, he was also my crush and favourite musician. ” I said trying to explain to her.

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“Riele,this is a chance for you to live with your favourite artist. You can do it. Have you forgotten how you used to make all the guys tripped for you?” she said with the hope of cheering me up.

“Those guys are different from kayden, we all know that he’s the world snob. ” I tried to explain.

“This is the only chance for us to repay her back and this is our chance of getting rich. ” she said to me.

“I still love Mateo, I don’t want to…. ”

“Mateo! Mateo!! Mateo!!! I’m tired of hearing that bastard’s name. Riele, don’t you get it? He has already ditched you? He doesn’t love you anymore,don’t you get the statistics?

“This is a time for you to start a new life, this is a time for you to make a guy love you not that a guy will deceived you into some fake love.

“Are you happy with the way we’re living huh? Looking for loans to make us live in good. Aren’t you tired? ” she said as a tear dropped from her eyes.

“Amber, please don’t cry. I’ll think about it.” I said with the hope of consoling her.

“Don’t think about it. Please accept her offer. ” she pleaded.

“Amber, did you want me to accept it because we want to repay her or because you want us to get rich through this? What if I don’t succeed. ” I said with disappointment.

“I’m telling you to accept her offer for the both reasons. Stop saying you won’t succeed. You’ll succeed once you put your mind to it. Have you forgotten our motto, think it, try your best and it succeed ” she said to me.

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“Amber, you mean I should say yes? But am scared”

“You don’t have to be scared. ” she encouraged me.

she drew me closer to herself and she hugged me.

The question on my mind right now is that; can I do it? Am I ready for this?….