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A Maid For Him. Episode 4

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???????? A Maid For Him ????????
(Mum brought her )

Episode 4
By Simrah Saeed.

????️ Nora ????️

Holy crap!
I jumped up from the bed seeing the time, it’s few minutes to 7

How the hell did I sleep this long like a pregnant woman?

I quickly rushed to the kitchen and began preparing dinner.

I will just have to make something easier before Mr Evan comes back!

I took out some noodles and eggs. Noodles and sauce for dinner. He won’t complain right?

After all, he didn’t give me a time table to follow.

I feel so good and alive again, I also sure I am going to add lots of weight before I leave this house.

Lots of enjoyment, just imagine how long I have slept. The house was so boring, nothing to do so, I had to sleep.

In some minutes, I was done. The aroma of the noodles filled the room.

Yeah! Just on time, I heard a car honed. That must be Mr Evan.

I quickly picked up the plate I served to the dinning.

You will enjoy eating noodles when it’s hot!
The door opened revealing him!

” Welcome Sir ” I greeted.

He only nodded as usual! I wonder if he doesn’t know how to respond to a greeting! Always nodding like a lizard!

Oops! I didn’t mean to say that!
He dropped his brief case, removed his suit and handed them to me sitting down on the table!

” Keep them in my room ” he said without sparing me a glance!

I rolled my eyes and left to his room feeling so refreshed .

And who says enjoyment is not good? I pray my prince charming have lots of money like Mr Evan.

I have seen him very rich in my dream! I know he is rich anywhere he is.

I smiled and to myself trying to bring the image I see in my dream!

I am being stupid right? Well! You have to know I am stupid sometimes.

My prince charming will never be like Mr Evan, he won’t dare carry women about and f*”king any lady he sees.

If he tries that and I get to know! Gosh! Let’s leave it till then.

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Yawning loudly, I dropped his suit and briefcase on his bed and headed to the kitchen!

I am hungry!



Next morning….

???? Evan ????

This lady’s food is just sumptuous! Wondering if her body is as sweet as her foods taste.

I licked my lips with the image of how she will look when she’s clad in nothing!

Today’s Saturday and nothing to do. I don’t normally go out on weekends after my morning walkout .

And if I do, that’s to bring home some bitches to f*”k.

I changed the channel to 231 and it happened to be a horror movie!

I was so lost in the movie when a knock came on my door.

Nora ran from the kitchen to get it open! It must be Mum because I am not expecting anyone.

” Evan !”
My head snapped at the voice and oh my goodness!

” Jenny !” I called as her body landed on mine.

Gosh! I have missed this face!

” Goodness! Is this you Jenny? What where you eating in London?” I asked turning her around!

” What could I have eaten Evan ” she chuckled and hugged me again.

” You’ve added so much weight and looking more beautiful ” I complimented and she blushed!

” I know you are flattering me Evan ”

” Of course, I am stating the fact ”

” Okay! Thank you ” she said sitting down while I sat beside her

” So how have you been? You didn’t tell me you were coming ” I said feigning hurt.

” I am sorry Evan, I just wanted to surprise you ” she replied apologetically!

” It’s fine, take her bags to the last room Nora ” I said to her who was just staring like we were acting some movie.

” I miss you so much Evan ” she pouted

” I miss you too beautiful ” I replied.

Wondering who Jenny is? That’s my best friend.

She based in the UK with her parents and do visit me once in a while like now!

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” Who’s she?” She asked furrowing her brows.

” Don’t tell me you haven’t left your flirtatious ways Evan ” she said glaring at me.

I smiled in return, I can’t do without f*”king ladies and she knows that.

We’ve been friends since childhood before they relocated to London.

” She’s my maid Jenny ” I chuckled.

” But you are still chasing after all the things in skirt right?” She asked…

I opened my mouth to talk but couldn’t! What do I say?

” God, I am so disappointed Evan ” she said hitting me.

” Okay! Can we not talk about that now so you can go upstairs and freshen up then come back for lunch ”

” Yeah, I need that ”


????️ Nora ????️

Jenny? I wonder who she is to him. But why was she staring angrily at me?

Not that we’ve met before!
I dropped her luggages heading out when I met her half way.

” Hey wait up ” she said and I stopped!

She looks so beautiful and classy, I am sure she’s from a well-to-do family!

She stared at me up to down ! Okay! What’s her problem?

” What’s your name?” She asked folding her hands.

” Nora ”

” Okay, dear Nora! You are just a maid in this house and I don’t like the way you stare at my man ” she said and I scoffed!

Stare at who? Her man? She’s Mr Evan’s girlfriend?

” I don’t remember glancing at you both Miss Jenny ” I replied boldly

” First, do not ever scoff while I am talking to you, secondly, do not talk back at me you lowlife ”

Seriously? Just her first day in this house?
I stared at her and smiled!

” And you are?” I asked.

Who will even drag someone like Mr Evan with her? A total flirt? God forbid it for me!

” you know what Nora, I will get back to you later ” she snapped and entered into her room.

Only God knows how I am going to give her a small beating if she crosses my path!

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I wonder why Mr Evan isn’t at the dinning yet .
He ought to have come down since!

Thank goodness that witch of a girl left to Mrs Scott’s to spend the night and will be back tomorrow!

She’s so proud! Arrogant and rude. How I wanted to pour the coffee in my hand on her this afternoon when she told me I don’t know how to cook!

I knocked on Mr Evan’s room and heard a faint come in.

” Good evening Sir, dinner is served ” I said.
He was lying on the bed.
He sat on the bed looking at me!

” I am not eating Nora but I want you to do something else for me ” he said smiling mischievously

” What Sir?” I asked .

He licked his lips as his eyes landed on my b**bs.

” Did you know how hot you look in this nightie? ” He asked.

I quickly covered my b**bs ! Crap! If I had remembered I was on my nightie already, I wouldn’t have entered his room.

” What did you want me to do for you Sir?” I asked changing the topic

” It’s simple Nora ” he said and climbed down from the bed walking towards me.

” I want to on the bed with me and you will give me a massage ”

He walked closer to me and threw pushed me to the bed!

Is this man okay? How can he force me to give him a massage?

” Start with your work already Nora ” he whispered in my ear.

I tried standing up but he was quick enough to hold my left hand!

” I don’t look like one of those ladies you bring in here Mr Evan, I am your maid not a massager ” I replied

” Okay then, if you don’t want to give me a massage, maybe I should have a taste of you ”


He pushed me down bringing his smelly mouth to kiss me and I gave him a resounding slap!