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A Maid For Him. Episode 29

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???????? A Maid For Him ????????
( Mum brought her)

Episode 29
By Simrah Saeed

????️ Nora ????️

What? Who are the they and why did they want us dead?

I blinked in utter confusion as he breathed out.

” The day you turned 11 was the day I won a medal worth millions of naira, it was as if your birthday brought that luck for me ”

” Your mum and I was very happy because we will be living a comfortable life after I invest the money and we will be able to give you all that you ever wanted as a child ”

” When they brought the huge amount of money for me, they brought it directly to my office where I work as a clerical staff remember? ”

He said and I nodded even if I can’t remember.

” I wasn’t in the company when they came they met my boss , he collected the money from them after promising he was going to give me when I arrive at the company ”

” But he never did and in the rule that guide the money was that, it can be given out to anyone if I or any of my family members are dead ”

” He wanted to be in the possession of the money and so he came for our lives”

” He killed your mother and thought you died with her so he came after me ”

” I had to make sure you were out of our house by any means because I was sure they were going to come there so I framed you up for stealing and the owner of the apartment sent you out ”

Huh? Was that why I was sent out at twelve? I knew I never stole the golden bracelet of her daughter.

” I am sorry I did that but I had to just to protect you ”

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” I left this city to hide somewhere safe, I couldn’t take you with me , I know gab is a very dangerous man, he could track me and get me anytime ”

” If I had to die, I wouldn’t let my precious daughter die with me so he took everything I laboured for thinking I was dead ”

” Even after I left, I knew every of your movement, I always look out for you Nora to make sure no harm comes to you ”

” I just cake back last two years when I had enough money to forward the case to court ”

” The case lasted for a year and half. Gab was sentenced to life imprisonment for murder and possession of someone’s properties ”

” I got my money back, everything! I got it back last few months and I decided it was time to go out and look for my daughter”

” What made it more hard for me was that I lost every info of you, that was when you went into the Evan’s mansion ”

” I wanted taking you with force like inform of kidnaping you are to scare you a little, I know my princess can be a scary cat but when I heard Evan was planning a birthday party for you, I got a change of plan, that was why I showed up at your party ”

” And the men out there? They are just for protection ”

I breathed out after listening to everything. Was it tears of joy or sadness that Mum isn’t here to witness this day?

I wish I can see that godforsaken man and tear him apart! He killed my Mum. My role model!

Dad came towards me hugging me while I placed my head on his shoulder.

How can one stupidly be comfortable enjoying someone’s sweat? That he have to kill us huh?
How heartless can he be?

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” It’s okay baby, we are fine now and I miss Handel so much like you do but she’s in a better place now ” he patted my back gently while I sniffed in tears.

At least, I am glad everything is fine now and the fact that I have my Dad with me now.

To top it all, he’s handsomely rich! Stinking wealthy!

” Dinner’s ready, let’s go eat something ” he said holding me up.

I wonder how he will react if he knows I am pregnant! Gosh!


???? Evan ????

I tossed on the bed dialing her number. I feel so empty without Nora with me.

My face lit up seeing she picked up almost immediately.

???? Cupcake, I freaking miss you????

She chuckled before replying

???? seriously Evan? You are unbelievable! I just left few hours ago and you will see me by tomorrow ????

She replied.

???? Yeah whatever, I just miss you, I miss touching you, I miss holding your tiny waist, I miss seeing your little baby bump, I miss kissing your soft lips, I…????

???? Evan! You have gone crazy ????

She cuts in laughing which made me smile. Her laugh is freaking contagious!

???? I can only be crazy when I am with you cupcake, so tell me, how are you catching up with your Dad?????

I asked.

???? Yeah! We are getting along like before real quick, I am glad he’s not dead and he came back for me ????

I nodded thinking she was here to see me.

???? I am happy to see you happy cupcake, that’s my number one priority ????

???? Awwn, I am so loved ???? she said giggling and I smiled.

???? I have always love you cupcake ????

???? And I love you to Evan ????

I quickly sat on the bed taking the phone from my ear. She didn’t just say that did she?

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???? I think I am having ear problem, repeat that again ????

She chuckled

???? I love you Evan ????

She didn’t stammer! Saviours! I have made it to the next level!


I groaned scoffing continuously!
Everyone in the room chuckled and I glared at them .

” You don’t mean it right?” I said to Nora’s Dad and he chuckled.

” I mean it Son, she’s going to stay with me till after her marriage ”

That can’t happen! I can’t stay without her and everyone knows it .

” Okay then, can we do the marriage tomorrow already?”

Everyone burst out laughing but I didn’t see it as something funny.

I planned on doing the wedding when she puts to bed and that’s almost 5months from now, how did he expect me to cope ?

Five good months! What the heck?

” Seriously Evan, you want to get married tomorrow? Without any preparation done?” Mum asked laughing at me.

I never thought of that but is it necessary? I will just die if Nora leaves even for 48hours.

” You all have forgotten he have a chicken brain ” Adam shipped in and I glared hard at him. Idiot!

” She can’t stay with you for five months right cupcake?” I asked looking at her and she looked away smiling without replying

Okay! They all want to punish me!

” I will be going back with her ” he dropped the bombshell! What? Like is he kidding me?

” Then I am going with you both ” I replied with a serious expression.

Mum wanted saying something when the door bell rang!
I am not expecting anyone!

” I will go get it ” I replied standing up.

I turned the door knob and opened it and it was….

Jenny? What the hell?