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A Maid For Him. Episode 30

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???????? A Maid For Him ????????
(Mum brought her)

Episode 30
By Simrah Saeed

????️ Nora ????️

My body unconsciously stiffened as I clutch to my little baby bump.

Jenny? What’s she doing here? I thought Evan said she’s out of our lives?

My heart limped as she walked in bowing her head while everyone sat frozen.

” What are you doing here Jenny? I told you to be miles away from us right?” Mum flared up walking towards her and she shifted in fright.

”, please Mum, I. I am not here for any troubles or anything on anything like that please ” she pleaded in a cracked voice

Huh? Jenny can be this calm? I stared bewildered at her like wise everyone.

” What did you want Jenny? Why are you here?” Evan asked calmly.

Tears fall down from her cheeks as she played with the tip of her dress .

Well I heard she faked a pregnancy but got caught by mum, that was bad anyways but I am happy it gave me a room into Evan’s life.

But what scares me now is why she’s here. What if she says she is now truly pregnant?

I stared at Evan who was busy staring at Jenny. They were friends before then, what if he have feelings for her?

What will happen to me?
My face turned sour at that thought, I can’t bear being heart broken please.

Dad noticed my discomfort and I quickly replaced it with a smile.

” I.. I..just came to apologize for everything I have done please forgive me, I was so desperate to have Evan all to myself because I thought I loved him but I have come to realize it was a mere attraction, I am sorry for lying, please forgive me ”

Huh? This is not dream right? Jenny? Like Jenny is apologizing?

” You really disappointed me, I trusted you so much that I chose your happiness over my son’s but you disappointed me. Even if you want a man, you shouldn’t have gone to the extent of faking a pregnancy ”

Mum said .

Jenny bowed her head in shame. For the first time in 8months, I feel for her and I see she’s sincere with her apology.

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I sighed as I head what she said, at least she’s not back to take my Evan from me.

“I… I am sorry ” she said in tears .
I felt something warm on my cheeks and I touched it.
Groaning slightly! Damn this hormones !

They should forgive her already, everyone make mistakes but if you accept you make mistakes then you ought to be forgiven.

And she doesn’t like Evan anymore so yeah! I am happy.

I rushed to her engulfing her in a hug.
She’s never done anything wrong to me just that she doesn’t like me then but I don’t know of now.

” I am sorry Nora, I really am ” she said sniffing.
I smiled genuinely at her patting her back.

” It’s fine okay, we are cool and stop crying like a baby” I said

With this my one act, everyone sighed and hugged her.
It’s good to forgive!

” We’ve forgiven you, and you are still my daughter okay?” Mum said

Dad just sat watching keenly while Adam had a smirk on his face for God knows why!

Gosh! That guy is something else! Always smirking and grinning.

” And nothing changed about you being my best friend ” Evan shipped in but his hands flew over to his mouth after he said that.

” I…I… cupcake ..I…”

Everyone in the room began laughing due to the way he was stammering.

” I don’t have a problem with that okay? You knew her before I came into the picture and I can’t possibly ruin your relationship you both build since childhood ”

I said and he sighed in relief making me chuckle.

” You don’t even have to worry, I am now married. I got married earlier this month ”

Wow! Really!?


Five months later …….

???? Evan ????

I frustratedly punched the keyboard non-stop.
I am so going to dump this entry now, maybe I should just give it to my secretary.

I am so tired ! It’s not really easy being a CEO. It’s not at all!

I have been working since morning without taking a break, no food and now it’s 8pm .

Everyone has left the office of course but I stayed back thinking I will be able to finish up this work but I can’t.

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I am damn hungry and I need to be with my heavily pregnant wife .

I closed my laptop standing up.
Out of the office, I took my private elevator down and entered into my car .

I can’t wait to see my cupcake. Gosh! She’s so dramatic, imagine she told me I hate her because her stomach is big.

I almost laughed if not that she might start crying if I do.

Since her baby bump became very big, she stopped looking at the mirror saying it scares her.


” Hey baby ” I wrapped my arms around her big tummy from behind

” You came home late again Evan ” she grumbled.

” I am sorry cupcake, I was so busy at work today ” I said kissing her jawline.

” Okay, go upstairs and freshen up while I inform the maids to set up your dinner ” she replied holding her waist.

This pregnancy has made her expanded but anyway she is,I will forever love her.

” Okay Mum” I replied and she rolled her eyes.

” How are my babies doing?” I asked rubbing her tummy band a felt a movement.

I jolted away surprised before composing myself. Did they know I am their daddy?

” This is what I go through Evan, can’t they understand that I am a human being? I feel the pain from their kick ” she pouted making me grin.

It must be hard for her, seriously, I know it’s not easy carrying a baby in your stomach.

” Don’t worry cupcake, you will be free when you put to bed ”

She looked down at her tummy nodding her head.

” Isn’t it scary? It scares me seeing this big tummy Evan ”
I held her hand giving it a kiss.

” It’s nothing bad cupcake,it’s our babies you are carrying, nothing to be scared of” I assured and she nodded .

” Alright, let me go upstairs and freshen up, I will be down in 10minutes ”

She nodded .
I began walking upstairs when I heard her loud scream!

” Ahh”

I turned and began running back to where she was only to find her on the floor with one of the maids beside her.

I rushed to her immediately almost having a panic attack.

What’s wrong? I just left her seconds ago right?

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” What’s wrong cupcake?” I asked holding her up.

” Ahhhh, Evan, ow!! Ahhh, my waist ” she said hitting my hand

” Hold on okay ” I replied helping her up but she pushed me away sweating within this pace of minutes.

” E.. Evan, the babies , ahh! My stomach, my waist is twisting ”

She yelped. The babies? Does that mean the babies are coming?

I stood there dumbfounded not getting a thing from what she just said.

What do I do? And she won’t let me touch her.

Should I call Mum? N…

” Are you mad Evan? The babies are coming and you are just standing there idiot ahhh ”

Gosh! Didn’t she just push me away? And she’s in labour oh God!

” Okay, I will, come on stand up ” I held her up but….
She peed on my hand! What ?

” But you don’t have to pee on my hand cupcake ” I groaned loudly.

She hit me glaring at me

” My water broke and you are telling me I peed on you Evan, ahhh, my waist , idiot”

Huh? Her water broke?

” Take me to the hospital Evan ” she yelled giving me a slap.

What? When did she become this violent?

I held her up taking her to the car. She kept hitting and cussing me continuously.

We came to the car and I checked my pocket for the key but..gosh! Don’t tell me I forgot it inside.

” Are you crazy? Open the door already, you put me into this, I will cut off your d*”k so you won’t come near me again fool ”

She slapped my back and I winced. What’s my crime now?

” Just wait here okay, I need to get the car keys ” I said making her stand by the car but she began shouting.

All my tiredness has vanished already,the hunger is gone!

” My waist Evan, ouch! Ahh! My legs, I can’t stand anymore , how can you be careless to forget the car key inside, are you stupid? ”

I stared blankly at her before I regained my composure running into the house.

” E…. Evan ”