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A Maid For Him. Final Episode.

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???????? A Maid For Him ????????
(Mum brought her)

Episode 31
By Simrah Saeed

???? Evan ????

I paced to and fro in the waiting room. Saviours, I just hope she delivers safely.

I can’t bear it if anything happens to her in this process.

It’s been almost an hour since she was brought here and all this nurses are walking up and down without even sparing me a minute.

It’s scaring me to the bone. Is she fine? How are the babies?

What’s happening to her now? Is she struggling to push?
Is the doctor handling her well?

I know she was reigning all those cusses on me because of the pain she felt that moment although it surprises me.

I am sure going to remind her when she finally puts to bed .
A funny and not so funny incident.

Even as at now, my back and cheeks still hurts from those slaps.

But everything doesn’t matter right now, all I want is to see that Nora comes out of the OT room unharmed.

I want the babies safe too but Nora’s first. I mean we can always make other babies right?

” Calm down and stop pacing like a frog ” Adam said and I glared at him . Idiot! Why did I even call him here in the first place?

I called Mum too and Nora’s Dad, they might arrive later although Mum said she have to prepare something for Nora before she comes.

Something really tasty and special that she will have to take after she’s been delivered of the babies. Mum can be so dramatic!

” You don’t know how I am feeling now Adam, what if ….”

” Stop being pessimistic Evan, I know Nora is a fighter and she will deliver safely but remember, I am their godfather”

He placed his hand on his chest dramatically and I glared at him. He’s talking about being a godfather when we don’t know what’s happening in that ward.

I am worried sick about it. Why are the doctors not showing up? Does that mean she’s not fine?

” I know you are very senseless ” I hissed going to the window when the doctor came out sweating profusely.

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I hastily ran to him inquiring about Nora and the babies.

” How’s she doctor? She is fine right? ” I asked curiously

He used a hankie to wipe off the sweat from his face smilling broadly at me.

” Yes Mr Evan, she’s perfectly fine and congratulations. She was delivered of a baby girl and boy ”

I absentmindedly engulfed him in a hug not minding my environ.

” Oh my goodness! I am so excited, thank you doctor ”

” Congrats man, you are now a father, I need to find a woman already, how about that your sexy secretary? Is she vacant? Like no one? ”

Adam poured out while I stared at him! He talks too much.

And really? How did he expect me to know about my secretary’s love life?

And is she good for him? Although yeah! Annette is a good lady but she’s someone I have screwed before and he knows it.
It doesn’t matter right?

I smacked his shoulder pushing him off .
” Go ask her those will y questions ” I rolled my eyes facing the doctor who was still standing with a knowing smile on his face .

” So doctor, can I see them now?” I asked
You don’t know the joy flowing through me now.

I am now a father! A fu*k”ng father! Like I am a father of two now.

I wonder how lucky I am to have gotten an innocent lady like Nora as mine.

I know I don’t deserve her and that’s the more reason I will cherish her forever.

She will be my wife and a mother to my kids.

We are giving birth to five more children but I already volunteered to carry the pregnancy.

I can’t go through all I went through in the hands of Nora! So help me God!

” Yes, she has been shifting a private ward now , you can follow me ”

I nodded and Adam and I followed up with his pace of movement.


I stared at the pale looking Nora on the bed with a faint smile on her face.

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I rushed to her engulfing her in a warm but tight embrace.

She’s made me a father! She changed my world!

” E.. Evan, I can’t breathe” she said .

The next thing I felt was a punch in my stomach.

What the hell?
I glared at Adam who just shrugged like he didn’t just punched me.

” What was that for?” I snapped.

He shrugged again

” I can’t let you kill her with your hug you know, you should die rather ” he said laughing while Nora laughed too.

” Congratulations pretty on delivering of my godchildren ”

I scoffed turning to my tiny kids placed on their bed at the side of Nora’s bed.

They look so beautiful with their eyes glistering and their hands holding another.

A small smile touched my lips seeing how entangled they are to each other.

I stared adorably at them , without thinking twice, you will know they are my children.
Their grey eyes like mine says it all.

” Thank you so much cupcake, you made me a man ” I said placing a kiss on her hand.

She smiled blushing !

” Wait! What are you trying to say Evan? That I am a woman? I am hurt ” Adam said dramatically holding his chest again.

What’s he saying? And of course, he behaves so childish like a woman.

” So now, it’s only men that are father’s that are the real men?” He asked pouting and I was forced to laugh.

What do I do with this guy? He’s not only dramatic but problematic .

I wanted saying something when the door burst open revealing Mum and Nora’s Dad.

” Oh hunny”

” Princess ”




2 years later…..

????️ Nora ????️

” E… Evan…s…stop….p…pl…. please ” I said in between laugh as tears came down from my eyes
I hate being tickled but he wouldn’t listen.

” I told you I will get back at you yesterday or did you think I have forgotten?” He replied still tickling me.

Gosh! My dear husband have a retentive memory !

We got married three months after Daniel and Danielle’s birth.

And I can proudly say he’s the best husband anyone could ever ask for

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Despite his work, he still create enough time for his family which is pleasing.

I asked little Dan our baby boy to set a flour for Daddy and after we were done, Elle rushed in to call him.

When he was coming into the kitchen, I literally left the flour pour all over him.

” O..oh God Evan, sorry ” I pleaded laughing so loudly.

If anyone is to be here now, they will think I have been crying instead of laughing.

The tears flowing down is massive.

” I can’t let you go just like that, there’s a condition ”

God! Kill me already! I know he will have to demand for something.

He’s so unbelievable!

” Just name it already ” I asked tiredly.

” I need to make you wet down there and this instant ”

My face flushed red as he said that! Saviours!

When will my husband stop being shameless?

” Evan ” I called sternly glaring at him. He stopped tickling me staring into my soul.

” Is it a yes or should I continue tickling you?” He whispered in my ear biting my earlobe sending a tingle to my V.

He placed wet kisses all over my body and I couldn’t help the mo@n tat escaped my lips.

Even after two years if marriage. He still have an effect on me.

I become numb under his touch! Is that enough love? I am so obsessed with my husband.

” E.. Evan ” he didn’t answer me as his hands find it’s way into my panties and his mouth devouring my lips.
At this moment I can’t stop him….

” Daddy! Daddy! Uncle A is here with our favourite Aunty ”

Dan and Elle yelled from the door with excitement clearly in their voices. Adam and his wife are here.

Evan groaned standing up from my body while I giggled.

” Adam f*”king Finn, did he have to be the kill Joy? I am so going to kill him ”

I burst out laughing.
My small and happy family!