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A Maid For Him. Episode 10

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???????? A Maid For Him ????????
( Mum brought her)

Episode 10
By Simrah Saeed

???? Jenny ????

” Wake up Evan, we are getting late for the party ” I said tapping him after I was done with what I wanted using him for.

I felt so happy that I was able to achieve that.

He practically slept off in the process.
Like I said, I didn’t have s*x with him and that was just a powder drug to make him.. Don’t worry, you will learn about that later.

” Evan, wake up ”

He sleepily rubbed his eyes sitting up. I know he’s not going to remember anything that happened.

” W.. what happened?” He asked and I rolled my eyes.

” You are asking me what happened when you slept off while driving huh? I had to wait till you have enough sleep before we can head to the party, I can’t possibly take a sleepy fiance to a party ” I said and he widened his eyes

” W..what? But…. I am really sorry about that Jenny, I really am ” he said apologetically

” It’s fine, you know I love you so I ain’t angry with you ”
he nodded and ignited the engine driving off again.

I can’t be more happier! I got what I wanted!




????️ Nora ????️

Who could be here huh? I am sure it isn’t Mr Evan or Jenny.

They dressed up and left not quite long.

Okay Nora! I should go check the door .

But what if it’s some kinda robbers? What if it is a serial killer?

I ran back to the kitchen and brought out my favourite pan and knife!

If I open the door immediately, I will hit the person with it then stab his arm in defense!

I hid at the back of the door peeping through it before opening.

I raised the pain immediately to hit the person and …..

” Wow! Wow! Evan didn’t tell me he have a warrior in his house, call down pretty, I mean no harm ” he said raising up his hands.

I brought down the pan as I took in his appearance. .

Who’s he?
He look so handsome , tall and slim . I can’t say he’s skinny because his figure is okay!

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But he’s not as handsome as Evan though.

” Who are you?” I asked

” Adam! I am Adam, Evan’s best friend ”

” A flirt like him I guess ” I said narrowing my eyes and he chuckled.

” What makes you think so?” He amusingly replied

” Well, birds of the same feather flocks together ”

That made him burst out laughing. What’s funny? I am stating the obvious.

A friend of a thief is no doubt a thief too mostly!

” You shouldn’t view me from that perspective Nora?”

Huh? How did he know my name?

” I know that look, Evan told me about you ”

Oh! Mr Evan but why will he tell him about me? That’s gossip!

” Are you going to usher me in or stay out here? ” he said and that was when it hit me that he was still at the door.

I paced way for him and he entered sitting down on the couch !

” What should I offer you Sir and Mr Evan isn’t home ”

” He isn’t home? I thought he told me he do be back before 8 ” he said and I shrugged.

That’s between the both of them. …

” So what should I offer you Sir?”

” Water will do but please don’t address me as Sir, I am Adam not sir please ”

” You are my boss’s friend,I can’t possibly address you by your name Sir ”

” What if I insist?” He narrowed his eyes and I sighed.

I guess he’s way more fun than Mr Evan.

” Okay Adam,I will go get you the water ” I replied dashing to the kitchen.

And returned with a glass of water.

” Thank you ” he replied.

Well, he’s truly different. Mr Evan will never appreciate someone, his appreciations were dumped in the waste bin long time ago .

Adam is friendly!

” Are you going to wait for him?” I asked

” Yes I planned on passing the night here ”

My mouth formed an ‘ o ‘ as I nodded.

” Alright,make yourself comfortable ” I said turning to leave to my room of course.

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” C’mon Nora, you can’t leave your visitor all alone here while you go to bed , that’s not cool ” he mumbled and I chuckled.

Seriously? He’s a visitor? But he didn’t come to visit me right?

” Please stay with me till that jerk returns” I laughed over it and sat beside him.

Mr Evan is really a jerk, if not more than!

” Okay, we should watch the TV or something ” I suggested.

” That’s okay but permit me to say this, you are hell of a beautiful and endowed woman. Evan didn’t mention this part”

He said staring at my body while I shifted and smiled.

” Thank you ” I smiled blushing a little. That’s the first time someone has ever told me I am beautiful.

Never heard that before.

” You welcome pretty, so which channel should we watch ?” He asked taking the remote.

” You like horror movies?” He asked and I shook my head.

I can be anything but I am scared of horror movies.

” I am not a fan but if you want to watch it, you can go on I will watch with you ”

I replied taking the cushion pillows in my hand.

” You do not have to be scared I am here” he replied chuckling.

He put it in channel 213 .

Wait! Is that a beast?
It appeared and began killing unharmed people.

The one that touched me most was the way he pieces the baby’s body.

He came nearer to the screen and then boom!

” Ahhhh” I shouted clutching tight to Adam who was laughing at me.

The beast is coming down here,it’s gonna eat me .

Fear gripped me as I held him very tight.

” Calm down pretty, it’s just a movie ” he said taking hold of my hand and laughing.

It’s just a movie but it look so real.

That very moment I was holding Adam like my life depends on him, Mr Evan and Jenny burst through the door.

We both raised our heads to see them staring widely at us.

That was when I realized the position we are in .
I quickly disentangle myself from Adam standing up leaving him still laughing like he doesn’t care.

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” Welcome Sir ” I greeted.
He threw me a look I can’t really understand and dragged up Adam.

” Is that how to say hello to a friend?” Adam asked

I didn’t know what Mr Evan told him and he began laughing again as he dragged him upstairs.

” That maid of yours is hell of a drama ”

They disappeared upstairs leaving me and Jenny.

She came to a close proximity with me and stopped.

” I thought you were innocent ”

With that she dashed upstairs too.
What did she mean by that?

That’s her business though.



???? Evan ????

I busied myself with my laptop. I haven’t really been myself since after the party a day before.

I don’t get why!
First sleeping in the car! How did that happen when I didn’t take any medicine that will make me sleep?

That’s still a misery to me.

The door flipped opened as Jenny came in looking all Happy!

She’s the least of my problems right now.

” Guess what Evan ”

She said plumping next to me.

I glanced at her and she smirked.

” What?”

” Take a look at this ” she said handing me her phone.

I closed my laptop to see a shocker.

” W.. what’s this Jenny? Where did you get this from?” I asked stammering.

How ? When?

” That’s left for me to know Evan ” she replied nonchalantly.

I watched the video of me masturbating!
I can’t remember doing this! Hell! I have never masturbated in my life.

” I am going to post it on social media ” she said collecting her phone from me.

W.. what?

” What? You can’t do that to me Jenny, my company, my name and everything will be damaged ”

I replied fearfully.
Why will she think of that? Did she hate me that much?

” Then lets strike a deal and I won’t post it”

” Anything Jenny but don’t post that please”

I know she can do that but why?

” Just a one night stand, that’s all I want. I want you to have s*x with me ”



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