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A Maid For Him. Episode 11

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???????? A Maid For Him ????????
(Mum brought her)

Episode 11
By Simrah Saeed

???? Evan ????

” W..what?” I scoffed.

” You heard me right Evan, I will discard this if you have s*x with me ” she said tossing her phone in her hand while I stared at her in utmost surprise and shock.

How did she get that? And just to make me have sex with her?

” What’s this Jenny? Are you blackmailing me?” I asked and she smirked.

” If that’s what you think, are you in or not? ”

She asked.
I can’t let her upload that on social media, I won’t be able to walk , my company I suffered to build over 5years will crumble .

” I guess you are not ready ” she said standing up but I was quick enough to hold her hand.

What option do I have?

I took her lips into mine as I pushed her back to the bed .

I grabbed her waist before pinning her to the bed.

She mo@ned as I roughly bit her tongue.

I don’t wish to do this!

I took my hand into her crop top unhooking her bra.

I took off her shirt and I took my hands to her b**bs fondling them.

She removed my belt and my shorts fell down on it’s own.

Leaving me stark naked.
She was wearing nothing underneath the top that was barely reaching her thigh so we both were class in nothing

I kept my rod in her entrance before penetrating into her.

I closed my eyes tightly thr*sting into her speedily.

“Ahhhh ”

” Ohh! ”

” Evan”

” My love ”

” You are so sweet ”

” Uhhmm ”

She mo@ned in pleasure as I gritted my teeth in anger.

I have never imagined myself f*”king her for any reason!


” Oh my! That was hell, I enjoyed every bit of it ” she said .

I just closed my eyes not taking any glance at her.

I can’t believe this happened!

” I know you enjoyed it don’t you Evan? ”

She brought her hand to my chest and I roughly threw it away.

Isn’t it what she wanted? Now it’s done so what?

” Well, I guess you are not ready to talk to me ” she said standing up with the duvet entering into the bathroom.

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My eyes snapped to where her phone was and I quickly grabbed it.

God! Thank goodness! No pin or password and that stupid video was still there on the screen!

Just great!
I quickly deleted, opened her gallery, went to trash and deleted it again.

I have a feeling she might want to use it against me next time.

I sighed in relief dropping back her phone. .

How the hell come about the video of me masturbating?

Was it photoshopped? But that was me, wait! With the same dress I wore yesterday to the party.

I remembered I slept off in the car! Does that mean? No!

I think I need to find out what happened, something definitely happened.

If I get to find out who set me up, I won’t spare that fool! That’s a promise.




???? Jenny ????

I came back from the bathroom to see the room empty .

Evan’s gone! He left the room already!

I smiled in satisfaction as I stood by the window cleaning myself with the towel.

It did happened! Evan and I had sex ! Oh my God!

I feel so happy!
I hastily rubbed my cream and wore a simple dress.

I need to FaceTime Carol. Her plan worked.

Everything ! It came to past! I touched my stomach smiling widely.

In a month, I will be expecting a pregnancy. God! I just hope I get pregnant!

Wait! Of course I will! I definitely will.

I took my phone trying to bring out the video that made me happy but…..

I couldn’t find it, what happened?

Did I by any chance get it deleted? Gosh! And I foolishly forgot to save it in another folder.

Anyways! I already got what I wanted, I don’t care if the video is gone or not.

I quickly on my duo and connected straight to Carol.

In no time, her head popped up on my screen.

” Hey babe what’s up ” she said

” Guess what! ” I yelled happily

” You were able to dupe your Dad again ” she said chuckling and I glared at her.

” That’s not it Carol, Evan and I had s*x ”

” Oh my goodness! How was he? Was he good in bed? Was he slow? Was he fast? Is he sweet? Did he know how to ride a woman perfectly? Did .. ”

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” Shut up Carol, I don’t have answers to your numerous questions ” I replied and she pouted.

” That’s not fair babe but I am glad the plan worked out ” she said happily.

” Yeah , all thanks to you ”

” It’s nothing Jenny, what are friends for? Anyways talk to you later, I need to attend to something ”

” Alright, bye ”

I hung up and smiled.

The first thing I will do when I get pregnant is throwing Nora out of this house.

She’s a very big threat to me.
She’s too beautiful to live under the same roof with Evan and I.

I sure don’t want to loose him to a clown like her.

Her curves , her skin, her face, her beauty. Everything about her is intimidating.

Well, I am very hot and curvy too but I can’t compete with her.

I wonder why she’s not into modelling . Oh! I forgot she’s a lowlife…..



????️ Nora ????️

I hear the oven to some point before arranging the rack in the lower part of the oven .

I placed the baking stone on the rack and heat the oven again for like five minutes .

I divided the dough into two and roll it out.

I added the pizza to the top and baked it leaving it for some minutes before it was done.

I smiled at the success of my pizza.
Seriously it been like ages I last ate pizza.

I sliced some in my plate munching it with so much ectacy.

It’s very tasty! Uhhm!

I just can’t wait to get married and make pizza for my husband and I then he will feed me .

The day I am going to meet my prince charming, I will have to smack his head for keeping me waiting.

I put the remaining pizza that I have prepared into my plate again .

” Are you seriously going to finish that pizza alone? ”

Huh? Mr Evan! How long has he been standing here?



???? Evan ????

I watched as she eat in ectacy. The sight of the pizza alone is mouth watering . The scent was what drove me here

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It was everywhere in the house and she’s here eating alone?

Why will she make it for herself only? I wish I can watch her eat like this forever.

I freaking love everything about her! The way she eats, just name it!

And guess what? She’s wearing a body hugging gown that came down her knee a little.

This lady will soon drive me insane with her curves.

” Are you seriously going to finish that pizza alone?” I asked and she turned to look at me.

I walked closer to her and opened the oven.

To my surprise, nothing was left! What the hell?

My stomach grumbled and she began laughing!

Her laugh is so cute ! She looks more of a baby when laughing.

” Well, I didn’t know you will be home this soon Mr Evan and I prepared it for myself” she giggled cutting out of the pizza in her mouth.

It’s remaining just two pieces! What?
I want to eat that!

I wanted grabbing the plate from her hand but she noticed and ran to the other side of the kitchen.

She turned to the window backing me while munching another.

” Can you just give me the last piece of the pizza Nora?” I asked and she shook her head still backing me.

” It’s only for my consumption Mr Evan ” she replied again.

I stylishly and carefully took a baby step towards her.

I need to hijack the plate. I can’t let her finish everything.

This lady here is selfish gosh!

She jumped up as I grabbed her waist as she quickly throw the last piece of the pizza in her mouth laughing.

Our close proximity sent goosebumps to my body as I just stood frozen holding her waist while she laughed cutely.

What’s wrong with me?

I glanced down at my front to see my d*”k bulging out of my trouser almost touching her b*tts

I hope she doesn’t notice!
I groaned loudly taking my hands off her.

I am so gonna die if this lady remain in this house and won’t let me f*”k her.

How can I get a hard on with just a touch?