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A Maid For Him. Episode 23

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???????? A Maid For Him ????????
(Mum brought her )

Episode 23
By Simrah Saeed

???? Evan ????

” Thank you Evan ” she said releasing herself from the hug looking so excited like I just promised to buy her the whole universe.

I nodded going to get my car keys. I don’t have to change from this nightie right?

I feel so sleepy but what do I do? I don’t want to make her cry.

” I will be back in a jiffy ”

I said to her heading out but she held my arm . I sighed turning to look at her.

” Did you need anything else cupcake? ” I asked and she shook her head.

Then what?
This is just two months into her pregnancy, am I sure I am not going to die before she delivers?

” I want to go with you” she replied fidgeting with her hand.

That’s it? Gosh! Unbelievable!

“Okay, you can come with me ” she giggled giving me a quick peck on my cheek before running off to her room

I am sure not going to allow her stay there after our engagement.

I just want to let mum know of her pregnancy before planning on asking her to marry me which will be soonest.

” I am ready Evan ” she yelled and I left to meet her.

God don’t let her wake me up by 2am again demanding for my head !




” You mean you went out by 12am to get her ice cream?” Adam asked again for the tenth time laughing his @ss out.

He wouldn’t understand till his wife or girlfriend gets pregnant for him.

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Pregnant women are so annoying to some extent but I can’t be mad at my Nora.

I will do anything for her because I love her. She’s my light and without her, I will be in darkness forever.

” You don’t understand do you? Man I dressed up for work this morning but my beloved baby mama asked me to get her some sand and a new book ” I said rolling my eyes.

” Sand? Like sand and a new book? For what?” He asked bewildered while I chuckled.

” She said she feel like eating some sand and sniffing the scent of a new book ” I shrugged.

Seriously! I wanted to laugh but couldn’t because it might make her cry again .

Her pregnancy hormones is something else.

” Don’t tell me you got them for her ” he said grinning .

” Of course I did, I don’t want her to start displaying her rollercoaster emotions ”

” You are really trying, this is scaring me dude I can’t do all this ” he said .

I just shook my head at him . Till he get there, he won’t understand seeing the tears of the one you love most.

” This is not you talking, when that time comes, you will understand what I am talking about ”

” It can’t dude, I won’t leave my sleep in the middle of the night to get some sh*ts for my pregnant wife , anyways accept my condolence ”

Condolence really? .

” You don’t understand English do you?” I glared at him while he laughed.





????️ Nora ????️

” Hunny, oh my…. You didn’t tell me you were pregnant, how are you? Are you feeling fine? How are the babies? What did you want to eat? Did you need something? Y…”

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” Mum !” I had to interrupt her long squeak .
God! Evan told her already!

” Why didn’t you tell me earlier? I am going to be a grandma, I know you are tired, I am employing three maids to be taking care of you, I will stay here till you deliver ”

” I will give you anything and everything, wait! Where’s Evan? ”

She said looking around .

” I am here Mum any problem?” He asked coming downstairs with his phone while I stood watching amusingly.

What’s this woman up to?

” Are you seriously asking me that Evan? You are allowing a pregnant woman to do your laundry? Are you okay ?” She snapped

Evan’s eyes flickered towards me and I smirked.
I so much love this woman!

” But Mum, she’s just two months in and I did almost all the chores this morning ” he defended .

” And you are still letting her do your laundry? What happened to the machine or the watchers?”

” Mum she…..”

” Do not defend yourself bighead ”

She shushed him and turned towards me.

” I can see you are very stressed out baby” she said to me and I nodded pouting.

Gosh! I want to watch the look on Evan’s face forever.

” yes Mum, my back hurts, my legs, my hand ” I lied as Evan stared at me expressionless.

How much I wish to laugh right now.

” I am sorry baby, Evan is such a stupid boy that doesn’t know how to take care of a woman, did you know how hard it is to carry a baby let alone two?” She shouted at Evan who kept mute.

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Seriously I pity him but I love this direct movie I am watching.

” Have you forgotten that I am the Son Mum, it seems you choose her over me ” Evan groaned which made me chuckle.

” You are the dumbass son and she’s the pregnant princess ”

Okay! I can’t hold it anymore. I burst out laughing and she joined me leaving Evan grunting

” This is not fair ”

” Whatever you say Evan, take her to your room and give her a thorough massage, it’s an order ” she said with finality and both our eyes widened.



I thought Nora is crazy but Mrs Scott is crazier ????????