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A Maid For Him. Episode 13

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???????? A Maid For Him ????????
(Mum brought her )

Episode 13
By Simrah Saeed

???? Evan ????

I picked Nora up from the couch and she opened her eyes slowly.

” Oh Mr Evan, you look handsome ” she said laughing while I chuckled. .

My plan did work out
I don’t care what will happen later but this is the perfect time for me to satisfy my urge and stop thinking about her.

I climbed the stairs with her in my arms to her room

” Mr Evan is a cute guy living in a cute world ”

She giggled and hit my arm. I thought she was sleeping Gosh !

” We are going to fall down Nora, stay calm ” I said to her and she nodded like she was in her right state of mind.

I knew she was going to get drunk anyways.

She doesn’t look like one who can drink and still be stable.

” You know what Mr Evan? I like you but, you are too grumpy and a flirt ”

Huh? She likes me? I scoffed remembering she just insulted me.

I could have glared at her on a norm.

I opened her door and dropped her on the bed.

” C’mon Mr Evan ” she dragged me towards her and I ended up falling on her.

Okay! I think I should do this. She’s drunk and won’t remember a thing right?

I slowly went closer to her and placed my lips on hers kissing her tenderly.

Her lips feel so soft and sweet.

She wrapped her arms around my neck as I went straight to into her shirt unhooking her br@ .

I threw it on the table beside her bed removing her shirt.

I was easier because she was just putting on a simple gown.

I zipped it down and took it off.

I wowed as saw the view before me.

My mouth went to her right big b**bs biting her n*pple.

A faint mo@n escaped her mouth while she was still holding me half asleep, half awake but internally unconscious.

I didn’t bother to remove my my dress only my trouser and shorts.

That’s all I needed to.

The bedside lamp was on and I could see a clear view of her.

I stared lustfully at her body while removing her lace pa*ties.

She absentmindedly spread her legs widely .

I touched her perfect cl*t and we’ll shaved area tingling it. .

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She mo@ned a little before murmuring some incoherent words.

I brought my rod closer to her as my eyes went to her innocent sleeping face.

I almost had a second thought but is there a need?

I know I am being selfish but I am doing myself a favour.

I am sure when I finally f*”k her, the lust, thinking about her, seeing her images. Everything will be gone.
That’s what I want.

I teased her V with my d*”k and slowly thr*st into her.

” Ahh” she winced hitting me and in no time she was call again .

I groaned for the nth time as my d*”k couldn’t enter her tight p*ssy.

Why in God’s name is she this tight?

” Hmm! ” She said wrinkling her face in pain. I could feel it.

” Ouch! Why am I hurting? Oh! It must be where I …. ” She trailed off closing her eyes again.

I heard a loud scream for her as my d*”k finally entered into her .

Goodness! It feels so good!

I began riding her slowly while she winced in her sleep.

She was even a virgin!
I am taking her pride in a very absurd way.

What if she finds out ?
Of course I won’t let that happen, maybe I should make her forget this incident ever happened.

But I must say, this is the best lady I have f*”ked in forever! She’s so sweet!

Maybe because she’s fresh!!




????️ Nora ????️

The sunlight piercing through my window woke me up.

” Ouch” I winced holding my head. It hurts like hell!

What happened? Ouch! Why’s my head hurting this much?

I felt a urge to puke and I jumped out of the bed only to land my butts on the floor.

I puked all over my room still sitting on the cold floor.

What’s happening to me?
Why am I feeling pain in between my legs?

Is my menses about to come?
I shook my head at that.
Even if it’s a cramp, it can’t possibly make my pr*vate part hurting this much.

Or Maybe, it does changes! Maybe it is normal!

I shook the thoughts trying to stand up on my feet.
I feel so weak, tired and empty like something is missing in me.

What actually happened yesterday?

I could remember Mr Evan coming and asking me to play a game, we spoke, I took three glasses of whiskey and…….

Nothing! Everything went blank!

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How did I get in here? I thought we were both at the living room!

D..did he bring me here ? Oh my God!

I sighed in relief seeing that I was still in my dress from yesterday.

He actually brought me to my room? What?

Maybe I should get this cleaned first . Thank goodness it’s Saturday, I am sure he’s in the house .


I bumped into Mr Evan on my way out. Just perfect!
Is he nervous or something?

” Good morning Mr Evan” I greeted.

He was looking everywhere but me. Okay! That’s weird!

” M.. morning Nora ” he stuttered quickly walking away but I was quick to call him back.

” Mr Evan?” I called and he paused.

” Y…yeah , any problem?” He asked

” Not at all Sir, I was wondering who took me to my room yesterday ” I asked.

He stiffened a bit before turning to me.

I stared into his eyes and I could see different emotions I don’t understand.

He quickly composed himself bursting out laughing confusing the devil out of me.

” I did Nora, you were so drunk by just taking a three glass if alcohol, I had to take you to your room and did you know what you told me yesterday?”

He asked as he leaned closer a bit. God! I know I suck when I am drunk.

I say things out of point!

” You said you like me, is that true?” He whispered and I pushed him away while he laughed.


” Oh please! It was the work of alcohol trust me ”

” Are you sure you didn’t mean it?” He asked raising his eyebrows and I scoffed.

Mean it hell!

” Well! I won’t be selfish at least, for taking the alcohol, I am going to increase your pay as promised ”

My face lit up immediatetly. I thought I lost it

” The only good thing you’ve uttered since I came into this house ” I blurted and quickly covered my mouth

Oops ! I didn’t mean to say that! But that’s true anyways.

” Thanks for the compliment ” he replied sarcastically heading back to the stairs while I laughed.

At least, he’s changing from the grumpy boss he used to be.

I mean grumpy and demanding! He’s become friendlier since yesterday.

That’s better!
He isn’t asking for my body again! I wonder what changed but I like it though.

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I need to prepare breakfast! Since Jenny isn’t home, the house is peaceful without her troubles.

I learnt she stays at Mrs Scott most of the time.

I wonder what she likes in her! A bag of trouble.



???? Evan ????

I hit the balcony door loudly!

Guilt! Guilt! Guilt! Guilt!

Just guilt was what I have been feeling since two days back after I took advantage of Nora.

Yes! I can’t deny what actually happened!

I am feeling really bad for what I did !

She was a virgin!
How much she has dreamt of her first night with her husband!

I feel so terrible!
I regret everything!

I regret f*”king her that night! Seeing her smile at me without knowing what I have done to her kills me!

I am a monster!
What was I even thinking?

I thought after everything, I will forget about her! I will stop thinking about her but I lied to myself

It worsen everything!
She’s everywhere in my Head!
She’s everywhere I go!

What have I done to the innocent girl?
I thought she was like those b*tches I f*”k .

I thought she was as loosed as them and was only pretended to be holy!

I ran my hand through my hair feeling frustrated.

She will hate me forever if she gets to know about it!

She will detest me!

I was taken out of my trance when my phone began ringing.

I sighed dipping my hand into my pocket.

MUM was boldly written on it!

I swiped it up and picked up the call.

???? Son ????

She yelled on the other side. I can feel she’s excited about something.

???? Good afternoon Mum ????

???? Afternoon Son, I am so happy and mad at you ????

Huh? Happy and mad at me? What type of figurative speech is that?

???? I am sorry I haven’t been visiting Mum, I… ????

She cuts in immediatetly. Seriously?

???? I am not talking about that Evan, why did you keep it away from me? ????

Huh? Keep what away?

???? I don’t get it Mum ????

???? Oh stop pretending son, Jenny just told me about her pregnancy. I am going to be a grandma, why didn’t you tell me earlier? Oh we’re you shy? I can understand. Anyways, congratulations to the latest father to be . I am off to the mall to shop for the baby ????

My blood froze as she ended the call!
Jenny? Pregnant? For me?