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His Signature. Episode 2

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…………. Episode 2………..
????Rachel’s pov.????
We maintained an eye contact for a while and then I lazily drifted my stare to the floor cause I was starting to feel bashed.

I rubbed my arm on the other totally full of despair.

“Who are you and how the hell did you get in here? “He asked pissed off.

Why does he sound so angry?
My eyes fluttered up slowly and our eyes locked.

He looked like he would rip me apart any second.

And that was when I saw the water dripping from his body.
He had been in the shower.

“Am… Rachel Givens. Fr.. Fom Vogue Blows. “I said trying not to look at him at all.

“Rachel, you snoop around too much and that’s bad for a first impression. “He said.

“Am sorry, just came to take my hair pin that slid into this room. ”

“Find the hair pin and appear back into your room… I’ll meet you later. “He said turning.

I began looking around for the hair pin.

“What’s taking you so long? “He asked.

“I can’t find it. “I said looking around.

“Well am not suprised. I know the hair pin is an excuse. You wanted to steal from me! “He pointed out and I frowned.

“Am not a thief sir. “I said.

“Leave right now! “He said and I left the room.

I walked down the stairs cussing him in my mind.
Why this task?

I hate being scolded or yelled at ; it gives me guilty cramps.

I got to my room as I pondered over his words. He already thinks am a thief. Am so getting fired.

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I sat on my Bed kicking my legs in silence. When would Alex have time for me…?

After staying for about 30 minutes in the room doing nothing, I went to the place I suppose was the kitchen so the maids would keep me company.

As I stepped into the kitchen, I couldn’t help but observe the environment.
The cupboards were made of metal and they were spotless.

The walls were painted white and looked very attractive. Everything was in order and nothing was out of place.

The maids cluttered together by the side in silence. I knew they stopped raking when I came in.

I tried to be open and friendly so to lay the foundation of our short term friendship.

“Hey guys, so, what’s popping? “I asked leaning by the counter.

The four maids stared at me differently.

“Shouldn’t you be in your room? “One of them asked and I rolled my eyes.

“Boredom is killing me there! “I said. “Please can I stay? ”

I faked begging and they allowed me. I was suddenly chatty and we started talking about alot of things.

“Am going to throw out the trash… Should I dispose the meat too? “One of the maid asked the other.

“Urgh! Maria, how many tines will you keep asking that. Mr Alex doesn’t feed his dogs so take them with you “one of the maids said.

“So, he really has dogs? “I asked excited.

“Three monstrous dogs. Huge and fleshy “the maid said trying to enlighten me.
“And the painful part is that, he never feeds them. The poor creatures have been starved for weeks now ”

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What… Mr Alex is crazy.

“Give me the meat, am good with animals. I’ll feed them “I said taking the bag of meat.

“No! Mr Alex will kill you. “Maria said and the others panicked.

“Relax, am not scared of him. “I said bravely. “Now, take me to those helpless creatures “I said dramatically.

Maria took me to their cage which was in a disclosed part of the mansion.

The dogs were super quiet.

“I can’t stay here and watch! “Maria cried and took to her heels.

I opened the window part of the kernel and pouted in the meat and they began barking loud and rushing the meat.

One of them was in a hurry and scratched my arm with its sharp crawl. I was bleeding.

Their barking was so loud.

“Bad dog… “I yelled at them.

They were big dogs. One of them got hold of my necklace on my neck and started pulling me close to the cage.

They want to eat me? After I fed them.

“He… Help! “I yelled.

I know Alex might never help me so am just calling on the four maids.

The struggle continued between the dogs and I.
Just then, I felt a huge grip by my waist and I was pulled to his body… Mr Alex.

The next thing I heard was two loud noise of bullets dropping. He shot the dogs…
I saw blood flowing out of the cage…

If he shot the dogs, what’s he going to do to me?

He looked at me with such dark evil eyes.
He held my wrist with anger on his face and tightened his grip on my wrist as he dragged me into the mansion.

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I was so scared and ready for the worse. He forced me inside an office and he shut the door. Then he loosened his belt.

My heart began pounding like a pestal hitting hard on a mortar.

Since I was a kid, I’ve never been hit till date.

This man can’t hit me now, not now, not ever. And for the crime of just feeding his dogs. But he shot them.

He shot them in a blink of an eye.
This mr Alex have issues.

He clung onto his belt firmly like he was going to hit me in any minute. Am done for..