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His Signature. Episode 10

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…………. Episode 10……..

By: Faith Lucky

????Alex’s pov ????
I was in my room feeling sober. Wondering while am always unlucky in my relationships. My phone rang and I checked the caller, it was my driver.

I ignored his call but then he called again.

I finally picked it up.
He told me how Rachel was crying in the mall just cause her phone was stolen. ????
I laughed alright before I took one of my jeep and drove to the mall.

She amuses me everyday.

I met the driver at the mall entrance and we both went to meet Rachel.

She’s such a drama queen. Sitting on the bare floor just cause of some phone. I told the driver to go ahead that I would be bringing her home and he obeyed.

“Get your ass off the floor, right now! “I yelled at her.

She looked up in fright and stood up.

“Mr Alex.. “She muttered.

“Have you no shame Rachel? “I asked.

“Sir… All my pictures are gone… And the songs I’ve written and recorded as well. “She said as tears poured down from her eyes but she wasn’t crying.

I used my thumb to wipe off the tears that got me dumbfounded.

I’ve never seen someone cry over a lost phone.

I took her arm and pulled her close to me. Then we walked to the other side of the mall where Communication gadgets are sold.

We went to the place where phone are showcased.

“Rachel, choose wisely. “I said and her eyes widened.

“No sir, please give me anyone of your choice. “She insisted.

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I chuckled.
“I insist Rachel. ”

She took a deep breath and took a white iPhone. It was cheap and I wonder why cause the phone looked expensive and of High quality.

I passed my ATM card to the cashier and she boxed the phone.
After we payed, we both left the mall and entered my Jeep.

I started the engines and drove off. Rachel removed the phone from the box and turned it on.

“Enough Battery to take selfies. “She said and giggled.

Then a ray off light flashed on my face. She took a picture of me..!

“Cut it out Rachel. Am not in the mood for pictures. “I said with an eye roll.

She ignored me and took another one.
I sighed.
“Alex, park the car. “She said. “I want to wee! ”

I reluctantly stopped the car by the road.

“What now? “I asked.

She laughed and brought her face to mulch with mine, she took dozens of selfies in a second.

She laughed.
Her face was weird so I wanted to pic on her, I brought out my phone and took an embarrassing photo of her. Then I showed it to her.

She screamed.

“How could you Alex! “She yelled in laughter, then she struggled to collect the phone.

“Hashtag road trip with craxy girl and… Uploaded. “I said and acted like I’ve posted it on social media.

She freaked out.
“Alright then.. “She brought out her own phone and took dozens of selfies of both of us.

“Hash tag Joking with the famous Alex by the road side…. Nah… Hash tag He crunchy munchy. He really need to use the toilet. “She said and my eyes widened.

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I struggled to collect the phone but she wouldn’t let me have it.

“Payback time… Payback time… “She sang.

I surrendered and turned on the car engines. We hit the road again. Rachel turned on the music player.
‘Chun Li’ by Nicki Minaj was blasting through the speakers. She increased the volume.

“Rap with me Alex.. “She said.

I shook my head.
“Nah… ”

She began rapping alongside Nicki minaj.
“… So they can get on their f*cking keyboard and make me bad guy Chun li….. ”

Her voice was awesome and I just had to look at her sing. The way her lips was moving.. Wow.

I was caught up looking at her that we nearly hit someone but luckily she didn’t notice cause she was looking out the window. If she did, she’d scold me till we get home.

We got home and alit.
We walked into the mansion.
“Am hungry… “Rachel muttered.

“I’ll go make you breakfast, come on. “I said and took her arm.

We arrived at the kitchen. She tried to touch the pot but I stopped her.

“My treat. “I said and lifted her from the ground and dropped her on the kitchen table.

She looked shock and her eyes was wide open like a suprised cat.

I turned and took a wrap of spaghetti from the cupboard, I tore it open and poured it inside a pot of water and put it on the gas turning it on.

What am I doing??
I don’t really know how to cook.

“Um… Alex, should I help you blend some tomato for the sauce? “She asked.

Oh! The sauce.
I nodded.

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She chuckled and I looked at her. She got down from the table.

She stood close to me and I soon felt her lips on mine. The kiss was tempting and I wanted more. She disengaged and looked into my face.

“Thanks for the new phone. “She said and embraced me.
I wrapped my arms around her too. Ah…! What’s this feeling am having right now…?

What could this be…?