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Daddy’s Girl. Episode 14

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(Getting her pregnant)

Episode 14

By: Faith Lucky

Chloe’s pov:
My math tutor is a man – a really good looking guy.
Oh geez,
I still can’t believe it.

I don’t remember going to a wishing well and wishing for three hot angels.
I really don’t.

“Chloe…nice name” his deep appealing voice woke me from my thoughts.
I glanced at him to see him already flipping a page from the book on top of the heap.

I still couldn’t form a single word.
His eyes cornered to me and he wore a smirk.

“Are you going to cover those all day?” He asked and I batted my lashes staring at him.

I pulled up the heavy thick duvet up to cover my whole body leaving just my head sticking out.

“Where should I stay?” He asked and I could only point.
I pointed at the red fluffy mat on the floor next to the couch a bit further from where we were.
My room is quite large.

He took a deep breath before carrying all the books and going over to the mat. He dropped them on the floor and opened the first page.

I stared into his perfect Japanese looking face. He had a slight cut inbetween his left brow…
I found that attractive.

“Drool much?” He muttered and I flinched.

I was really drooling… But he wasn’t looking so how did he…
I got off the bed and wore my white flip flops before going to the bathroom.

I tried so hard not to walk fast making my butt dangle.

I was relieved the moment I entered the bathroom.
I hope he wasn’t staring.
Jace’s pov:
Oh my God!
The minute she got off the bed, I got a chance to take a glimpse of her b**bs. So bouncy and big.
Then her backside came into view.

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My di*k jerked in my pants as I watched her go. The two round butt cheek bouncing perfectly in her bum short.

Oh f**k!
She’s the real deal.
How can she be so curvy and got a flat tummy with all the damn good features.

Kyle was right, she’s a bomb.
There’s no way am going to let her slip off my finger.
She’s mine to keep.

I’ll get her pregnant for sure but too bad I won’t want to have her again.
We don’t taste women twice.

Why would I be committed to one pu**y when there are millions of pu**y that’ll taste even better?


I began solving the first number I saw in her workbook.

Am more of pro when it comes to mathematics. I’ve never solved a question and got it wrong. I’m smart but am not a nerd.
Chloe’s pov:
I splashed more water on my face before looking up at my reflection on the mirror. I took a towel and wiped my face with it.

I took deep breaths.

I just drooled over a guy and the humiliating part was the fact that he knew.

I sighed before going back to the door. I opened it a little and looked in.
He was busy scribbling down something on the notebook but am sure he knows what he’s doing.

He’s not a nerd though.
I walked into the room and his face lit up. He looked down immediately continuing with what he was doing.

I sluggishly drew near to him and stood behind him.
I looked into what he had written.


He’s really using a different formula am not sure of!

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I sat beside him and reached for my math textbook. I handed it to him.

“Hey Jace, um…I really shouldn’t care but I have to ask…what are you doing?” I asked and he looked at me.

He chuckled.

“Am cooking. Like seriously, What does it look like am doing?” He groused.

“Well, am just saying that you’re not doing what is in the textbook. You’re doing it all wrong” I said opening up the textbook before passing it to him.
“Here, read this topic properly before you continue. This is my homework and failing is not an option. Do you understand?” I stated with a crumpled look.

“Relax princess, I know Statistics like the back of my hand” he said obviously bluffing.

He threw the textbook aside and smiled at me.

“Let me handle this” he said going back to his work.

I glared at him.
“If I fail this topic, my dad will skin you alive” I warned remembering how dad treated the last math tutor he hired.

“Yea…whatever” he jibed not taking his eyes off the book.

I can’t wait to watch him suffer when I fail. He thinks he knows everything, huh?

Lectures were over and our assignment results were returned to us.

Don’t be curious about how our college sounds more like highschool.
It’s the most expensive University in New York.
Extremely conducive for learning and there’s no stress at all.

Ciara frowned the moment she opened hers. I smirked.
I opened my notebook and headed straight for the question arrogant Jace solved.

My mouth was left hanging the second I saw the question was marked right…
All of them.