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Daddy’s Girl. Episode 26

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(Getting her pregnant)

Episode 26

By: Faith Lucky.

Chloe’s pov:
I was busy looking out to the streets as Kian drove the car in a normal speed.

I asked Kyle to go home since Kian would be taking me somewhere.

Am so eager to see what he has in mind. I so much love surprises – good ones to be precise.

The car was comfortable and I could still remember when Kian saved me from those thugs.

I had so much fear, beyond description.

Am still grateful that I wasn’t defiled. I would have been in so much trouble by now.

The air conditioner in the car was nice and blew softly.

The people at some part of the street were rowdy but Kian’s speed eluded me from seeing much.

“What are you giving you father as a birthday gift?” He’s thick voice spoke out and I turned to him.

“You’re right! I’ve been so busy with the party and school work, I totally forgot about getting him a gift. I’ll have to get Gladys to work on that right now.

“But…what could I give dad that he can’t afford??? He’s a billionaire Kian” I pointed out and he smirked with his bright blue eyes focused on the road.

“Can you sing?” He asked soothingly.

I found myself nodding. What’s he driving at?

“Write him a song then or you google a beautiful song to sing on someone’s birthday. He’ll cherish that more than anything” He said.

A big smile found it’s way to my lips.

Oh my God!

“That’s a great idea, Kian!” I exclaimed excitedly.
“Daddy will be happy to find out I could sing!” I blurted drumming my fingers on the dashboard before me.

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He didn’t say anything else as he drove into a narrow structure.

Wait a minute!

We’re at the airport.

He parked somewhere and we alit from the car.

He took my hand into his and we walked to the other side of the airport.

There were few people around and we just moved over to a receptionist.

“Kian” Kian mentioned his name to her and she handed him a key.


He took me out of the place and we kept moving doors after doors until we were finally outside.


There were so many airplanes and jets around.

Suddenly, a short rough looking man showed up. Kian and I followed him and he took us to a helicopter.


This is unbelievable.

Oh my gosh!

Could it be Kian brought me here so we can take a ride with the helicopter??

He threw the key at the man before turning to me.

“Am sure you’re not scared of heights, are you?” He asked looking deep into my eyeballs.

I nodded still recovering from the brief shock I received seeing an helicopter before me.

We’re rich and all that and probably, I have a private jet out there somewhere but I’ve never gotten to ride on an helicopter.

A gasp escaped from my lips as Kian carried me up and helped me get into the helicopter.

I sat speechless as he entered into the copter effortlessly.

He passed the seatbelt across my body and clipped it into the buckle attatched to the seat.

“Don’t worry Chloe…Just relax yourself” He cooed and held onto me as the man turned on the engine.

Before my very eyes, the helicopter took off lifting gently from the ground.

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I was stupefied and expressed my emotions by covering my mouth with both hands.

The helicopter was now higher than it was previously.

I looked down the airport was just right under us.

Kian seemed fearless as he didn’t out on his seatbelt.

Everything else was starting to get smaller as we went higher.

This same view I enjoy most holidays when dad and I would go to different countries to spend our vacation.

Last year, we had gone to South Korea and I met lots of celebrities including my favorite boy band.

It was a perfect vacation and I wished we didn’t have to return home.

Well, Am thinking of going to a more exotic site with Ciara and Anna during the next vacation.

We would go to the beach, meet boys and play lots of games.

It’ll be a special treat from Chloe Seth to them.
Kyle’s pov:
And Kian scores again!

I grabbed my pillow and thrust it to the next room.

I just hate that guy!

I felt stupid driving home without Chloe. Especially when I had it all planned in the right way.

I wanted to take her somewhere she wouldn’t resist and finally get her so this stupid haunting game can come to an end.

I scoffed and slumped on the couch behind me.

Kian is definitely over doing it.
Chloe’s pov:
The days ran so fast and I really couldn’t believe today was the D-day of the test.

Am sure am prepared for the test with all the studying and lectures from Jace.

I got dressed for school and Gladys escorted me to my ride like always.

I got to class to meet Anna with her head buried deep inside a textbook.

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I chuckled and stood before dropping my hands on my waist.

“Good morning Chloe” Ciara mumbled eating from a piece of cake before her.

“you look stressed Anna. Didn’t you sleep last night?” I asked sitting on a seat beside hers.

She sighed and scratched her eyes.

“I don’t really know what’s wrong with me Chloe. I went to bed early yesterday but I still feel frail and tired. I think am falling sick” She replied despondently.

I gazed at her with a puzzled look. How could she be so sick all of a sudden and what sort of illness could it be?

“Does your mom know? Have you booked an appointment to visit the hospital?” I asked pathetically.

“My mom traveled – again. She’ll be back till god-knows-when. Am left with my stupid nanny” She muttered with her eyes glued to the book on her desk.


“Don’t feel bad for her Chloe. Whenever her mother is away, it only means one thing – more banging with Simon” Ciara chipped in enthusiastically.

Anna closed the book she was holding and threw it at her.

I chuckled.

This two are always on each other’s tail.

The door opened and everybody’s attention drifted to it. The professor walked in.

There was sudden gush of goosebumps on my skin. Am I really ready for this?

“Good morning students, The test will be kicking off soon and I won’t be doing this alone. I have one of the best graduating student from Harvard university – Mr Jace” He announced and my eyes dimmed.


I stared keenly at the door and he walked in.