November 29, 2023

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Daddy’s Girl. Episode 19

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(Getting her pregnant)

Episode 19

By: Faith Lucky.

Chloe’s pov:
Finally, classes were over and like usual, The teacher reminded us about the project she emailed to us.

“It will be submitted next week and there would be an oral test accompanied with it. I’ll throw any question and point at anyone to solve and provide admin answer. It’s compulsory for all students. In other words, goodnight everyone” The professor said and took his books before him.

Everyone stood up already leaving and some talking.
I sighed standing up to my feet and taking my books from the desk.

I walked past the girl I was sitting close to and left the class.

This means I have to study more with Jace any time I get.
I seriously wouldn’t want to fail or stutter before everyone.

I can do this.
Just like Jace said.

I was now outside the building on my way to where the car was parked. The sky was starting to get dark and quite gloomy like it would soon rain.

Suddenly, my purse was forcefully snatched from my grip.

“Hey!!” I rasped going after the girl who seemed to run faster freely in her dirty sneakers.

She ran past the car and Kyle began chasing her. I slowed down cause am not used to running for long.
I was damn tired and was starting to hyperventilate.

I stooped beside the car loosing my strength and balance.
My eyes were closing bit by bit and my breath unsteady.

What’s happening to me?

I’ve never felt so drained in my entire life.

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Slowly, I lost consciousness.
Kian’s pov:
I fixed my eyes on Chloe as she emerged out of the building looking doleful and tired.

Her skirt looked so good on her and smooth fair legs were inviting as well.

She’s not hot – this is epic beauty.

I came out of the car to maybe help her walk since she doesn’t look okay.

Immediately, a girl walked past her and snatched her purse running.

I went after her cause she was fast and seemed like a pro at stealing. My mask fell off my face but I didn’t bother. I’ll deal with this bi*ch.

I increased my pace taking every route she did. We were at the parking lot where lots of cars occupied most of the space.

She kept running among and beside the cars like she wanted me to get tired or give up.


My lips cornered into a smirk as I admired the girl’s moves.
She’s good.

I jumped on a small car beside her and flew across standing before her. I pushed her hard she fell on the ground.
I pulled her up and took the purse from her.

“Hey, let me go!!!” She yelled angrily and kept fussing. I almost laughed cause the request was quite impossible.

“You little thief. You should be begging me to let you go cause you stole from Adam Seth’s daughter. You’re fearless” I said squinting my eyes at her.
She tried to kick me at my di*k but I held her leg up preventing her from taking further action.

She stared at me with so much scorn.
Ivy’s pov:
Why does he have to be so gorgeous???

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His eyes were the best I’ve ever seen.

What am I saying?
He’s the most handsome guy I’ve ever seen.

He raised my leg up the more and I stuttered back almost falling before the law of stamina moved me to holding his shirt tightly so I won’t fall.

“Can’t you see? I might fall! Let me go..” I rasped wide-eyed.

He lifted my leg up the more.

“Beg me” He said coldly.

His grip on my leg was tight and there was really no move that could save me now.
He reached my hands on his collar and removed them.

“Am sorry….please…forgive me” I stuttered my lips moving ahead of me.

He let go of my leg and I fell backwards to the floor. My whole back ached instantly and my eyes welled up.

“Stay away from Chloe cause next time pull you a stunt like this, your back won’t be the only thing that’ll get hurt” He said and walked away with the purse.

I was in so much pain but I still looked up to see him go.

Who is this guy?

I sat up slowly from the floor my knees facing upwards with my hands wrapped around my legs.

I sniffed.

I’ve never been hurt like this before. Not more to an anonymous guy.

I really don’t intend to be a thief. I stay with my aunt and her husband. My parents died in a car accident and all their wealth were passed to my uncle instead of me.

They lied to the court that I was an illiterate and didn’t know much. So the court made an order that once I ace in all the subjects, I’ll be given the whole wealth but that seemed impossible.

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My aunt and uncle are making my life a living hell. We’re very rich but they are just too stingy. I wear filthy clothes and sleep at the attic. One would think am awfully poor.

I steal to be able to get cash in my pocket. My aunt declines giving me money for upkeep. She just did as the court said – put her in the best school and feed her.
That’s all!

I stood up slowly and walked back to the class to take my school bag and walk home.