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Billionaire’s Doctor. Episode 20

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????The Billionaire’s
(He hates women????)

Written ✍???? by Eunice Nwodu ????

Episode 20

???? Kira’s pov ????
I had breakfast with Brandon before taking him up to his room to give him his drugs.

I don’t feel comfortable with the bum short am putting on but I had to adjust in it and stop being so bashful.

“Um…auntie Kira, daddy wants to teach me downstairs…can you join us?” He asked and I chuckled.

Mr Adam wants to teach Brandon?
I won’t miss it for anything!

“Yeah…sure” I replied and took his arm. We went out of the room and soon we were at Brandon’s study room.

It’s almost as big as my bedroom.
Mr Adam was sitting on a seat close to the white board. He looking into a textbook and I saw how his beautiful lashes focused downwards.

“Am here daddy” Brandon said sitting on a plastic chair before a plastic table – just his size.

Mr Adam looked up and a surprised stare emerged from his eyes as he looked down at what I was wearing.

What do I think am doing???

I need to change and get rid of this ungodly shorts!

“Why are you still standing there like a lost chicken? Sit your a”s down” He said coldly and I quickly sat on a couch nearby.

He stood up and took a black temporary mark. He wrote something on the board and when he pulled away, I saw the most beautiful handwriting I’ve ever set my eyes on.



“What I’ll be teaching is simple and important – Brandon, our topic today is ‘MANNERS'” He stated and arched my brows.

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You got to be kidding me.

“Brandon, you aren’t raised in a barn or in a manger. You’re the son of one of the most wealthiest famous billionaire in the world. Am not going to brag but a handsome father too”

I rolled my eyes.

“You always disappoint me. Why would you rush your food when your hands are extremely filthy and filled with dirt? Or.. Why would you sneak into your father’s room when he’s not around to jump on his bed?” He asked and Brandon looked down despondently.

“C’mon Mr Adam. You’re hurting His feelings. He’s just a baby” I stressed and je glared at me.
“Teach him something less personal but helpful with his school work”.

I got up and walked to him. I took the textbook and flipped the pages before turning to Brandon.

“Today, we’ll be learning about VERB” I said and Brandon shook his head.

“I know all about that auntie” he said and I twitched.

“How about, Anagrams?” I asked and he smiled.

????Mr Adam’s pov????
Oh God, she’s standing near me!

First of all, she matched in here wearing a crop top and bum short which is seriously blowing my mind.

I knew from the beginning that she was a witch.

What sort of temptation is this?

But her body didn’t stop me from teaching Brandon what I had planned for the day.

I need him to behave more respectable and less playful and friendly. He needs to grow up with strictness since he’s my son – my only child who’s going to take over the company soon and that depends on if he survives this illness.

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There are cures to it but Brandon isn’t yet well cause he’s to young to experience such. Majority of the victims are older but he’s still quite young.

Kira took over the teaching and Brandon seemed to be learning alot.

She began demonstrating whatever crap she was saying and that was when I was sure am in for it.

Her backside moved along with her which made it bounce a little and I felt my di*k react to it.

This is not me.
I’ve lived years without s3x and me being horny is not a problem so why am I going hard all of a sudden?

This is too much to take.

I left the study room and took the stairs heading for my bedroom just to lie down for a while.

I sat on my bed just staring into nothing.

The urges were becoming much stronger.

The door opened and she walked in.

Not now…

????Kira’s pov????
I came over to give Mr Adam his textbook which he left at the study room.

Brandon was already asleep in his room and I feel quite lonely.

He looked distress as he didn’t even look at me.

“Drop it anywhere” He groused sounding angry.
I did as he said and walked out of the room.

I was in my room after dinner reading a book.

I miss the hospital a lot.

My co doctors and the friendly nurses whom I go out with sometimes to watch a movie or anything entertaining.

I sighed and rolled on the bed.

One thing I know for sure is that Brandon can’t die.

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I won’t let him.

I heard my phone beep and I checked it out. A credit alert!


From Mr Adam!

What a huge amount of money.

Oh lord…

I pinched myself to discover I wasn’t dreaming.

But I don’t understand. My job here is not yet done, is it?

Any who, I have to thank him!

I ran to his room and knocked on the door. I went in afterwards.
He was standing by his desk with a glass of wine in his hand.
Oh geez,
He’s shirtless????????

“I just got the…um…alert. Thank you so much. I don’t even know what I’ll do with so much money right now!” I said all in one breath.

He smiled a bit.

“Thank you…Am going to bed now, goodnight” I said looking down.

I tried to walk past him but he held me by wrist preventing me from moving an inch.

I turned to look at his face.

“I need you right now Kira” He said in a hoarse voice.
I gulped.