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Billionaire’s Doctor. Episode 28 and 29

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????The Billionaire’s
(He hates women????)

Written ✍???? by Eunice Nwodu ????

           Episode 28

            ????Jade’s pov????

He gulped and I noticed he looked blenched.

“Adam…are you alright?” I asked dropping the glass of juice on the table.

He sighed and sat on the chair next to him. I sat on mine thereby facing him.

We were close and I could sniff the delicious fragrance oozing from his body.
I love this man!

He took his hand to my hair and began playing with a strand.

He spoke for the first time and I giggled internally.

“I lost her…” He paused and removed his hand from my hair.


She…she died???

She died!

I succeeded in getting rid of that stupid lady.
Oh fu:k!
Am so happy.

“Kira’s dead?” I asked and he flickered his eyes at me.


Me and my big mouth.
He never told me about Kira and now am actually assuming she’s dead.

Am bursted.

“I want to go out and have fun. Will you come with–“

“Yes, I will!” I cut him off feeling excited.

Thank goodness he overlooked the fact that I just said something about that lady. He’s not suspicious in anyway.

“Alright then. Let’s go” He spoke and took my wrist.
He took me out of the place and I tried to reach for my car.

“My car is outside, let’s go with mine” He stated and I nodded sheepishly.

He left the house and walked out the street.
I can’t believe this is happening…

A date with Adam!

He drove as though he was drunk but I didn’t mind.

Even if we meet into an accident, I wouldn’t mind…as long as am with him.


I love him..

He stopped the car infront of a house and we got down.
I tried to hold him but he was quick enough to resist me…huh.

We walked into the place and I expected loud music to feel my ears but then…
What I met was an empty hall with four men around.

What’s…what’s going on?!

I felt a rough push and I fell on the cold dirty floor.

It was Adam, he pushed me.

I looked up in pains and I caught him holding a bat in his hand.

Oh lord…

His grip on the bat tightened and he hit it straight on my tummy and I shrieked.
The pain was excruciating and soon, I was in tears.

“Adam.. What did I do!?” I yelled in agony.

He didn’t reply as he sent a painful slap across my cheek.
I growled in pain as I fell back on the floor.

He came and knelt before me, his eyes piercing into mine.

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“She is carrying my child Jade and you still made a move to hurt her. How stupid are you, huh?” He asked icily and all I could do was weep.

“I won’t report you to the police and I’ll let you walk out of here alive cause your brother made me promise him to take care of you before he died.
Believe me, that’s the only reason am letting you go. Next time you even have the urge to think about Kira…I’ll kill you Jade and no promise will save you”
He said before standing.

“Am…sorry” I mumbled in so much pain.

He dropped the bat on the floor and turned his back on me.

“Finish her off and once you’re done, drop her infront of her somewhere that’ll take a long walk before she gets home” He ordered before walking away.



My hair was pulled back and I cried out in discomfort.

I couldn’t stop shedding tears as they gave me the beating of a life time.


                ????Kira’s pov????
I was lying on Mr Adam’s bed doing nothing.

He doesn’t believe am strong enough to walk and he’s always here at my beck and call.

I watched Brandon as he walked into the room.

“Good morning auntie Kira” He said looking around.

“Morning kiddo…come here” I said and he walked to me.

“Where’s dad? Did you two sleep together last night?” He asked and I nodded.

“He allowed you to sleep on his bed?” He asked wide-eyed.

I nodded.

Am just returning from the hospital yesterday evening and I haven’t left Mr Adam’s room.

“So, where’s dad?” He asked and I smiled remembering how we cuddled last night.

“He’s outside making a call” I replied.

“Really?” He asked with a smirk.
He went to Mr Adam’s glass table and took something from it.
He turned to me and I discovered it was Mr Adam’s perfume bottle.

It looked so elfin but expensive!

“What are you doing?” I asked and he grinned the more.

He uncapped it and applied it all over his body.

“Brandon! Don’t be silly, you need his permission to do that” I said and he scoffed.

“He won’t know” he said applying some more on his trousers.

I chuckled cause he really wanted to even drink it.

“Guess how much this perfume is? It’s super costly. Dad gets his cosmetics from abroad” he explained.


“This is the most expensive one he has…He–“

There was silence from him as the perfume bottle fell from his hands and landed on the floor.
It shattered and the liquid substance dispersed on the floor.

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Oh geez!

This boy must have a dirt wish.

I heard footsteps and I guessed it was Mr Adam.

“Brandon, hide in the bathroom!” I whispered out loud and he went into the bathroom closing the door.

Am sure Adam won’t be mad at me if I let him know I was responsible for the accident.

????The Billionaire’s
(He hates women????)

Written ✍???? by Eunice Nwodu ????

           Episode 29

            ????Kira’s pov????
The door opened and Mr Adam walked in with his cellphone.

He shot me a stare before proceeding to where the perfume had fallen.

“Geez! How did this happen?” He asked examining the place.

I rubbed my hands nervously.
Lying to him won’t be easy as it sounds…trust me!

“Am sorry, I just wanted to see the label before it slipped from my grip…am sorry” I mumbled and began sobbing.

What is wrong with me???

I can’t believe I was shedding tears infront of Mr Adam.
I had no idea while I was emotional all of a sudden. Am I on my period?

He rushed to me and pulled me up from the bed.

“Gosh! Why are you crying? I just asked a question. Why would I stay mad at you…huh” he muffled and tried to kiss me but I resisted.

I’ve not brushed my teeth…

“What’s wrong?…” He asked as he placed his hands on my waist. He pulled me so close and soon took my lips into his.

I felt butterflies in my tummy and I began to hyperventilating and shudder at his touch.

What’s happening to me…God!

This kiss was just crazy and too sweet.

*Daddy!* I heard Brandon’s voice yell and we unlocked from the kiss..
Oh God!

“Auntie Kira needs to breath” He said and I heaved a sigh of relief.

Mr Adam smiled still holding me by my waist.

“What were you doing in the bathroom?” He asked and my jaw dropped.

This guy…
Must he be this sensitive??

“He…he wanted to wash his hands” I said giving Brandon the signal to leave.

He got the message and began walking to the door.
Mr Adam couldn’t take his eyes off him as he stared at him intently.

“You smell just like…”

I didn’t let him complete his statement as I slammed my lips on his.
Brandon ran out of the room safely while Adam and I continued our little romance.
Gosh! He’s such a kisser!
I was done taking a bath and I went down for breakfast.

Mr Adam was on his couch with his laptop and he seemed busy.
I took the chance to go upstairs to his room to see if I could find my medical report.

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I need to know if there’s anything wrong with me that Adam’s not telling me.

I walked into his room and began searching through his drawer.

Where could he have kept it?

I remembered he had an home office where he had kept Brandon’s documents.

I went there without any body knowing. Am sure he won’t be angry that I entered without his permission.

I checked the first drawer and there it was.

My name was written on it and I went ahead to open the parcel.

I brought out some papers and read through the first infos about me.

My heart left my chest the moment I saw it.
Am pregnant..!

Tears filled my eyes as I just read the words.

Am pregnant for him.
Am going to be a single mom.

Oh no…

This was never in my agenda!
I wanted to ace in my career as a doctor before finding the right man and build my  very own family.

I sniffed and sat on one of the seats before the table.

I sobbed quietly as the thought of raising a child alone nuzzled me

Adam knew I was pregnant but he didn’t bother to tell me cause it’s a cross I’ll definitely carry alone.

I shouldn’t have agreed to come here but it’s all because of Brandon.

How do I get out of this?…????

Am not going to give up on the baby cause I wasn’t brought up with a cold heart.
gee, that’s not an option.

“Kira” I heard Mr Adam’s voice from the door and I quickly stood up.

He walked to me and snatched the paper from my hand.

“Dont enter here again without my permission” He said sternly and I found myself nodding.

He dropped the papers on the drawer where it was before.
He turned and I felt his hand rub my cheeks.

“Wipe those liquid off miss. It’s not something to cry about” He stated and I moved back.

“What’s wrong with you? What are you thinking in that head of yours?” He asked coming close.

“Oh…leave me alone Mr Adam” I groused cleaning my face with my hands.
He scoffed and took a step closer to me.

I remained stiff as he leaned close.
“Just needed to inform you that I’ll be taking you out on a date tonight. What you’d wear is already jn your room. Till then” He whispered and walked out of the office.


Did I hear him right?
My first ever date.
Oh Gosh…

But it still doesn’t change  the fact that am pregnant????????

My tears fell freely from eyes and I cried feeling shattered.