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Daddy’s Girl. Episode 23

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(Getting her pregnant)

Episode 23

By: Faith Lucky.

Chloe’s pov:
“Since you remember her face, will you report her to the school authorities?” Ciara asked and I shrugged.

“I’m confused though. I haven’t done anything to her…I wonder why she made such a move” I stated despondently.

“Don’t feel bad Chloe. Let’s just see if she’ll apologize later…if she doesn’t, I’ll handle her. Just don’t worry about it” Anna said sounding so confident.

Am sure of where she’s headed.
Her boyfriend – Simon has many friends. She must be planning on telling them to beat the girl up.

I sighed.

Something like this has never happened to ne before.

Everyone fears my father and on a normal note, I don’t think anyone in his or her right senses would dare pick a fight with me.

When I arrived at the college newly, all the guys were after me and it became a sour burden cause I could barely concentrate in class.
Day after day, more love notes were thrown to me.

Dad found out and the issue got sorted out the same day he paid a friendly visit to the school.

I looked up at my friends trying to curve my sad lips into a smile.

Anna’s statement was stifled by the presence of someone behind me.

I turned and my eyes met hers.
The thief.
I was astound to see her.

“You still have the guts to come close after snatching her purse and causing her to faint, don’t you bi*ch?!” Anna rasped standing up on her feet.

People were beginning to stare and whispers ran across the classroom.

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I held onto Anna trying to get her to relax but she shrugged my hands off.

“You can be quiet and filthy and also get credit for stealing. What else do you want to still, huh? Her hair pin??!” Anna asked raucously and she flinched.

Anna can be extremely ruely and violent when problems between commoners ensue.

The girl with the messy hair stepped back as her eyes dimmed.

Oh God..
She’s going to cry for sure but it seemed like Anna was just starting.

“You worthless piece of junk, just a stone of diamond from that purse costs much more than you are!” Anna sneered glaring at the girl while she stood dumbfounded.

The whole class was already alert paying utmost attention to the crazy incident taking place before my seat.

This is too much to take in.


“That’s enough Anna!!!” I interpolated and she stared at me obviously shocked to the cells.

There was pure silence in the class now – no more ‘booing’ or other encouraging comments.

It was a matter of seconds and Ivy was already in tears.

She turned her back and ran out of the classroom crying uncontrollably.

I flashed my eyes at Anna and she quickly looked away.


I left the classroom going after her.
Now I remember her name.

She’s very quiet and barely attempts to answer question in class. I’ve once wondered why she’s such a gloomy loner teenager.

I got to the restroom and stood behind her as she faced the mirror sobbing.

“Ivy” I called and she turned to me.

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“Am sorry about my friend. She doesn’t think much before talking or doing anything. You should stop crying” I cooed trying so hard to sound polite.

She didn’t say anything as she wiped off the liquid on her face.

“You came over to see me. Do you have anything you wanted to tell me?” I asked batting my lashes.

She stared down not willing to look up anytime soon.
“I really want to apologize for the pain I caused you yesterday. I just needed few cash and I thought stealing was the best way out from my hopeless condition” She said her voice tiny and sounded more like a mermaid.

“It’s okay. At least am out of danger” I stated and she only nodded.

“Um…Your driver, do you have two drivers?” She stuttered nervously.

I arched my brows.
“No, I only have one…what’s wrong?” I asked and she sighed.

“So, you’re saying…The one at your car right now is the one here that day – that chased me?” She asked and I was starting to get curious.

Why’s she asking such a question? Did Kyle say anything to her?

“Yes. Why do you ask?” I asked and she looked down again.
Kyle’s pov:
My arm was starting to hurt as I waited in the car for Chloe.

My phone rang and I picked it up.

“Hey loser, I learned Chloe gave you the credit for saving her” He said and he sounded like he was drunk.

“She had no idea you were tied up in your room in pain from the injury” He paused and scoffed.

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“What’s your problem Kian?” I asked looking at the building.
Some students were already coming out since lecture’s over.

“Mission is at 3 AM. Don’t even think about coming late” He growled and disconnected the call.


So, that’s why Chloe came over and hugged me. Kian saved her.


It doesn’t sound right…
Why would Kian want me to have all the credit? Isn’t he scared that Chloe would get closer to me?

Kian has a plan.
He knows what he’s doing.
Every bit of it.

I heard a loud thud and turned sharply.

Chloe had gotten into the car and she really didn’t look happy.

“What’s wrong? Are you alright?” I asked turning on the car.

“What’s the color of the girl’s hair you chased that day. The one that stole my purse, what’s the color of her hair?” She asked and I glanced at her.

This only means she suspects that I wasn’t the one who drove her that day…