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Daddy’s Girl. Episode 38

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???? Daddy’s
( Getting her pregnant)

Episode 38

By: Faith Lucky

Chloe’s pov:
I don’t know why I’m suddenly mad at Kian for not telling me the truth.
Like jeez, we aren’t even in a relationship.

But somehow, I still felt hurt because he couldn’t trust me to tell me he has a twin brother.

I thought we’re friends who can tell each other secrets.

But seems I was all wrong or it was just the way I wanted things to be.

But thinking about it, they really seem not to be on good terms with each other and kaden looks like a wealthy guy.

I mentally smacked myself for not giving Kian a room for explanations.

At least I should have listened to him and let him explain himself. But I was just too angry not to even listen to him.
I can be so dramatic sometimes.


I got inside the party and I saw dad dancing with his PA. He turned to look at me with a smile.

I winked at him while he smiled broadly.

I need to get a drink.

I walked towards the bar stand and took out an alcoholic wine.

I poured a little quantity inside the glass cup and chung it down my throat.


Jace pov:
I mentally patted my head for a job well done.

I smiled in satisfaction as I watched Kaden leave.

Kian looked very angry and I was glad I didn’t miss the scene.

It was just exactly what I wanted.


Unknown’s pov

It was just few minutes left and the dance floor would be closed for other activities to be carried out.

After scanning the dance floor, I finally caught sight of my target, Chloe.

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She was dancing alone.


I took low strides towards her with my hands tucked inside my trousers pocket.

I got to where she stood and smiled lightly at her.

“Hi.” I said and gave her one of my charming smiles.

“Huh? Hi.” She stuttered as she ran her eyes all over my body.

I licked my lips seductively and smiled cutely at her.

“I’m Floyd.” I lied smoothly.

“I guess you already know me.” She smiled lightly.

“Yeah. The celebrant princess, Chloe.” I grinned.

“So Chloe, before the dance would be over, can I have this dance please?” I asked sweetly like a gentleman with my right hand stretched out to her.

“Of course.” She smiled sweetly and placed her hand on mine.

I held her as we danced slowly and gracefully.

As we danced, we chatted about one thing or the other. But jeez, I was already getting impatient. I just can’t wait to kill her.

But seriously, this girl is dropped dead gorgeous.

She’s so pretty and stunning. She has a perfect shape. She has a well curvy shape and her butt are round and big.

Her hands were so soft on mine, just like a new born baby’s.

I can’t believe that in less than thirty minutes, she’d be six feet below the ground.


Chloe’s pov:
As Floyd and I danced, I couldn’t stop admiring him.

He looked so cute and dreamy.

I don’t even know between Kian and Floyd who’s even more handsome.

Wait, did I just think about that?
Like seriously, I just compared Floyd to Kian?

Jeez, what’s come over me?

As the music was about to end, suddenly the lights went out and everybody gasped loudly.

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And before I could say jack, I felt a sharp pain pierced beside my abdomen region.

I held the place where the pain came from and I was surprised that I was already bleeding.

“Argh!” I screamed in pain and fright. And just immediately, the lights came up again.

I held the side of my bleeding abdomen and slumped to the floor.

The pain was excruciating and it felt like my waist would caught off.

I held tightly on the place that was bleeding and I started hearing distance voices.

Before I closed my eyes to oblivon, I felt strong arms carry me and finally, I blacked out.