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Daddy’s Girl. Episode 27

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(Getting her pregnant)

Episode 27

By: Faith Lucky.

Chloe’s pov:
It was really Jace – My math tutor….

A soft gasp ran across the room and I knew it belonged to the females.
They really can’t stand his beauty, can they?

His eyes met mine as he stepped in fully into the classroom.

He dropped the book on his hand on the desk and slightly brushed his hair back and the gasp and soft screams went across the room again.

This guy is indeed cute!

His green eyes lit up and he squinted his eyes before it darted to me again but he turned away again and this time, he didn’t look back.


I giggled within myself with the thought I had been in a room alone with him for a few weeks now.

*He’s definitely looking at me…what a hottie* A voice whispered behind me and I knew it belonged to none other than – Krista.

An annoying black American girl who thinks she can have all the guys in the world with her big b**bs.

She was once caught on camera f**king with the cutest guy in our class.

She should have been expelled if not for the insane rumor that her father was a mafia boss.
What a crazy world.

*Exactly my kind of mine. I can already see the size of his powerful di*k under his pants* Her minion whispered back and they both snickered.


“Chloe, what do you think of this guy? So hot!” Anna squealed beside me.

I chuckled.

“He’s actually the private math tutor I told you about…”

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“Seriously? This s*xy man is your math tutor??” She asked stupefied.

I shrugged.

It’s no big deal.

“So, you’re telling me you’ve been spending three good hours alone with this demi god???” She asked enthusiastically and I rolled my eyes.

“Alright you all, be quiet. Get rid of your books and we’ll just give you all few seconds to pull yourselves together” The professor said and turned to Jace.

They whispered to each other while I put my bag away. I had just my pink note pad and a pen.

Suddenly, everywhere became noisy but soon…very quiet that you can hear a pin drop.

Jace brought out a paper and looked into it.

“Kristal Thompson” He called and the she-devil sitting behind me stood up. She bit her skirt like there was dust on it before walking to the duo.

Her cleavage were exposed like normal and they seemed to get bigger and I suspect she’s doing something dirty to it.

Jace didn’t stare at her much as he called out a question and she began working on it on the white part of the board.
The other was electric.

She didn’t take long and concluded with an answer. she winked at him at intervals like the bi*ch she was but Jace ignored her stares.

The professor wrote something on the book in his hand before wiping the board.

“You can go” He said to her and she cat walked back to her seat.

After so many people I finally heard my name.

I was nervous but I refuse to stoop so low and act scared.

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I went to the board and began solving the question already written by Jace.

It seemed easier and Jace and I had solved the question back at home.

I took a deep breath and finished it up before going back to my seat.

“Nice work Chloe, am no soothsayer but am sure you’ll pass for sure” Ciara whispered hysterically.

I rolled my eyes.

Her name was called and she dragged get feet to the front of the class looking nervous.

I shuddered continuously on hearing Anna’s groans which got me agitated a little.

I wonder what’s really wrong with her.
Kian’s pov:
I sat on the couch with my legs crossed on the table.

I was so engrossed in the movie I was watching trust me, it’s no ordinary clip.

A short video of four people having s3x and the intriguing and thrilling part of it was the had 60 seconds to hit climax or they get killed.

The film started with 12 participants and now it’s remaining four – two boys and two girls.

My whole body was tensed up on watching the boys bang furiously into the girls ass.


It stirred something inside me for sure and I have the strange urge to call a bitch to f”*k.

I heard the door bell and the maid ran to check who it was.


I turned off the video and dropped my iPad beside me.

The maid stood before me, her head lowered.

“Rachel is…

“Kian!” A voice interrupted the maid and I relaxed on the chair as she stood before me with her hands folded.

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The maid walked away.

The distance between Rachel and I eluded me from slapping her on her cheek.

No one barges into my home like that.

“Kian, I bought you a car and you returned it. I bought you another brand and you set it on fire.

“What have I done wrong? Why can’t you understand that I love you Kian and I’ll do anything to make you happy…why?” She peeved and instantly, her cheeks were filled with tears.

Oh f**k!

“My house is not a place of sorrow” I groused rolling my eyeballs.


“You can’t keep forcing yourself on me Rachel. I don’t do dating, get that into your stupid head!

“Unless you’d like it if I had a one night stand with you and it ends there, But unfortunately, My d*ck will suffocate inside your disgusting pit. Barge into my house again, I’ll make you lick the floor. Now get out” I stated and took a stick of cigar from the table.

“I’ll go Kian, but I just came to let you know that I’ll kill any girl you end up being with. I’ll cut her body into pieces and feed it to the lion in my father’s zoo. Just try me” She said in a flaccid voice.

I stared at her quietly as she left.

I scoffed.

Empty threats! .

If only she knows who I truly am.