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Daddy’s Girl. Episode 29

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(Getting her pregnant)

Episode 29

By: Faith Lucky.

Chloe’s pov:
I opened my eyes again to see Jace beside me. I was in my room.

I tried to sit up on the bed but Jace stopped me.

“Give it a rest Chloe, you have to stay in bed” He said relaxing my back on the pillow.

“You…you fainted at the hallway. The doctor just ran a test on you.

“How are you feeling now?” He asked despondently.

I sighed.

“Weak” I replied coyly.

“Don’t worry, you’ll regain your strength soon” He said slightly smiling.

I coughed feeling my throat dry.

“Am thirsty, can you please bring me a glass of water?” I requested and he got up.

“Sure thing. Just stay in bed” He enthused before walking out of the room.

I forced a smile.

He’s so kind. Thank goodness he was there to rescue me.
Jace’s pov:
I left Chloe’s room and walked through the hallway.

This whole place reminds me of my father’s mansion – where I grew up.

I went through another hallway that lead to the stairs.

I heard voices and paused on my track.

Hm. That sounded so much like Chloe’s father’s voice.

I remained stiff as I paid utmost attention to the whispers.

*..Don’t let her know about this. You’ll be scaring her if you bring this up*

*Do I keep lying to her? She needs to start medication before it’s too late*

*I’ll come up with a way for her to take those drugs you mentioned but she can’t know what’s happening to her. As long as she continues taking the drugs, she’ll get better, right?*

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There was silence.

*Yes, she will*

I moved away from the door and hurried down the stairs before I would get caught eavesdropping.

What’s Mr Adam keeping from his daughter? And Chloe….What could she be suffering from which is making her loose consciousness each time.

From what one of the maids told me, this isn’t the first time she’s fainting.


I’m going to pay that doctor a little visit and find out what is Chloe’s predicament.

I entered the kitchen and the two maids glanced at me.

“I need a glass of water for Chloe” I stated and one of them moved to the fridge.

The one before the gas cooker snickered waving at me.


I ignored her and carried the tray of water from the maid.
I went on my way to Chloe’s room.

Her face looked pale but damn was she still beautiful.

Her father and the doctor stood beside her bed.

She took the glass of water from me and drank the whole content and returned the glass to me.

She didn’t say anything as she turned backing us.

Her father covered her properly with the duvet.

I stares at her for a while before leaving the room with the tray and empty glass.

*Math tutor* Mr Adam’s voice called and I froze.

He got to where I was and he held a wry smile.

“Am grateful to you for saving my baby girl. I owe it to you and the driver and for this reason…” He paused and brought out a pink parcel.

“You’re invited to my birthday party”.

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“I…but sir, am not a family member” I stuttered faking to be confused.

This invite is what I really wanted though.

“That’s not a problem! I insist” He retorted and I took the parcel from him.

“Thank you sir”.
Ivy’s pov:
I took a cab to the market place which wasn’t so far from the cities mall.

I ambled to the exact place the lady was. She draws tattoo for a living and you can as well call her an artist.

I barely know her but one thing’s for sure, I do admire her very much.

I met her on a stool with her legs on the table. She was filing her nails.

Her eyes pierced into mine as she gazed at me with beady eyes.

“What do you want kiddo?” she asked and u could see the gum she was chewing in her mouth.

I cleared my throat and made a nervous laugh.

“I have the purse…and I’ll won’t be offering you a high price. Just 900 dollars” I stated and she flashed her eyes at me looking angry.

*900 dollars for a bag that’s not even yours?* I heard from behind and I turned to see a huge man with broad shoulders.

He was freaking large.

“Relax Pablo, I’ll handle the girl” the lady said and got off her seat.
She snatched the bag from me and looked at it.

“Holy sh*t! They’re real diamonds…” She gasped stupefied.

I nodded glaring at her. She threw the bag to the Pablo guy.


“Hey! You can’t just take it…what about my money???” I rasped impatiently.

“What if I decide not to pay you?” She asked with a grin.

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No f”*king way this is happening!!

“You have no idea of what it took me to get that bag!” I blurted aggressively.

“And who do you think you’re yelling at??!” She yelled raucously and I felt my tears building up.

This Is not happening…

I sniffed fighting back the tears.

“Aww. She’s gonna cry. Let’s strike a deal. Let’s fight and if you win, I’ll give you your cash but if I win, you’ll go home empty handed and never show your face here again” She said and I sighed.

“Fine” I said and she attacked me.
I gave her a sharp blow on her cheek and she fell to the ground.

She’s not that strong anyway.

She growled and charged for me again. I pulled her hair and kicked her hard and she slumped again.

I wanted to slap her hard on the face but suddenly, I felt a huge hand grab me.

It was Pablo!

“What are you doing??! We had a bet, didn’t we!” I rasped kicking my legs in the air.

The lady stood up and charged for me. She hit me on my tummy with her clenched fist and I shrieked.

She was about to hit me again when someone stood before me – separating her from me.

I looked closely.
He was the driver that chased me that day. The one I’ve been looking for with the blue eyes.

He’s here!