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Daddy’s Girl. Episode 30

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(Getting her pregnant)

Episode 30

By: Faith Lucky.

Ivy’s pov:
I felt a tingling sensation seeing him again.

But hell! He was the same guy that hurt me without showing no emotions.
He let go of my leg that day not minding the fact that I was a girl.

“This is none of your business” The lady said glaring at me.

“It doesn’t matter. Let the girl go, she’s with me” He said and his voice was one that I found enchanting and so appealing.

She scoffed and rolled her eyes.

“Deal with him Pablo” She ordered.

The huge thug threw me to the floor and aimed for the driver.

He stood stiff waiting for the thug to come close before raising his fist in the air. He punched him and gave him a clean smack down move that sent the disgusting fat man to the floor.

His eyes squinted weakly and he growled in pain.

I smirked.

The lady stared at the strange man looking baffled.

“Y…you can have your purse back” She said in a flaccid tone taking it from Pablo who laid lifeless on the floor.

I stretched out my right hand to take it from her but the driver held my wrist stopping me half way to reaching the purse.


“Am ending whatever deal you have with her right this moment. Don’t you ever bother her again. Do you understand?” He asked icily his eyes sparkling with seriousness.

The lady shot me a glance before drifting her eyeballs back to him.

“Yeah…whatever” She replied with a scoff.

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“You better mean it or I’ll slit your throat with that same blade on your table” The driver threatened and my eyes dropped to the blade close to the lady’s painting equipments.

He held me well before walking out of the area.

We walked a short distance far from the market place. We got to a car parked close to the trees.

He loosened his grip around my wrist and let go.

He dipped his hand into his pocket and brought out a bundle of money. He handed it to me.

“That’s for the purse and the remaining is your transport home” He said and walked to the driver’s side of the car.

I stood there confused at his inability to remember me.

“Don’t you remember me? You were Chloe’s driver. The one who chased me to the parking lot. Can’t you remember me?” I blurted but he looked puzzled.

“I’ve never been a driver in my whole life and I have no idea what you’re talking about” Hw spoke wryly and turned on his car.

I ran to his side.

“I don’t understand, I swear you were the one. Or do you have a twin brother?” I asked short of words.

“Don’t make me regret saving you from those scumbags cause I’ll drag you back there right now” He dead panned and before I could say any other thing, he zoomed off in a high speed leaving me in my tots.
Chloe’s pov:
I laid on the bed with Jace close to me. I was busy with my phone going through so many messages from fans and friends.

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I really wish Kian was here. I enjoy his company so much.

Jace was occupied with his phone too.

I felt a twinge by my lower abdomen and I winced.

“Hey, are you alright?” Jace asked coming to me. He touched the place I was holding onto and rubbed it softly.

I winced constantly as the pain was still there but not as severe.

Slowly, the stings reduced and stopped completely and I had to give the credit to Jace’s hands. They helped relieved the pain.

“Thanks Jace” I muttered and he smiled.

He drew near and our faces were close now. He stared intently into my eyes and I stared at his lips.

He drew closer and our lips were just a breathing space apart.

“You’re welcome” He cooed and soon our lips brushed softly against each other.

I couldn’t believe it!
I scolded myself mentally to pull away but I just remained stiff.

The smooching made me remember lost memories.

He never called me or made and attempt to get back with me.

How could he when he’s as busy as a bee?

I heard a knock on the door and I blinked continuously like I had just woken from a dream.

I glanced at Jace who was still on his seat busy with his phone.

What was that?

I rubbed the back of my head and got off the bed going to the bathroom.

I washed my face and did some breathing exercises before returning to the bedroom.

I saw Kian standing by the door.

Oh God!

He’s here…

I had no idea what came over me as I ran to him and jumped on him not minding the fact that Jace was watching.

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He wrapped his hands around me while I buried my head in his chest.

I definitely need him now.