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Daddy’s Girl. Episode 36

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???? Daddy’s

( Getting her pregnant)

Episode 36

By: Faith Lucky

Jace pov:
A smirked played on my face as I dropped my phone back into my pocket.

Kian is sure gonna have the biggest shock of his life today.

It’s gonna be my utmost joy to see him angry. And Chloe too, she’s probably gonna be disappointed at him.

I really did map out my plan so well.

I don’t know I could be so smart like this. Having the thought and going through everything so well, it made me really wonder if I could be this smart.

But at the same time, I’m glad I came up with something good like this that’s gonna ruin the day for Kian.

He shouldn’t expect everything to work in his favor for him.

He’s always been the one having all good things to himself.

I pray the act get carried out according to the plan.


Chloe’s pov:
After some boring speeches made by dad’s friends and business associates, we made a toss to dad.

“Dad.” I beamed happily and hugged him.

“Princess.” Dad smiled and wrapped his arms around me.

I sniffed in his expensive cologne and smiled, feeling proud of myself.

I was actually the one who ordered that specific perfume for him and I see that my efforts weren’t waisted.
“Happy birthday dad.” I smiled lightly as we both disengaged from the hug.
“Thank you princess.” He beamed.

“And dad, I couldn’t almost recongnize you. You look absolutely handsome and super young like a man in his early twenties.” I said and dad chuckled softly.

“You never seize to flatter me princess. You and I know that I’m an old man.” He teased while I giggled lightly.

“That’s not true dad. You’re looking young and strong like a man in his early twenties.” I insisted.

“Okay, I give up. I believe you.
And princess, you look amazingly hot and stunning.

You did a great job choosing a beautiful and elegant dress like this.

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You look very beautiful princess. Infact, you’re the most prettiest girl in this party.

Nobody here has met up to your taste and elegancy.” Dad grinned proudly.

My cheeks heat up and I don’t need any body to tell me that my face had gone all red from blushing. It sure would be red as a tomato.

Dad won’t stop flattering me and I love it when he does.
It makes me always feel appreciated and happy.

“Thank you dad.” I smiled broadly.

“Okay princess, go have fun.” He grinned widely while I stared appreciatively at him.

“Okay dad, thank you.” I smiled and turned to walk away.

“And enjoy your party dad!” I yelled so he’d be able to hear me, as I sauntered into the crowd. I turned and he waved lightly at me while I just smiled and entered into the crowd.

Unknown’s pov:
The four of us tip toed quietly into the house, through the back door.
We moved quietly with our body very close to the wall to avoid being seen.

As we got deeper into the house, soft music played in the background.
“Hey, you…” I gestured my hand to one of the boys.
“Yes sir.” He answered and moved closer to meet me.

“Sneak into the house and check if the coast is clear and if Chloe is within sight.

Be careful not to alert any guard and do not shoot. I repeat, do not shoot.” I ordered sternly but with my voice low.

“Yes sir.” He saluted with a bow and then tucked in his gun inside his trouser.

I nodded my head positively while he walked quietly behind the walls.

After some few minutes, he came back with no emotion whatsover written on his face.

“So?” I asked impatiently as he got to where I stood.

“The security is so tight and we can’t go in now as assassins. And Chloe isn’t anywhere within sight.

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I think she’s missed up in the crowd and it wouldn’t be nice of us to target her like that.” He said.
“Okay. So we’re gonna go in like invited guest. But we’re gonna hold our gun carefully and secretly like the way we keep it. If there’s any opportunity, the first person to target her should.” I ordered while the others nodded.

Nothing’s gonna stop me from killing you Chloe, nothing.
I’m gonna make sure that today is your last day on earth.

I’ll make sure of that.


Chloe’s pov:
The dance floor was opened and dad and I were the first to dance and open the dance floor for others.

As dad and I danced slowly to the cool music, we smiled at each other with no words said. But our countenance said it all; that we are happy.

I placed my arms around dad’s neck while his hand were firmly on my waist.

We danced gracefully and smiled at each other.

“Happy birthday dad.” I smiled and pecked him as the music ended.
“Thank you princess.” He smiled and hugged me.

We both disengaged from the hug and left the dance floor while others entered in pairs.

I turned and saw Kian smiling cutely at me.


He looked so cute and… I can’t even describe.
He’s more than handsome.

I was lost staring into his eyes until he cleared his throat repeatedly.
I got out of my reverie of admiring him and smiled lightly at him.

“You look elegant and stunning Chloe. I couldn’t take my eyes off you.” He smiled lightly and I feel my face heat up. My face would probably have reddened like a tomato.

“Thank you. And you don’t look bad yourself.” I smiled shyly.

“So Chloe, can I have this dance please?” He asked sweetly like a gentleman.

His right hand was stretched out towards me while his head was bowed lightly.

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I chuckled softly and placed my hand on his.

“Yes, you may.”

He chuckled softly and drew me closer to himself.

Our right hands were placed together and our left hands were placed on our waist respectively.

We danced slowly to the soft music with other couple at the dance floor.

The dance floor was lit up as couple or partners danced together happily. As they danced, they chatted and smiled.

I turned and saw dad sitting on his chair smiling and looking at the people dance happily.

“You know, I’m so happy for dad. He’s the best thing that has ever happened to me.” I smiled lightly at Kian as we danced.
“Yeah. I can see it in your eyes. And your father, I can tell that he dots so much on you.

He’ll do anything to make you happy.” He smiled.

“Yeah. And I love him so much.” I said with a smile.

He nodded and twirled me around. I giggled and fell on his arms.


As Kian and I conversed, my eyes suddenly landed on someone standing beside the bar stand sipping from his glass of wine.

He smirked at me and sipped again from his wine.

My eyes were almost bulgy out as I stared confusingly and shockingly at the guy.

I’m I hallucinating or what?

I shook my head and stared back at the guy.

Truly, my eyes weren’t deceiving me.



How come?

“Kian?” I called with my voice barely audible with shock lacing in it.

“Huh?” He asked lightly.

We both disentagled from the dancing position. He stared at me confusingly, surprised that I looked suddenly lost.

But I was too dumbfounded to even speak.

He followed my gaze and his eyes landed on the guy.

Immediately, his countenance changed; he became angry.

He fisted his hand in a tight ball and glared angrily at the guy. The guy raised his glass towards him and smirked.