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Daddy’s Girl. Episode 32

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(Getting her pregnant)

Episode 32

By: Faith Lucky.

Chloe’s pov:
I rose from my bed and climbed down from it. I wore my bathroom robe and tied the ropes together.

It’s another cold morning.

I heard the sound of the maids in the bathroom probably preparing my bath.

I turned on the flat screen television which I don’t often do.

I barely watch movies. I’m just not enticed with it and its not even the last thing in my mind.

A TV show was going on and it happened to be about fashion. I increased the volume so I could be able to hear the details.


They were talking about the newest dress that was showcased this morning.

I got a glimpse of the dress.


What the hell are these people talking about?

I got that exact dress few weeks ago. Gladys bought and I think – from Paris.

This isn’t right at all.

They’re way behind in the world of fashion and are totally deceiving innocent young ladies who wants to purchase new best dresses.

I took the remote and turned off the television feeling agitated.

*Good morning ma’am Chloe* An elfin voice said behind me and I looked back.
The two maids were standing at the door.

“your bath is ready” They stated simultaneously.

I nodded and moved to the bathroom. They left the room before I stepped into the bathtub.

It was a warm milk bath and just the way I like it sometimes.

It wasn’t so thick and I enjoyed the smoothness it made me feel.

I tip toed to my wardrobe in my white towel which was just below my butt. I opened it and took a flower dress.

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I went to my dressing room and chose the same color of p*nt and b*a.

I put them all on before moving over to the jewelry section.
I picked a gold necklace and some glittering bangles.

A loud knock came on the door and I went back to the room.

“Come in” I said and the door flung open almost immediately.

Gladys stuttered into the room with so many shopping bags.

“Wait till you see the dresses! I swear you’ll be mesmerized by them Chloe!” She squealed and dumped everything she was carrying on the bed.

I sighed.

This could get stressful most times and annoying.

I dipped my hands into one of the bags and brought out a pink ball gown. It had so many layers of pink lace and had diamond designs.

“Hm. I think I like this one” I muttered still checking the dress out.

“Really? What do you think about this one?” She asked grinning.
My eyes darted to the black dress in her hand.

Oh mercies!

It’s absolutely beautiful!

Selecting a dress would be harder than I thought.
Ivy’s pov:
I stared angrily at the heaps of clothes that filled the brim of the basket.

There’s no way this is repeating itself!

I turned furiously at my aunt.

“Am not touching those clothes aunt. Am tired of being treated like a maid in my own parents house!” I retorted moving away from the basket.

“Who do you think you’re yelling at, huh? You might be stubborn and rude but you have to respect the fact that I am far older than you and has been the one feeding you since your stupid parents died!” She rasped furiously.

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I scoffed folding my arms.

“There’s no doubt that you had my parents killed.

“Am going to pass my courses and take back my parents wealth and once that happens, am sending both you and your useless family packing” I threatened and before I could say ‘jack’, a slap landed on my right cheek.

I sent my hand to the burning part of face almost In tears.

“If you don’t wash those clothes, there won’t be breakfast and lunch for you today”
And with that, she left the laundry room and had the door locked.

I slumped on the floor feeling so hurt and abused.

Why must something so unfortunate happen to me? How long will I bear this?

But who am I kidding, I’ll never pass those courses.

I’ll continue to be a slave then. Serving the same heartless people who killed my parents in cold blood.

I sniffed and got up slowly.

I have no other choice than to do this then.

I carried the heavy basket of filthy clothes to the laundry machine.
Chloe’s pov:
I headed downstairs with Gladys. We’ll be going to the area where the party would take place.

There were so many workers around trying to fix the place.

The sun was scotching and brighter tha km usual.

Gladys had an umbrella over my head as we walked into the garden.

i gestured for her to removed it and she did closing it afterwards.

I saw Kyle on a ladder attatching a long pink clothe on a pole.


“Kyle is also working with the decoration team?” I asked Gladys

“Yeah…He’s so s*xy and really cute” She replied and I smiled.

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“He is” I whispered seeing his sweats sparkle under the sun.

He climbed down from the ladder and turned to see us.

“Kyle!” I called walked to him with Gladys trailing behind me.

“Hi Chloe” He said softly.

“Are you coming for the birthday party?” I asked and he nodded.

“Yes, I am. Your father invited me as a thank you for saving you – twice” He replied and I smiled excitedly.

“I want to help do something Kyle. Even if I could attach just one ribbon” I stated and he sighed.

“You really shouldn’t. You’re still recovering” He said perfunctorily.

“It’s too dangerous Chloe” Gladys groused.

I rolled my eyes and snatched a ribbon from his hands.

I went to the ladder.

“Please,Help me climb!” I pouted eagerly.
He came to be where I was and held onto me as I went step after step but slowly.

There’s a first time for everything though.