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Daddy’s Girl. Episode 39

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???? Daddy’s
(Getting her pregnant)

Episode 39

By: Faith Lucky

Kian’s pov:
I watched as the party became rowdy after the light out.

Then, I saw Chloe sprawled on the floor and her hand clutching beside her abdomen.

I gasped in shock and climbed down from the stairs.

Before I could get to her, one of her bodyguards already carried her in his arms.

The party was already thrown in chaos as everybody scampered out of the dance floor to look for a safety place.

I looked around the place and saw a guy hastily leaving. He looked suspicious and following my instincts, I ran after him.
He turned and as soon as he saw me, he ran faster. He brought out something and wore it on his face.

A mask!

I chased hotly after him but he was faster.

And before I could get a hold of him, a black limousine pulled over and the door swung opened. The guy jumped in and closed the door and the car zoomed off in high speed.

“Argh!” I groaned disappointedly and kicked the air.

I was so closed to getting him.

Whoseover is the cause of this, I’ll make sure the person pays dearly for hurting Chloe.

I pray Chloe survives.

I turned and walked back into the house.

Chloe’s father ordered all the bodyguards to do a proper check on the house to get the culprit.

I didn’t get to even see the guy’s face before he wore his mask.

The CCTV footage where checked but they couldn’t find anything.

Some parts were blanked and I didn’t need anyone to tell me that the guys would have successfully deleted every evidence of them in the party.

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They really did a well cleaned job because, we couldn’t even get fingerprints or anything about them.

But the police are still making investigations within the workers in the house to know if the person is an insider.

I pray I don’t get that person, else…


Chloe’s pov:
I flickered my eyes opened and grunted a little because of the pounding headache.

I closed my eyes because of the room brightness. I squinted my left eye before fully opening my two eyes.

I groaned as I felt a slight pain beside my abdomen region.

I looked up at the ceiling and it wasn’t the ceiling of my room.

The room smelled of antiseptic and gosh, I hate that smell.

An oxygen was placed on my nose and a drip was fixed on my hand.

“Princess!” I heard dad’s voice which was laced with so much worry.

I tilted my head to look at him and he was sitting on a chair beside me.

Why am I in the hospital?

What happened?

I couldn’t say anything because of the oxygen. I just took my right hand from the bed and touched dad gently on his face.

He looked so pale like he’s being crying.

“Let me go call the doctor.” He enthused and hastily walked out of the ward.

Seconds later, a beautiful female doctor walked in with an instrument trolley and a stethoscope hung around her neck.

Injection, files, hand gloves and pills were on the trolley.

“Hey.” She smiled and pushed the trolley closer to the bed. Dad had a smile on his face as he stood behind the doctor.

The doctor wore her hand gloves and placed the ear tips of the sthetoscope in her ears and placed the chest-piece on my chest.

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After some seconds, she smiled and removed the sthetoscope and hung it back around her neck.

She removed the oxygen from my nose but left the drip.

She pierced the injection carefully on my arm and pulled it out when she was done.

“She’s fine but she’s gonna still feel pains where the operation was carried out but it’ll heal with time.” The doctor said to my dad.

“Okay doc, thank you.” Dad said.

“You welcome. I’ll leave you both to yourselves.” And with that said, she pushed the instrument trolley and left my ward.

“Princess, you scared the hell out of me.” Dad said worriedly and kissed the back of my palm lightly.

“What happened dad? Why am I in the hospital?” I asked with my voice a little hoarse.

“You were stabbed by an anonymous on my birthday.” Dad said.

And that was when the event of that day came flashing in.

And I couldn’t even remember who actually stabbed me. I didn’t even know when I was suddenly stabbed because of the light out.

“How many days have I been here dad?” I asked.

“Five days. You almost slipped into coma but thank goodness, you fought your way through.

I was so worried about you princess.” Dad said affectionately.

“It’s okay dad. I’m glad I’m fine now.” I smiled assuringly.


After some chit chat with dad, I suddenly felt dizzy and I had to let nature take over it’s course; I slept off.

I woke up later in the mid evening.

As I laid on my bed doing nothing and feeling bored, the door of my ward opened gently and then it fully opened.

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