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Daddy’s Girl. Episode 41

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???? Daddy’s
( Getting her pregnant)

Episode 41

By: Faith Lucky

Kian’s pov:
Absent-mindedly, my phone dropped from my hand.

I was momentarily so shocked that goosebumps broke out from my body. Chills ran down my spine and I zoned out completely.

The beep of my phone brought me back to reality.

What happened to him?

I picked up my phone and unlocked it. It was a message; the caller whom I presumed is a doctor, sent me the address and name of the hospital.

I quickly got down from my bed and went to my closet.
I pulled out a pair of black trousers, blue shirt and a blue denim jacket.

I pulled off the clothes I was wearing and hastily wore the ones I brought out.

I slipped my legs into my boots.

I took out dollar bills from my drawer and took my phone before hurriedly leaving my room.

I got into my car and zoomed off in a high speed.

After minutes of driving, I finally pulled inside the hospital.

I rushed into the hospital and after talks with the receptionist, I was told Kaden’s room number.

After walking through the hallway and looking at the room numbers, I finally got to Kaden’s ward.

I pushed the transparent glass door and took low strides towards him.

He was lying on the bed with different pipes connected to his body.

He looked so pale and lifeless.

As I stared at the awful condition my twin brother laid, I knew I never for once hated him.

Seeing him in that condition broke me. Even if we’ve never been on good terms before, I still love him just as a brother would.

Seeing him in that condition didn’t go down well with me. I felt so scared and sad.

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I stood beside him on the bed and I didn’t know if he was asleep or not.

The door opened and a doctor walked in.

“You must be his brother.” The doctor said as he walked closer to me.

“Yes, I am.” I replied hoarsely.

” I’m doctor Andrew by the way. Well your brother here has a kidney problem and he needs an urgent kidney transplant.

He just slipped into unconsciousness and before then, he gave us your number as the only family he has.” The doctor explained.

“What? How?” I panicked as I darted my eyes from my brother to the doctor.

“You know what, I’ll give him mine. Please do the operation asap.

I want my brother back, hail and hearty!” I said with so much authority.

“Sure. Please follow me.” The doctor nodded and gestured his hand towards the door.

I sighed dejectedly and left with the doctor out of the ward.

After doing some tests and all that, I was finally allowed to give one of my kidneys to Kaden.

I was sedated so they could carry out whatever they want to do.

I opened my eyes weakly and stared around.

“You’re awake.” I heard doctor Andrew’s voice.
I lifted my head and I saw him walking in.

“How are you?” He asked with a smile.

“How’s my brother? What’s the operation successful?” I asked, ignoring his own question.

“You don’t have to panic Mr Kian, the operation was successful and your brother is fine.

But he’s asleep now.” He smiled broadly.

I released the breathe I didn’t know I was holding as soon as he dropped the good news.

I felt so much at peace.


Chloe’s pov:
I tossed and turned on my bed uncomfortably.

My body was aching so bad.

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I winced in pain as I curled and released my body at intervals.

I rolled on my bed and tried to massage most especially my back, but I couldn’t and the pain wouldn’t stop.

This happens to me but not all the time.
I don’t know what exactly is wrong with me.

I tried standing up from my bed but the pain wouldn’t allow me.

I scrunched my face in pains and wriggled my body continuously.

After what seems like forever, the pain finally subsided.
And then, I managed to fall asleep.


Kian’s pov:
“I’m glad you’re fine now.” I said to Kaden.

I was sitting on a chair beside him while he sat on top of his bed.

Just a drip that was fixed on his hand.

“Thank you Kian. I never thought you would be of great help to me.” He smiled lightly.

“We are brothers okay, even if we aren’t on good terms.” I said and rubbed his palm.

“I thought I was going to die and I felt so sad because, I didn’t want to die without us settling our differences.

I’m glad I was given a second chance.” He said emotionally.

“I’m glad too.”

“So Kian, I want to ask for your forgiveness.
I want us to settle our differences and become the brothers we were never to each other.

You saved my life and risked yours too and for that, I’ll forever be grateful to you.” He said a tear slipped down to his cheek.

“I forgive you Kaden, I hold no grudges against you.” I smiled lightly and wiped the tear off his cheek.

“So, can we start being best friends and twin brothers?” He asked.

“Of course.” I said and pulled him into a tight warm hug.

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Jace pov:
I smiled as I watched Chloe solve the equations I gave her.

From the way she held her pen to the way she wrote so well on her book, she looked so perfect.

Her lips shone beautifully and I had a clearer view of her well curved and shaped pink lips.

After solving it, I marked and she got everything perfectly.

She smiled proudly to herself while I chuckled softly.

She stood up and excused herself to use the bathroom.

She came back and as she was about sitting down, she suddenly held her head and winced.

Before I could get to her, she already fell unconscious.

“Chloe!” I panicked and carried her up in my arms. Then, I laid her on the bed.

The doctor was called and he attended to her and she’s currently sleeping.

I took out my phone and browse through the internet.

I really need to know what exactly is wrong with her.

My jaw dropped as I stared at my phone.

This cannot be possible!
But how?

Chloe woke up and she didn’t look like someone who fainted minutes ago. She looked better.

“I don’t know what’s wrong with me! I keep fainting and feeling weak even without doing anything strenuous.” She complained and rubbed her forehead.

“What exactly are the signs your feel?” I asked, making sure my words were constructed properly.

“I feel weak, my body aches and I loose conciousness.

I look frail. I pass out almost all the time and dad said nothing is wrong with me.” She said sadly.

“Chloe?” I called gently.
“Yes?” She answered and turned to look at me keenly.

I cleared my throat repeatedly before asking calmly,

“Do you perhaps have a sickle cell disease?”