March 30, 2023

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Daddy’s Girl. Episode 45

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???? Daddy’s
(Getting her pregnant)

Episode 45

By: Faith Lucky

Chloe’s pov:
Dad’s jaw dropping as soon as I asked that question.

I mean, I’ve heard about bone marrow transplant and how risky it is. It can lead to death.

The person can die in the process.

“I’m scared dad, I don’t want to die.” I cried out.

“You won’t die okay? You’re a strong girl and I know you’ll make it through. You’re gonna survive and come out alive Chloe. I know you will.” Dad said. He stood up and held my hands in his.

“But dad, I’m still scared. Is there not another way out?” I asked and sniffed in.

“You just have to be positive Chloe and everything would be fine.

You’re gonna pull through Chloe, I trust you.” Dad said and hugged me.

He kissed my hair while I wrapped my arms around him and sobbed.

Dad gave me assurance but I was still scared.

After watching the comedy show which I wasn’t interested on again, i went up to my room to cry my eyes out.

I became sad and had thanatophobia just like when I had the news of I having sickle cell anemia.

I haven’t really gotten over the news about me being a sickle cell disease carrier and now, I’m gonna deal with the fact that I’m gonna be having a bone marrow transplant which is very risky.

Oh God!
Why did my once perfect life take a drastic turn?

Why did I have to have such a disease?

I’ve been taking drugs I knew nothing about ever since I was growing up. And now, I just got to realize that it’s because of the sickness I have.

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Oh God!

When am I gonna be fine?

Will I even be ever fine again?

Different questions filled my head and there was no one to answer them.


Ivy’s pov:
Kyle and I have suddenly become close this past few weeks. We hang out together and he helps me with my assignments.

At a time, he even took me shopping and bought me lots of new clothes, shoes, bags and jewelries.

He took me to a beauty salon and my hair was done nicely.

I also had manicure and pedicure done.


I was totally transformed and I couldn’t believe my eyes when I stared at a different person on the mirror.

Kyle too was surprised and I could tell he was happy with my new transformation.

But I had to hide the stuff’s he bought for me away from my guardians so they wouldn’t see it and destroy it.

I’ve really come to like Kyle and his never boring company.

I wish to be with him every single time.


Jace pov:
I couldn’t be more angry to see that Kian is really winning the bet already.

And I know that very soon, he’d f*ck Chloe. And that s*its hurts like hell.

It hurts real bad.

I’ve gone out of ideas and plans on how to ruin Kian and Chloe’s close relationship but that doesn’t mean I’ve given up.

I’ll never give up!

Chloe’s mine and I’ll have her!

Not as if I care so much about getting all the money in the sinners account but what I care so much is shoving my d*ck inside her tight v*gina and have my seeds inside of her.

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I want to f*ck her real bad and she wouldn’t help but scream my name in bed.

I want to fill her with my c*m and seeds.

I want to f*ck her senselessly till she begs me to stop.

I want to fill her with pleasure.

If I have to do it the hard way then I will.

I can’t wait any longer.
I’m running out of patience and if I have to get her the hard way, then I will, as long as I’ll f*ck her real bad and get her pregnant.