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Daddy’s Girl. Episode 35

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(Getting her pregnant)

Episode 35

By: Faith Lucky

Chloe’s pov:
I bumped into someone on my way in and I gasped.

Oh Gosh!

Who could be so clumsy?

I lifted my face to see…Ivy?

Like..what’s she doing here?

“Chloe…Hi” She said with smiles.

“Hey Ivy. How come you were invited?” I asked and she lowered her gaze to the floor and smiled.

“My uncle…He was invited” She replied and there’s no doubt that she sounded sad.

“You live with your uncle and you’re wealthy enough to get an invite?” I asked astonished.

I mean, who would think Ivy who dresses in rags could have an uncle for a billionaire?
This is preposterous!

“Y…yes, it’s a long story” she said and I arched my brows.

“Can’t you share this long story of yours?” I asked and she sighed.

“I lost my wealthy parents and their wealth was given to my aunt and uncle to take care of till I ace my courses. A stupid order from the court” she stated going ballistic.

“What sort of judgment is that?…so unfair. You’d have to pass your courses before you inherit what’s yours?”.

She nodded.

“Yeah…but that seems to be impossible since those couples wants to ruin my life. They bombard me with chores even three people together can’t accomplish in a day.

“That’s the reason I needed money. To buy personal things I needed for myself”.


So unfortunate.

She wiped off the tears that had rested on her cheeks.


“Don’t worry Ivy. Am going to help you with your studies. I’ll tell you more when we’d meet at school, alright?” I stated and she smiled out more tears.

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“Really? Thank you so much Chloe. You’re the best!” She said and hugged me.

She unlocked immediately and I nodded.

“You’re welcome” I said walking into the house fully.
Ivy’s pov:
I was shocked beyond words after Chloe promised to be of help.

I looked at the gold stone in my palm.
I stole it from Mr Adam’s office with the idea of selling it.

I have to return this.

Chloe have been very kind to me and stealing from her would be stabbing her on the back.

I turned to go back into the house when I met her driver coming to me.
The one with the brown eyes.


He looked so neat and handsome in his tux and you can almost imagine that he’s a model.

He got to where I was and I batted my lashew stepping aside so he could walk by

“You’re that little thief, right?” He asked as he took my wrist.


He loosened my hand and my fingers surrendered the gold stone it was harboring.

He smirked as he took it and let go of my wrist.

“you have no fear to steal from Mr Adam even though today’s his birthday, huh?” He asked and my eyes welled up again.

“Am sorry. I was just about to return it…I swear!” I wavered and he looked away.

“I’ll return it on one condition…you stop stealing cause next time I catch you, I’ll cut off that same hand you use to eat” He threatened and I sobbed.

“Now go” he stated icily and I took to my heels going back to the party place.
Chloe’s pov:
After few minutes, dad and I made our grand entrance to the party ground and there was more ovation and attention there was when I stepped in.

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We were escorted to our table and we settled down.

The emcee took over starting with mentioning of special and VIP guests.

Afterwards, dad’s personal assistant read his biography and everywhere was silent as his stories were captivating and inspiring .
Unknown’s pov:
I stood before the booth of the car handing out the weapons to the men.

We were just four on the job.

We had the masks that the Sinners gang always wore so we won’t get caught – rather, they would be blamed.

I took my own gun and shut the booth of the car.

“Whoever gets a good shot at her should go for it cause we have just two hours to complete this mission and if we fail, boss would kill us so leave no mistakes” I enthused and they set out hiding their weapons.

I fixed mine in my pants before going through the other side of the mansion.

I got there and shot the four guards who weren’t on watch.

I began climbing like I was trained to.

I don’t plan on letting her go no matter how pleasant or beautiful she is.
Chloe Seth must die tonight.