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Bad Boy Romance. Episode 9

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Bad Boy Romance

Episode 9

I stood there dumbfounded until I regained myself and went inside, I became furious seeing her sitting on the couch, I mean the one I love to sit on . I went close to her and tapped her on the shoulder making her turn her head to look right into my cold and deadly face.

” Hey poor rat, can you at least learn to have a little bit of manner ” I said to her coldly

I was agitated when she ignored me and turned to watch the TV making me feel like a trash.

” Hey poor rat, I’m talking to you” I yelled

She stood up and turned to face me.

” Hello Mr loud speaker can I at least listen to the sense you don’t have from the TV” she blurted out more like a boss

This girl is trying to bring out the devil inside me , I don’t want to harm her but it seems she is tempting me. I held her abruptly and firmly on the arms not minding the pains she might be going through as I stared into her eyes fiercely.

” Now listen bitch, this is my house and the couch you sat on is mine and mine only” I tutored

” You are hurting me!” She yelled with pain in her eyes

” Shut up!” I yelled back as she flinched a bit. To be frank I loved the look of fear on her face.

” Don’t forget you are just a common maid in this mansion of mine and nothing else. I talk and you listen” I said as she tried to free her self from my tight grip

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” In this house I’m the boss and you are my servant, you will only talk after I’ve given you the permission and even with that you will talk with respect. Do I get myself clear” I said as she still tried to free her self ignoring my question

” Do I get myself clear!” I yelled again as she became stiff for sometime and nodded in agreement. I left her arms and sat down in my lovely couch as I watched the TV.

” How dare you try that with me!” She yelled , I became shocked not believing after all what I did to her she still had the guts to talk to me

” I bet you, you will surely pay for this” she said as she took a pillow from the couch and threw it at me. I was fast enough to catch it. She picked her belongings and raced upstairs.

Payton’s POV

How dare that arrogant brat, why should he try to hurt me. I raced upstairs in search for a room because never will I allow him to order me around in this house. This house is his but he lost control over it the day he accepted me as his maid so I can be fired. Little did he know he has called trouble for himself, this is going to be real fun seeing frustration on the face of my number one sworn enemy.

I saw the first door and I opened it, wow I can’t believe I’m going to stay probably in a room like this but I’m not satisfied with this one. I closed the door and moved to the opposite one, I opened it up and I didn’t like that one as well. I went ahead and opened the next door ,OMG this is the complete description of elegance, wealth and royalty . What a magnificent room but unfortunately I can’t get this room because it’s filled with his portraits making it my enemies room. I closed it and opened the door opposite his room, that room to was far better than the others but not as compared to his room. I decided on taking that particular room, I entered and packed my stuffs which after I pounced on the comfy bed and drifted off to sleep.

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Brody’s POV

I was watching the TV when I suddenly realized the fool I’ve been all this while, why should I allow her choose a room for herself. She’s just a common slave who should obey me. I stood up and went upstairs opening every single door looking for her . I continued opening until I found her in the elegant room after mine. I became more furious because this is the room I give to Cooper anytime he comes for a sleepover and wants to be alone, it’s more like his second room.

I entered and saw her lying on the bed snoring loudly. Yuk! poor rats , their snore is even filled with poverty. I was about to wake her up when a thought came up my mind. I went downstairs and got water, I came back to the room and splashed the water on her face. I smiled devilishly when she jerked up from her slumber.

” What’s the meaning of that!” She yelled after gaining her sense

” Get out, this is not your room” I said snapping my fingers

” I’m not going anywhere” she protested and lied comfortably on the wet bed

” Hey poor rat don’t forget you are just a slave here” I blurted out

” Huh!, Let me tell you being rich doesn’t mean you should sleep in four bedrooms. When it gets to that it’s no longer called wealth, it becomes madness!” She said boiling up my anger

I held her fist and dragged her up from the bed and sent her to a different room. I then locked the door of the room opposite mine.

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” My belongings!” She said trying to stop me from locking the door

” That is your punishment for talking back to me . You are gonna live with this single cloth for one whole week” I said and smirked leaving her in front of the room.

Payton’s POV

I went to my new room thinking of how to take revenge on Brody and how to get my belongings. I sat down and a thought came up my mind, I just had to wait for him to approach the lioness. With my belongings it’s good I saw him dipping the keys in his pocket, I just prayed he didn’t change it.

I was lying down reading when I noticed a presence in my room which I concluded to be Brody after raising my head, I guessed the time is due for my revenge.

” Are you that blind not to notice a door while coming inside” I asked focusing on the book..