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My V. Husband. Chapter 18

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My V. Husband.

Written by Feathers.

Chapter 18

Rose’s POV

– Still At Theurapetical department-

“Pregnant! Rose…how come?” Sonia asked me.

My mouth was just opened in shock, I harnessed my emotion and finally spoke. “I do not…No! It’s not possible, I’ve never even made love before.”

“But it says here that you are pregnant.” The therapist said.

“That’s not possible.” I yelled. I was going crazy cause I know it’s not possible.

“Ethan…how…I mean…I don’t understand what is going on.” I said to Ethan and he stood.

“My wife, remember when I told you that Mary the mother of Jesus never made love yet he became pregnant?”

“Yes, I remember but…am I Mary? No angel appeared to me.” I said.

“An angel does not need to appear to you, as long as the angel appear to me.”

“There is a mistake somewhere! I’m still flowered.” I said to the therapist.

“We don’t make mistake here, Mrs. Rose. We are too proficient and professional to make that kind of mistake” He said and I felt confused and pertubed still.

Or…is it possible for someone to become pregnant without making love?

I hurriedly took my phone and asked google. There was no result that claims it’s possible unless his seed is transferred into my womb artificially but that never happened.

“Please…test me again!” I pleaded.

The therapist was reluctant but later ordered the nurse to test me.

The nurse tested me and went to the therapist again with the result.

“Same Mrs Rose, you are pregnant.” The doctor said.

At that point, I was going crazy. I walked out amidst them cause I was feeling foolish.

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While walking through the hallway, someone ran to catch up with me and on seeing who it was, it was the nurse that had tested me.

“Hi, Mrs Rose!”

I snubbed and continued walking swiftly. I was going crazy.

“I have something to tell you, I did not have much time, please listen to me.”

“Hum! … I’m all ears.” I paused and she looked back like she’s in search of someone.

She dragged me into a ward.

“I shouldn’t tell you this but I’m a woman like you. Your result was negative.”


“Meaning that you are not pregnant, I do not know why the therapist is lying…”

“Really, so I’m not pregnant?”

“You are not. Whatever is going on there is incomprehensible, just be careful.” The woman said and ran out.

Why was the therapist lying?

At Ethan’s home—

Ethan and I sat before each other at the dinning; eating.

We are silent for few seconds after which I spoke up.

“Ethan! You think I’m pregnant, right?”

“Sure…of course , you are. The therapist and the nurse confirmed it.” He said and snickered.

I continued eating. “I’m filing for divorce!” I threatened. I never meant it, I just need to try it to see if he will be scared and do what I want.

“Divorce? You mean divorce me? Wow! Just wow! I love it.” He said and continued eating.

“You love what? Do you know the meaning of divorce?”

“Sure, you want to stop living with me and start living alone, you want to end our marriage…sure,it’s a good thing.” He said as he ate.

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I was so hurt. “So you never loved me?”

“What! I love you with passion. ”

“But you don’t care if I divorce you.”

“Erm…not like I don’t care, I know that If you make an attempt too, it won’t work.”

“What do you mean?”

“Try it first, my dear wife.” He said and try to feed me but I rejected it.

He stood after he had finished eating.

“Let’s go and have fun inside.” He said as he stretched his hand at me.

“What kind of fun?”

“Like making love.” He said.

“Really? We will make love?” I asked happily.

“Sure…but promise you won’t divorce me after we had made love.”

“Sure, sure, I won’t. ” I said happily and followed him.

This would be the happiest day of my life if Ethan makes love with me.

We both walked hand in hand to our room. He carried me and threw me to the b-ed.

I was happy with the way he threw me, I was smiling and so ready for it.

He started pulling of-f his clothes like an angry lion ready to devour his prey, he soon pulled off all he has on him while I on the other hand had positioned myself ready for him.

Wow! So threatening him with divorce will actually work.

I can’t wait for my husband to make a sound love with me, I want him to rough handle me, to dri-ll me so hard.

Ethan cli-mbed the bed and crawled to me happily, his white teeth was desirable, his abs were alluring.

He fell to the side of the bed to my surprise and in few seconds, he slept off.

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