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Three Months Stay With Mr. Popular. Episode 18

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????Three Month Stay
With Mr Popular ????
{He is Hot}…

Episode 18

By : Blessing Arubuola

Riele’s Pov

I slid my feet inside the red shoes, I took two steps to checked my self in front of the long mirror. I twirled in front of the mirror as I admired myself in the mirror.

The red gown looks so perfect on my body, it bought out all my shapes, the gown was a tight one and it was stripped at the right leg.

I let my hair to fell on my shoulders, I put on the accessories . I look perfect now, I picked up my red bag to match the dressing.

I picked up the tablet to checked the message that Mrs Vanessa sent to me yesterday. Thank heavens that am not late.

But I wonder why she wants me to follow Kay to his dad’s company. She told me things about his dad’s company; Kayden must get married before his dad’s company will be given to him.

But I don’t why his dad’s meeting committee wanted him to come with me. For what reason? I just they hadn’t get the wrong idea with the pictures they saw.

When I noticed that I was good to go, I left the room and I went downstairs. I saw kayden down stairs too, what the…..

He was also dressed in a red suit, it looks like we both made up our minds to wear red today . He turned around to looked at me, oh my… He was looking hot.

“Riele, stop your fantasy and get your head in the mission. ” I said to myself.

I quickly straightened up, I gathered courage and I walked closer to him.

“It looks like you are even aware of the summon. ” He said in his husky voice.

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“Mrs Vanessa told me about it, if you won’t mind, will you please let’s go. I’ve other important things to do. ” I scoffed as I clad my bag to myself.

Even though I was looking away from him but I know that he will surprise with my attitude.

“Hey, hope the parapazzi pictures hasn’t gotten into your head. ” He asked bluntly

“pictures? Why would I make it get into my head, moreover you made it clear to me that it was all act up. So I’m the fantasy type, even if I want to fantasize, I can’t do that with guys like you. ” I smirked as I eyed him.

“What did you just said? ” He asked in surprise.

“Excuse me, the time is running out. I don’t like getting late to a place. ” I mumbled in a way that he can hear me before I went out.

That’s just the beginning of the new me, he thought he’s the only one good at snubbing, maybe he should come and learn from me.

Because he is handsome doesn’t make him a Demi_ God. He’s not the only handsome freak on heart. Even if he was my favorite celebrity and crush, he must learn how to control his arrogant self.

I saw two red Toyota Camry packed outside, it looks flashing and beautiful. Thank gorgeous that we aren’t going to his dad’s company in form of a governor.

I know that he won’t dare to tell me that am riding with the securities.
I packed my long gown from the floor as I catwalks to the car.

“Good morning ma “One of the securities greeted me as he opened the car door for me.

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“Good morning. ” I replied him before I entered the car.

Few minutes after I entered the car, Mr grumpy also joined me in the car. immediately he entered the car, I looked away from him.

I don’t want him to see me as my old me that always shakes.

“Let’s go. “He said to the driver in an icily voice.


I entered the magnitude building. Men! The company looks so huge and wide. All the workers were just working around, they were busy like bees.

I was almost with the beauty of the company that I almost forget that kayden was standing beside me.

“Hey.. “He called me ,I turned to my side and I saw his hand stretched out.

Huh? I gawped at his hand before I raised up my head to looked at him.

“your hand.. People are watching. ” he grinned.

OH! I forget that we are fake couples .i gave him an evil smile before I placed my hand on his hand.
We started walking like royals..

????It’s kayden and his girlfriend

????They looks perfect together

????Wow, I love their dressing.

All the workers continued murmuring as we walked past them. This our little act up has turned the whole company attention to us.

He held my hand so tight that I was beginning to felt uncomfortable. He’s hurting me.

“What the f**k are you doing. ” I grinned as I withdraw my hand from his immediately we got inside the elevator.

“Really? ” He scoffed and he turned away from me.

Son of a bitch!

We arrived at the number he pressed, we led the way while I followed him, he got to a door and waited for me.

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“I’m not your toy and don’t wait for me. ” I eyed him immediately I got to where he was Standing.

“Your hand. ” He stretched his hand.

Really? What did this guy took me for? A Barbie doll?.

“I’ll rather clench to my bag than my holding hands with you. ” I said to him brusquely.

“just get your f**ki…….. ”
I didn’t waits for him to finish his sentence when I opened the door.

Immediately all eyes turned to our side. Embarrassed kayden, took back his hand and He inserted it in his pocket.

We both walked in without holding each other’s hand.


The meeting was so boring that I was even tempted to sleep. They were just discussing about business and funds.

After two hours of discussing businesses, they drafted to kayden case.

“Sir kayden… “The speaker began. ” We are happy at the effort you made concerning your dad’s company
We wanted a wife from you but you provided us a girlfriend…..”

I just hope that his girlfriend that they were talking about wasn’t me.

“we didn’t wants to accept girlfriend but your mom begged us to reconsider our decision, so we will award half of the company to you while Nicolas will continue to manage the remaining half. if you want to gain all your father’s company, you know what to do… ”

What did he have to do?

“Since you already had a girlfriend, the next thing for you is to get her pregnant. ” The man beside me said out.

It was even like he was reading my thoughts. Wait a min!

What the I hear from him? Get who pregnant?..
This must be a silly joke.