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Three Months Stay With Mr. Popular. Episode 19

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????Three Month Stay
With Mr Popular ????
{He is Hot}…

Episode 19

By : Blessing Arubuola

Riele’s Pov

I glared at the man that was talking. They must be joking, get who pregnant?.
Maybe he will look for another girl that will act as his fake girlfriend and gets her pregnant.

Even if I make him to fall in love with me, I can never let him impregnate me unless he changed his surly attitude.

“Is that all? ” He asked the man that was talking.

“Yes.. “The man that seems to be the head answered him.

“Since, I’ve gotten half of my dad’s company, hope it won’t disturb me from my musical career. Because I won’t let anything to stop me from my music… ”

“Even it was to be your father’s company? ” The man cuts him off with a question.

“Like I said earlier, I don’t want anything to stop me from my music career. Not even my dad’s company.. “He replied him bluntly

“I think the meeting has came to an end….” He said and he stood up.

“half of the company is in your hand. ” the man said to him.

He scoffed before he left the meeting, I also followed him. I didn’t even walk beside him, I walked behind him.

“What did we have here? ” I heard someone voice, kayden also stopped walking.

“Get outta my way… ” He said to the person that stopped him.

“so you have finally gotten half of the company, all thanks to your fake girlfriend. ” I heard the voice again.

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Who is the person? I tiptoed to stand beside, the person that was talking to him turns out to be the guy that saved me from drowning.


How did he know kayden?

“Hey, your girlfriend is here. ” He said in a tauntly manner.

“Hi.. “I waved at him

“Thanks for the other day.” I said to him, without even minding the fact they they were in the middle of a discussion.

“The other day? did I know you?? ” HR asked me with a puzzled look.

“You didn’t remember my face? am the one that you saved at Kay’s party. ” I introduced.

“Oh! I couldn’t see your face clearly because you ran away after you woke up. ” He said and I giggled.
“Really?. ” I heard kayden scoffed before he left.

“I heard that you’re leaving with him. ” He said


“Are you truly his girlfriend? ” He asked with a Cunny look. I wanted to tell him yes but I don’t know how he is related to kayden

Even if he acts grumpy, I don’t want anything that will tarnish his reputation.

“Yes. ” I answered him.

“I see.. “He muttered.

“What’s your name? ” I asked him.

“My name is Nicholas.. ” He stretched out his hand for a handshake .

“Riele ” I said as I took his hand for a handshake.

“Nice meeting you. ” He said and I smiled.

“Same here, and thank you for saving my life. Bye” I waved at him before I left.


Kayden’s Pov

I stormed out of the company, I got in the car angrily.

“Let’s go!” I said to the driver.

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“What about Miss Riele? ” he asked me and it got me pissed off.

“Will you starts the engine or I should drive the car myself. ” I yelled at him.

“sorry sir. “he said before he ignited the engine.

I don’t care about her, She thinks am going to wait for her because she acted as my fake girlfriend. Hell No!

She even had the effrontery to stopped someone,she has been acting like a super woman, she should know that she is nothing to me.


“Kay, your fake relationship status is really trending online. ” Nolan said as he took his seat beside me.

“Yes, it has even earned me half if the company. ” I replied him.

“That is great.. But what about the other half? L He asked me and I rolled my eyes.

“My fake girlfriend must get pregnant before I can get the remaining half… ”

“Woah! You mean you will finally have s*x with a lady? ”

“Really! You’re concerned about the sex part huh?. I hate her! ”

“What! That pretty Lady! Jeez! Your arrogant has blinded you from seeing a beauty goddess. Well, it us your problems, you will be the one to find solutions to it. The contest show will start next week. The record label is in need of a new singer. ” He said to me.

“Whatever, just make sure that the winner must be good. I don’t want some stupid nigga in my record label. I don’t want anything to tarnish my record label. ” I said to him

“your record label or our record label. ” He said with a chuckle.

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