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Living With Mr. Arrogant. Episode 19

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{14 Nights In His Bed}

Episode 19.



I got dressed for work and I grab my bag before walking out of the room.
I am so proud of myself for waking up so early today which means I wouldn’t have to listen to any insults from Quinn or whatsoever.
I laugh at my thoughts before walking downstairs to see nobody in the kitchen.
That’s strange, cause she’s always in the kitchen by this time. I guess she slept off.
Just as I’m about to walk up to her room, the door opens and she comes in with her hands fulls of bags.

“What are those? ”
I ask her as I drop my bag on the couch and walk over to her, helping her with the bags and she sighs before staring down at what she had brought.

“Well these are our groceries. We don’t have some things at home so I had to go buy some. ”
She sighs and I nod.
I should be doing this since she is allowing me to stay in the house without not as much as a single dime but every single money that’s earned, I use it to pay off loans.

“I’m sorry that I’m not the one doing this. I just don’t know wha to do about these debts anymore. I feel like the more I pay them, the bigger they get. ”
I groan and she shakes her head at me.

“I perfectly understand everything. I know what your going though and it will be so selfish, more than selfish of me if I tell you to bring money for anything in this house.
You are more than just anyone to me and I know soon, we would be able to lay off every debt.”
She smiles and I sigh, shaking my head before hugging her to myself. I don’t know what I had done to have received an angel like her.

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I don’t know what good deed I had done to have meet an angel like her but I know that my life couldn’t have gotten any better without her.

“Thank you. ”
I smile pulling her away from me and she chuckles before throwing me a apple and her car keys.

“You might want to start leaving now. I know you woke up early today so I think you should start going to work now if you don’t want that to be in effort. ”
She winks at me and I chuckle, before nodding.
I grab my bag and wave her goodbye before walking out of the house.

I get inside the car avd drive towards the office when yesterday’s deal cones to mind again.
I’m just gonna stay at the place for fourteen days without doing anything and I’m gonna be paid?
It’s really a good day but I don’t want to risk one for one.

I stop the car and get out of it, grabbing my bag along with me before entering the big office, greeting everyone that I come across.

“Oh, you’re here. The boss wants to see you. ”
One of my coworkers says before walking away and my heart starts beating faster against my chest.
Why does he wants to see me?