March 22, 2023

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Bad Boy Romance. Episode 13

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????Bad Boy Romance????

Episode 13

(You need a math tutor!!!)
Payton’s POV

I fought back the tears welling up in my eyes as Brody stomped upstairs after the earful he gave to me…

What did i do?.I just wanted to call a truce and he insulted the hell out of me.Is it because I’m poor??.Is it because I’m his maid??.Why does he always treat me so bad like i don’t have feelings??!.Well all is good.

I went upstairs and changed into a simple frock gown.Mrs Anderson wasn’t yet back from work so i just went downstairs to read since there was nothing else to do.Brody was busy making a phone call when i walked past his room and i heard him chuckle..

????:Me?? Hello no Cooper you know i don’t care about school or anything but my mom does okay??….yeah she’s totally gonna freak out when she finds out i had an F in math but i can handle her’..i heard him say..


He got an F in math and he isn’t bothered.No wonder he’s a full fledged bully,they never have anything good to offer apart from their good looks..

I waited for a while listening to the conversation and absentmindedly rested my ears on his large oak door.He was talking and laughing so loud that i didn’t notice him walking over and the next thing i knew the door opened…

I plummeted to the ground,my elbow scraped and the pain on my calf doubled..

‘Are you spying on me?!!’..He asked still with the phone in his hands..

‘ I just w..wanted to..I wanted to uhmm’..i tried to say but to my own dismay I couldn’t come up with an excuse..

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‘Just shut it Okay?? Listening to you makes me really sick so just take your dirty self away from my presence!!’..He screamed and i yelped.I quickly rose up from the chair and tried running away but the pain i felt on my left leg prevented me from doing so.So i resulted to limping..

Brody’s POV

I snickered loudly as i watched Payton limp away in tears after giving her clearly an earful.Girls like this just don’t know when to quit.I can’t be friends with her she’s too dirty,she doesn’t dress well to my taste and she’s from a poor family..

I quickly disconnected the call which was put on hold and went downstairs to play video games.Payton was by the kitchen counter and just as i thought —She was reading..


I totally ignored her presence and to spite her more I turned on the volume of my video game so she couldn’t concentrate.I glanced over to where she was continuously but still she didn’t budge or raise her head from the book she was reading,it was like she was in a world of her own…

To make matters worse I turned on the boom box and began playing my favorite song ‘Chicago Freestyle’ by Drake.I increased the volume to the highest sound just to my own dismay mom walked right in..

‘What in Carnation is…Brody?!! What are you doing?!’..She screamed at the top of her voice…

‘I’m doing what normal young people do old woman so just Leave me alone!!!’..i fired back.I shot a look at Payton but still she didn’t budge or raise her head to even acknowledge my mom’s presence..

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‘Turn the music down Brody we need to talk!!’..Mom said adamantly and after a moment of grumbling I turned off the boom box…

‘What’s the problem mom??’..i asked..

‘Well the problem is that your principal called and be as it may it seems like you got an F in math’..she replied and i groaned loudly..

‘Mom even if you wanna talk about my grades at least don’t do it in front of the maid?!!’..i screamed pointing at Payton who seemed to be enjoying the drama…

‘Stop all the bull crap Brody you need a math tutor!!’..She fired back..

‘Sorry what??’..

‘You need a math tutor!!’..She repeated.I shot her a ‘Don’t do this’ look and she smiled..

‘Luckily for you Brody you have Payton right here’..