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Bad Boy Romance. Episode 14

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????Bad Boy Romance????

Episode 14

(I’m done!!!)

Brody’s POV cont’d

She can’t be serious in anyway.She possibly can’t be serious.I need a math tutor??.Hell no!!!..

Brody Anderson doesn’t need anyone to teach him how to do algebra?? He doesn’t?!…

‘Look i don’t know where you’re going mom but i sure as hell don’t like it’..I spoke up after a minute of silence…

‘Don’t be difficult Brody let Payton be your math tutor,I’ve talked with your principal and she seems to be the best candidate for the job,she’s the best student in your class and she got an A in math’..Mom replied and i groaned.I glanced over at Payton who seemed to be buried in the book she was reading but still i noticed the smug smile at the corner of her mouth.B*tch!!!…

‘Look mom I’m not ready to stoop so low to that cricket’s level mom i don’t want to her to be my math tutor!!!’..I screamed and ran upstairs before she could say anything else.I slammed my door so hard that I even felt my house shake.I turned on my laptop and then an email from the school board popped in…

Every year the school sends the ratio of our performance to our emails to know how we’re doing academically.100% means you’re doing great,75% means you’re doing okay,60% means you’re average and 40% means you’re dumb..

I heaved a short sigh and tapped on the icon.I closed my eyes for a while and when i opened it i gasped loudly…


My ratio is 38?!!..

Shit i guess mom’s right after all,I really need to improve in my grades.She’s gonna freak out seeing that I failed woefully..

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I quickly went downstairs and Payton jolted from the couch once setting her eyes on me.I hesitated for a while thinking whether to ask her or not..

‘Do you need something??’..She asked..

‘Y..yeah well my mom wants you to be my math tutor and since you’re my maid I expect you to heed to her words’..i replied evading her blue eyes at all cost…

‘So you want me to teach you math??’..she asked and I shot her a dirty look..

‘No I’m ordering you to teach me not only math but every subject’..

‘Well you don’t have to be rude about it??’..She protested and I scoffed..

‘In just five minutes I can make you loose your job so are you gonna teach me or not?!!’..

Payton’s POV

‘Fine then I’ll teach you’..i murmured after a minute of silence.Brody snorted and walked upstairs and Before i could ask if we could start now I heard his door slam shut..

Twenty minutes later
‘I’m done!!! I’m done I can’t do this anymore!!!’..Brody screamed and threw the textbook for the third time at my face.I sighed deeply trying to control my own anger and picked the text book from the ground..

‘Look Brody,it’s a very simple equation you just have to chill and listen to what i have to say!!!’..i begged and slammed the book on his desk…

I’ve never seen someone so Uneager to learn math in my life before. He doesn’t even want to listen to me and he doesn’t get the fact that I’m trying to help him..

‘Brody look I’m just trying to…

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‘F*ck your help Political money I’m done!!!’…