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Three Months Stay With Mr. Popular. Episode 21

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????Three Month Stay
With Mr Popular ????
{He is Hot}…

Episode 21

By : Blessing Arubuola

Riele’s Pov

I turned back and I saw kayden boiling in anger. His eyes was red and he was snorting. The look on his face made conniption to gripped me.

” I was just admiring the flowers. ” I replied him with a crack voice.

“Why would you come here? Is this your house or what huh? Did you want me throw you out? ” He said in me raucously .

My braveness failed me, I was already shaking in fear. His eyes was killing me.

“I was just trying to feed my eyes. ” I tried to sounds like am not afraid but I was shaking inside.

“Get the f**k outta here Now! ” He yelled at me.

I was startled at the way he yelled that I rushed out of the garden. I took the elevator back to my room.
I slammed the door and I plonked to the bed.

That was a eerie moment for me!
Why would he get angry because I was just trying to feed my eyes.

I ruffled my hair, I took in some deep breaths before my body came down to normal.
Today is really boring for me!

I picked up the tablet and I started scrolling to read some latest news. Kayden and I are still trending online.

Our news was everywhere. Suddenly my attention caught something interesting,it was Mateo post.
He posted a picture of him and his new girlfriend.

The way his stupid girlfriend dressed showed that she was a whore. He looks really happy in the post. After he ditched, he was still happy.

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All the memories of Mateo came back rushing into my head. The lovely moments that I shared with him. I have never loved anyone like the way I loved Mateo.

He means everything to me, I was even willing to sacrifice my life for him but what did I got in return? He broke my heart. He left me shattered in my world.

I don’t even want us to cross paths again, I hated him now.


Dylan’s Pov

I tossed the glass of wine in my hand around, what Lucy told me was still replaying in my head. I really loved kayden but what would I do when he regretted me.

I can’t forced myself on a guy who doesn’t cares about my feelings. Even for the fact that he embarrassed me when I confessed my feelings to him, I still loved him.

I was so heart broken when I learnt about the relationship he had with that girl. I can’t even think straight again.

I gulped down the drink and I dropped the glass on the table. Lucy words niggles at me again.

*They are other ways that I can make kayden to be mine *

But what are the other ways, I can do anything except killing to make kayden mine . I stretched my hand to pull the bottle if wine to NY side when my phone buzzed.

I picked it up and the caller happens to be Nolan.

“Hey Nolan ” I said to him on the phone.

“How are you doing Dylan. ” He cooed on the phone.

“I’m great ” I replied him.

“That’s good. I’ve a news for you.. ”

“What news? ” I asked with anticipation.

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“The Kay contest will start tomorrow and you happens to be one of our judges. ” He broke down the news.

“Really? ” I squealed.

“Yes, the shows starts by 10 am. you know that kayden hate lateness” He warned

“Sure, I won’t be late. ” I replied him before I ended the call.

Wow! I’m so happy. I felt really honored that kayden choose me to be one of his judges. It really gave me hope.

Does that mean that I can still get Kayden back? Woah!

I must dress to kill tomorrow, I must let kayden notice me tomorrow, but I need dress.


I rushed to the sitting and I nabbed my car key, I need to go for shopping.



Riele’s Pov.

I waited for kayden in the car, I don’t know what is keeping him late. I’ve not even see him this morning.

I just hope that he won’t acts funny this morning, like, the show is for his record label so he must be there.

I was still trying to gets what was wrong when the car door opened and kayden got in.

Looking hot as usual!.

“Let’s Go! ” He said to the driver and he ignited the engine.

He looks really angry, I don’t even know if I should apologize for yesterday or I should continue to acts cool.


After one hour of our arrival, the contest began. The judges were; Kayden, Nolan and Dylan.

my seat was beside kayden seat but wasn’t set on the judges table.
At least, watching the contestant might save me from boredom.

The first contestants came on stage, he looks really ugly. What can this ugly boy do.

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“Sing ” Kayden said and the boy started singing.

Wow! The boy might looks ugly but he is really good, his voice was a killer. The song he even sang was emotional and Captivating.


Some of the contestant was good while some were worst. It was fun for me, the worst contestants weren’t staying up to five minutes before Kayden dismissed them .

“Contestant 56! ” Nolan called.

Yea, they were much!

A guy walked up to the stage, he was standing behind the light.

“Come into the light. ” Dylan said and the guy walked closer to the light

What the…..

My heart slammed to my chest when I saw Mateo.

He was contestant 56