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Three Months Stay With Mr Popular. Episode 39

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????Three Month Stay
With Mr Popular ????
{He is Hot}…

Episode 39

By : Blessing Arubuola

Riele’s Pov
“Kay…” i stuttered .

“You’re surprised that i knew about him huh? Aren’t you ?”He half yelled , his eyes was filled with anger.
This is my first time of seeing him like this . My boldness left me , i was just gawking at Him .

“Kayden, are you serious right now ? ” Nolan asked him and he nodded his head .


????Oh my! Why would she bring her ex into the concert .

????I knew that she was a flirt

????Her innocent face doesn’t fits her gold digger character .

The comments was coming from all the angles of the hall . My eyes was filled with bad comments that i felt really embarrassed .

How am i gonna defend myself that am innocent ? .

“Mateo !” Kayden called angrily and he moved closer to him .

” I can’t believe that guys like you still exist , you’re a disgrace . You only look cute but you’re a devil , you thought i won’t found out right ?trying to blackmail her huh?

“So useless! You’re lucky that i found out myself assuming riele told me herself, i would get you arrested ! You this son of a b**ch !

“None of your stupid pranks can make me break up with her , you see that girl…” He pointed at me .

“She’s my girlfriend and nobody !not even her ex boyfriend will make me to break up with her . So have you got the message !” He yelled and the hall echoes .

“I’m sorry…”Mateo tried to apologized but the security rushed to him .

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“Take him out !” He ordered them they carried mateo out .

So embarrassing !.

The hall became quiet not until kayden stormed outta of the hall .

I was speechless that i don’t know what to do !

“Hey…” i heard Nolan called

“Follow him !” He whispered to me .

“I should ?”

“Yes,follow him before it’s too late .” He said to me with a warning .

Without waiting for another minute , i scurried outta the hall. I got outside and i scanned the hall to see traces of kay and i saw him entering the elevator .

“Jeez ! ” i cursed underneath my breath and i scurried to the elevator .

The elevator was already closing when i got there , i quickly used my left leg to stopped it from closing .
I used my two hands to opened it back , surprise and anger was written on kayden’s face .

“Hey ,leaving without me . ” i teased but he didn’t change his face .

i got inside the elevator and i pressed the button and it closed back . Kayden shifted from me , he turned his face to the wall While i was thinking of what to say .

The silent in the elevator was really killing .

“Kay…” i finally spoke up but he didn’t answer me .

“Thank you for saving me ” i said to him trying to sound appreciative but he was still quiet.


We both got inside the large sitting room and we headed for the elevator . He entered the one at the right and pressed his floor’s number .

This is my chance!.

i quickly squeezed myself in before the elevator closed .

“Riele ?” He called

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“Kay, i’m really sorry for what happened today . I didn’t mean to hide him in the contest but i just don’t want to jeopardize his career . We aren’t dating again and i don’t feel anything for him again.
“I’m not cheap or a gold digger , i just don’t make my problem a viral matter . I also didn’t know that he’ll stoop so low into asking me back because he was the one that broke up with me

“I’m sorry for causing you problems kay ” i rounded up with a sincere apology …

i was expecting him to talk but he was just glaring at me . Huh ? The elevator door opened and he got out , i also came out . ..

Immediately he got out , he headed for his room .

Just like that ?

“Kay ..” i called but he didn’t turn around .

“You are cool , Good night .” i waves at his back and i turned around .

i took my steps one after the other to the elevator door . I can’t believe that he will got angry , i thought he didn’t care about .

i never thought of his actions .

i was about entering the elevator when kayden hugged me from behind .

“I’m also sorry for being cold to you riele . ” I heard him apologized .

What ?

He apologized ?

“I don’t know what’s wrong with me but i don’t want you to leave me …”


“Riele …” He called as he turned me around to faced him .

“i’m sorry for scaring you . Uhm.. For forgiveness, will you like to spend the night with me ? “He asked and my head sparked up .

A night in his room ?

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