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Three Months Stay With Mr. Popular. Episode 22

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????Three Month Stay
With Mr Popular ????
{He is Hot}…

Episode 22

By : Blessing Arubuola

Riele’s Pov

I blinked my eyelashes rapidly, my heart was really beating fast. What the hell is he doing here?
Why must he applied for the concert?

“My name is Bryan Mateo, I’m a singer….. ”

“You aren’t here for interview, so sing the damn song you got for us. ” Kayden gruffy voice cut him off.

“Sorry sir.” He cleared his throat and he started singing.

His song!

It bought back all the memories I’ve shared with him, I remembered how I always fell for his voice. He’s also a good singer.

Not only a good singer but a good dancer too!.

When I couldn’t take it again, I rushed out of the hall. I battled with tears that has already whelmed up my eye lids.

I rushed to the toilet and I locked myself in. The tears that whelmed up my eye lids started streaming down.

I can’t take it anymore. The picture of Mateo with another woman came to my head again. Everything that happened on the day he broke my heart, came back.

How dare him showed his face here! how dare him!
Did he came here to mock me or what?

I can’t let my guards down because of Mateo, I can’t him stop me from being brave. I need to be strong but it isn’t easy for me.

The guy I loved so much!

I bent down my head in my palm and I allowed the tears to flowed freely without any hindrance.


Nicholas’s Pov

I emptied the wine in my bottle and out of frustration, I threw it across the room. I can’t just get my head off what happened.

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Why would kayden be in possess of the company. This isn’t even what I wanted, I don’t want him to get married neither did I want him to own his father’s company.

The company was supposed to be mine alone, my dad also had a share in Nila’s cooperation . In fact, he was the one that owns the company.

My father contribute to the success of that company, he’s supposed to be in possess of the company even if it’s just half. But Kay’s dad was so wicked that he made my dad one of the shareholders .

He wants the whole company to be his alone. I know that he was that owns the company but my dad was supposed to be entitle to some of the properties.

When he saw that his son isn’t going to get married anytime soon, he made a will. He put me in charge of the whole company until Kay will get married.

When I was already enjoying the position, Power and money, that was when Kay stepped in with his girlfriend.

So f**ked!.

I can’t let him get married to that girl not to talk about getting her impregnated with his child.
I won’t even let it happen!


I need to act fast!

Yes! I know the perfect thing to do!.


Kayden’s Pov

“The people that will stay are contestant 1,4,8,20,36,56,98 and 100 . The rest of you have been eliminated. ” Nolan announced and the eliminated contestant started to murmur as they all moved out.

When the eliminated contestant moved out, I stood up from my seat and I walked closer to the chosen ones.

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They were all beaming with smiles.

“Congratulations to y’all. But I want you to know that the next contest is not going to be easy like this. We wanted to recruit one person but due to your performances ,we changed our mind, we are recruiting two winners…..”I stopped for a minute, I let them to digest the news before I continued

“But the next contest isn’t going to be an individual one, we wanted to eliminate you guys in groups. So we will be grouping you guys into two. Contestant 1 and 56 will be in a group, 4 and 8,20 and 36,98 and 100. So I wish you the best of luck. ” I said to them before I left the stage.

“Such a hectic Contest. ” Nolan sighed softly.

“Hectic and rubbish! Why did you made Dylan one if the judges. I told you to call a female artist… ”

“Isn’t she a female artist? She is a diva for f**k sake. ” He smirked widely.

“But is she the only diva you know huh? ” I asked him gruffly.

“Kayden! Will you calm your f**king head down huh? Why are you acting like a d**khead ?Stop acting childish and let’s stop this stupid bickering! ” He half yelled.

“You know that I disliked her and you had the effrontery to bought her here. Did you know what, I’m outta here! ” I scoffed at him before I left the hall angrily.

I don’t know why Nolan keep involving Dylan in my business. What the hell is wrong with him? He knew that I disliked her and he kept bringing her in my business!.

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So annoying!.

I was about stepping out of the record room when I remembered that I didn’t see my fake girlfriend.


Where the hell is she right now?
I saw her when she rushed out if the hall when contestant 56 came on stage.

Since then, I’ve not seen her. Where the hell is she right now? I can’t go home without her, I remembered all the warning mom gave me yesterday.

This is f**ked!

I’m going to turn myself to a guardian. I hate shits like this!

I was about walking inside the hall when I saw her walking towards me. Her pace was slacken and her face was looking wary.

Her eyes was red. Huh ?

What happened to her? Did she went to a corner to cried out her eyes or what?

“Where did the f**k have you been? ” I asked but she didn’t even spared me a glance.

“Let’s go! ” Her taut voice answered me.

What’s wrong with her?
Why am I feeling like I wanted to know more.