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Three Month Stay With Mr. Popular. Episode 23

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????Three Month Stay
With Mr Popular ????
{He is Hot}…

Episode 23

By : Blessing Arubuola

Kayden’s Pov

Immediately the car stopped , she got down without even waiting for the security to open the door for her. I watched her as she scurried inside the house.

What’s wrong with her? Well that’s none of my f**king business.

I shrugged off the thought and I came down from the car, I went up to the fifth floor. I need to cool down my brain.

I opened the door of the garden, i walked to the balcony and I rested my hand on the rail . I closed my eyes to feel the cool breeze on my skin.

All the thoughts that was bothering me became to flew away including Dylan. I trailed my eyes to the flower door and I remembered what happened here few days ago.

How riele came here ,it was so annoying! This place was meant for only me. Nobody has ever visit this place since I built this house.

Not even my mom, I don’t know what she was doing here . Mom caused everything, assuming she didn’t bought her here, everything will still be fine for Me .

Because of her, half of the company has been drafted to me. I’m also carrying the burden of a fake relationship rumor.

Now, the board are expecting a baby from us, that is so nonsense. I’ve even turned myself to a guardian. I’ve been strictly warned by mom to take her to anywhere I go.

So f**ked!.

I ruffled my hair as the thought made me grew angry. But why was my guard down when I saw her eyes red?

I felt sympathy for her that moment and it was so rear for me to do! I’ve never felt sympathy for anybody.

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I was still lamenting on everything that has happened within two weeks when I saw someone in bum short and crop top.


I’ve never drool for a lady’s shape but that shape is a killer . I stood upright to glared at the shape very well.

is she a maid?
Nah, none of my maids don’t come near my swimming pool.

Is she a ghost?.

I watched the lady as she cat walked to the resting chairs, she lied down on one of the chair, she hands were supporting her neck while her gaze was to the sky.

why did she look familiar to me?
I took a closer look to her and I was shocked when I saw that it was riele .


What is she out here by this time and that dress. So she was the lady I was drooling on.

I blamed myself for drooling on her, I hated her!. I scoffed before I left the balcony in anger.


Riele’s Pov

I took my gaze to the fifth floor, why did I felt like someone was there minutes ago ?
Maybe I was hallucinating, nobody can’t be there.

it’s late already. Who wants to come out by this time. I shrugged off the thought and I rested back on the chair.

I took my gaze back to the sky, my thoughts that cut off continued to play itself in my head. I was so heartbroken and sad when I saw Mateo on the stage.

I felt like he came to mock me. He came back to mocked my feelings, I’ve a feelings that he would have learnt about the relationship I had with kayden.

I just can’t think straight but I had a feelings that Mateo came to the contest for a purpose. The Mateo I knew always have two intentions before attempting to do something.

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The contest was all about having a new singer to the record label, that will be his first intention but what is his second intention.

why can’t I have an idea about his second intentions! I must figure out why Mateo came to the record label.


I sipped the juice in my hand with a little emotions . I dropped the cup on the cabinet , I stood up from the chair and I proceeded to the living room.

I was about turning to the resting room when I heard kayden’s Voice.

“I will advise to go and get dress within twenty minutes, we are both leaving this house. ” His grumpy voice said to me.

I turned around to glared at him. So rude! .

“did I look like your servant that you will give instructions to or what ?” I asked him as I rested my hand on my hips.

“You might take it as an instructions and you can imagine yourself to be my servant. But whatever your thoughts is, I don’t f**king care about it. ” He snorted.

“What if I said am not going huh? ” I rolled my eyes at him.

“I don’t f**king care about your answer right now. Whatever you choose to do, it’s your f**king choice. Did you I loved the way I carried you around huh? You have become a liability for me so if you say that you’re not, I’ll be so glad. So suit yourself!” He stated before he left me gobsmacked.

Did he just called me a liability? So he didn’t even want me to follow him.

Perfect! Since he doesn’t like it, I’ll do it. If getting on his nerves will make him change his grumpy attitude, I’ll surely do that.

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I rushed to my room to got dressed and I rushed back downstairs.
I met him outside, talking to one of his guards.

I scoffed and I entered the car with the help of one of the securities.

Few minutes later, he joined me in the car.

“I thought you aren’t coming before. ” He scoffed

“Whatever! ” I muttered.


We entered the mall and I followed him around as he shopped for clothes.

“Stop following me around and pick clothes for yourself, I’m not your owner so stop acting like a dog behind me. ” He said in a surly manner before he left.

I scoffed immediately he left, he’s so rude!. What did I even need? I trailed my eyes round the boutique and my eyes caught a black gown.


I scampered to where the gown was hung and I removed it from the line, from the gown space, I saw Mateo starring at me.


What the f**k is he doing here?

An evil smile crept on his lips as he walked closer to me..

“What the hell are you doing here? ” I asked him with a scoff.

“I only came here to say hello to my girlfriend. ” He said and it annoyed me.

“To hell with your mouth! ”

“Calm down, Mrs popular. I can’t believe that you squeezed your way into Mr popular’s life. I don’t believe that a vulnerable girl like you is dating kay. ” He taunted.

“Then you better believe now….” I said with boldness.

“I’m very sure that you’re forcing yourself on him. I see that you’re already enjoying his money and popularity. But it’s not going to be for long… ”

What did he mean.