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Three Month Stay With Mr. Popular. Episode 14

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????Three Month Stay
With Mr Popular ????
{He is Hot}…

Episode 14

By : Blessing Arubuola

Riele’s Pov

I got down from my room to look for the guy that saved me from drowning, I need to thank him for what he did for me.

But he wasn’t nowhere to be found. How will I thank him? After thirty minutes of searching, I decided to go back to my room, I don’t want to use another minute in this party.

I rushed inside, I pressed on the number on the elevator, it opened and I was surprised to see kayden in the elevator.

I can’t believe that I almost drown in the swimming just because of him.

“What the f**k did you want? can’t you take another elevator! ” He yelled at me before he pressed on the number on the elevator.

The elevator slammed immediately. Huh? What’s wrong with him?

Why is he angry all of a sudden. Jeez! Celebrities can be really bad sometimes.

I walked to the second elevator and I got in, I stepped out of the elevator and I headed to my room.

Moans from different angles, really! Must they disturb me with their stupid sex! Why must they come to my floor.

I tried to cover my ears but it can’t just stop the moans from penetrating into my ears.

I hate this mission!

I walked angrily inside my room and I slammed the door angrily.

I pulled shrugged outta of my hooded sweatshirt, I threw it on the floor. I walked inside the bathroom to have a warm bath.

I’m gonna sleep with headphone plugged in my ear or else I won’t be able to sleep.


I walked inside the sitting room and met Mrs Lia in the sitting room eating fruits, she really love fruits.

“Good morning ma ” I greeted her as I got closer to her.

“Riele.. How was your night and am really sorry for yesterday. ”

Thank heavens that she saw what happened.

“it’s OK ma…” I sat down beside her. ” have you had your breakfast? ” I asked her.

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“I’m just eating my breakfast, will you like to join me ” She said as she showed me the fruits in the plates.

“No, am not hungry ma. ” I replied her with a shrug.

“OK. I’ll leave today. ” She announced to me.

I glared her with an surprise look on my face.

“I’ve some things to attend to in Italy and I really need to get there before tomorrow. So you will be left alone with Kay. ” She said and my heart throbbed.

I’ll be left alone with Kay?

“Tomorrow is his concert and both of you are going together. Don’t worry, everything has been set, you will need to act as his girlfriend tomorrow. ” she said, my head sparked.

Acts like his girlfriend?

Another stupid task!

“The press will be there, just try to act like both of you are dating. ” She stated again.

I can’t! I don’t want Kay to embarrass me just like the day he embarrassed Dylan. 8
I don’t want to be a trending news on the internet.

“kayden won’t allow me to follow him to the show. ” I said.

“Don’t worry about that, everything has been taken care of. Just relax and achieve what you are here for. Everything will be fine. ” She assured me again

I gulped down the lump in my throat. So, the reason why am here will start any moment from now. Jeez!
I watched Mrs Lia private jet has it took off into the sky. Kayden was also beside me ,he was also looking up.

When the private jet has faded into the sky, I bought down my face, I turned my head but I was surprised that Kay has already left his spot.

I turned back only to see him walking towards his car. Really? Did he really wanna dump me here?

Without waiting for anybody’s command, I scampered towards him, before I could get to him, his driver has already opened the car for him to entered.

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I quickly walked to the other side of the car to enter but the door was locked from inside.


I knocked on the glass screen for him to notice me but to my utmost surprise, the car took off. Huh?

What the f**k!

“Ma, Mr Kayden said you should ride with us in the second car. ” one of the security said to me as he pointed to the second car.

Really? So am gonna ride with the securities??

Concert day

I watched the maid as she packed my hair up,another maid was dressing up my hands with bracelet.

So am really going to the concert together with kay. Many thoughts were racing through my head. What will the concert look like?

Can I really acts like his fake girlfriend without anybody noticing our act up?

After what he did yesterday, my mind wasn’t rest assured I’m this mission.

Amber that was supposed to light up my mood with her encouraging words was not here.

“It is time for your make up ma, ” one of the maids announced.

“I don’t need the make up, I’m OK with this look. ” I objected.

I glared at my reflecting image in the mirror, why would I need a make up? The accessories that was worn on my body was enough for me.

It was even too much for me, even the hair style wasn’t my style, am just an ordinary girl that loves simple things.

Mrs Lia bought all the accessories for me before she left, even with the make ups. I stood up from my seat, I slid my feet into the Nike canverse shoe.

I tried to bring down the crop top to cover my navel but it was impossible. The dressing wasn’t even my style. The small crop top and the designer crazy jeans.

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Men! Living with a celebrity is not easy!.

The crop top stopped below my breast, it was even an off shoulder one. It bought out all my curves and shapes.

I can ‘t go out like this, I went into the dressing room, I searched for a camisole jacket and my eyes caught one.


I quickly wore it on the crop top… Now am good to go. I came out of the room with my mind at rest.

“Sir kayden is already waiting for you downstairs. ” one if the maids said to me.

“Thanks, you can all go. ” I said to them before they all left me alone in the room.

So, I’ll be riding with the securities again. I inhaled deeply before I went out of my room.

I got outside and I was really surprised to see 6 cars lined up, the latest Benz car was packed between the cars.

Are we going with the president of the country?

“Hey, you kept me waiting. ” I heard his icily voice.

I turned to look at him.. My heart beat stopped.
Oh my!

He looks….. hot!

He was dressed in a designer suit, his hair was gel to the back, only few strands of hair fell on his fore hand, giving him a unique look.

His blue ocean eyes was sparkling and his long eyelashes were also dancing….

“Get in the car. ” His husky voice jerked my outta my fantasy thought

I gulped down nothing before I walked to the car door, I wanted to open the car by myself but the security stopped me and he opened it for me.

“Thank you.. ” I muttered before I entered the car.

Immediately I entered, he also got inside the car.
What? We’re riding in the same car?.

My heart jumped into my mouth, the air in the car changed drastically.

“Let’s go! ” He said to the driver, he honked the horn and the cars started moving.

Oh jeez!