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His Signature. Episode 17

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…………. Episode 17………

By: Faith Lucky
????Rachel’s pov ????
“Rachel… “I heard as I opened my eyes. It was Alex.
I was lying on top of him and he had his arms around me.

I rubbed my eyes tiredly and sat up.
Thank God I had clothes on.

“What happened?.. “I mumbled.

I didn’t need an answer when I felt a profound pain inbetween my legs.
Huh, it wasn’t a dream at all.

“Are you okay? “Alex asked sitting up too.

We were in the guest room.

I felt my cheeks turning red.
He said he loves me. Does he mean it?

“Yea, am fine. “I replied nervously.

“So, what happened with your baby? Did it get injected into your womb? _”he asked.

I chuckled inside.
“It did. “I said.

He smirked and I looked down shyly.

“You have alot of explaining to do Alex. “I said putting in my hands on my waist.

“How did I get to wear this? “I asked referring to my slumber dress.

“Uh.. Don’t get mad, I just helped you out, that’s all. “He said.

“Were your eyes closed? “I asked him taking a pillow ready to hit him with it.

“I swear Rachel. *he said with his hands up like I was a cop or something.

I dropped the pillow back to it’s position.

“I got your couch redressed. Sorry we got it messed up and… ”

“Don’t say more. “I interpolated feeling a bit uncomfortable.

He smiled a bit.

“Should I get you anything… It’s almost time for dinner. Should I cook? “He asked.

“I rather take just water than to taste your meal Alex. “I said standing up.

“That’s so harsh Rachel. “He said faking to be pained.

I tried to take a step but the pain was still there and I wonder if I could really walk well.

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“Need some help? “He asked.

I shook my head walking out the room. Alex followed behind. I got to the staircase and he carried me off the floor into his arms.

I yelped as i held onto his shirt.

He took me by suprise.

“Get used to it. “He muttered.

I heard every word. I should get used to it. He’s indirectly saying.. “We’ll be together and he will always do this”.
I chuckled inside.

We got to the kitchen and he put me down on the kitchen table. I tried to stand but he wouldn’t let me.

“Just tell me what to do. “He said.

I shook my head and got down from the table.

“Just let me cook today Alex. “I said taking some ingredients from the cupboard which was higher.

I set out the spices and tied my apron as I began cooking.
40 minutes later, Alex and I sat at the dinning eating our hot Macronni and scrambled eggs. Weird combination but I seem to like it.

“Uh… Does it still hurt? “He asked immediately we were done eating.

“What? “I asked.

“You know… “He said.

“Know what? What are you referring to Alex? _”I asked him.

I just want him to be able to open up to me and just express himself.
The words he said earlier..
“I love you” Does he mean it?

“Am referring to that… Thing. “He said nervously.

“I don’t know that ‘thing ‘. If you won’t say it as it is that means you don’t really care if it hurts or not. “I said standing to take my plate.

I walked to him and took his plate. I turned to leave but he held my wrist.

“Your legs, do they still hurt? “He asked

I smiled within me. He finally said it out without the feelings bashful.

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“No. Not much. “I said.

He took the plates from me standing.

“Let me help you with those. You can go get ready for bed. I’ll join you when am done. “He said and walked into the kitchen.

Alex.. being Such a gentleman.
What is he up to?

I have to talk to him about what he said soon. Am dying of curiously here.

Looks like he’ll be spending the night here.. Goody.

I walked to the stairs and not long after, I heard plates shattering. I ran to the kitchen worried.

I met Alex standing before the shattered remains of the plates. I looked at his finger, he was bleeding.

I felt so scared looking at him like he just got diagnosed of cancer and would die any minute.
I ran to him and took him by the arm.

“Alex, you’re bleeding. “I said as a tear fell from my eyes and I wiped it off immediately it dropped.

“Calm down Rachel, it’s just a scratch. Relax. “He said.

I did my breathing exercises as I tried to relax my Scared nerves.
“Do you mean it? You have never washed a plate before? “I asked as I dropped my first aid box at where it belongs in my room.

“Yea. You can say am pretty virgin at doing anything. “He said.

“Never use that word again Alex. “I said. He cracked.

“Go take your bath Rachel, it’s almost 9. “He said.

“What about you? “I asked.

“I’ll go bath in the next room. “He said standing up.

I stared after him as he left the room before going into the bathroom.

I used hot water to bath cause I felt like it and it helped to subside the pain.

When I was done, I quickly got myself wrapped up with a towel before stepping out of the bathroom.

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I paused at my step when I saw Alex on my bed with one of my favorite novels ‘What couples do by Eunice Nwodu ‘.

I took the book from him.
“What are you doing on my bed? “I asked.

He sent his hand to the the back of his head.

“I saw a ghost. “He said.

I rolled my eyes.
He’s using what happened the first night I spent at his mansion against me.

It’s funny tho.
Maria shouldn’t have lied to me about the ghost stuff.

“We can’t share the same bed Alex. I might wake up at the other side of the bed “I said looking for my clothes in my wardrobe.

“Fine, I’ll sleep on the floor. “He said.

“Okay, come back later, I want to change my clothes. “I said.

“You don’t need to hide anything from me Rachel. ”

“I changed you earlier after we… “He paused.

“Okay… Sooth yourself. “I said and let the towel fall off my body.

I wore my clothes right infront of him and he watched me do it.

I returned to the bed.
“Go down already, am really sleepy. “I said.

In the course of pushing him off, I tripped and fell on him.
Our eyes locked and it was starting to be a long stare.

He slid his hand under my dress and his hand smooch around my back.

“You’re so hot inside. I think you’re falling ill. We’ll go see the doctor tomorrow Rachel. “He said.

I do feel kind of weak though and pale too.
But one problem, the last doctor that tried to give me a shot ???? lost all his tooth and broke his back cause of me. I get violent when Syringes are involved.